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It’s like a condom while you are having sex with a random person. They protect you from whatever surprises you can catch after a pleasant evening. But on my list, I also have some sites with porn wallpapers for your PC. The tools for quick fixes, if you already caught something, are also there. They can save you thousands of dollars you can spend in the massage salon next door! If you want to find the places where the chicks will wank your dick off nearby, visit the massage section of my site.

This software is simple to install and run. You don’t need to be a computer geek to figure out what to do. Everything is clear. Even if you belong to the generation born without computers, you'll understand. I tried all of them myself, so I guarantee quality. No one ever complained about my recommendations. These tools help as much as my suggestions on how to hook up a girl. I'm an expert in everything related to porn and hookup, and you can sit back and relax!

Why will I install some side tools on my computer?

hookupguru Useful Software

If you're asking such a question, you might be inexperienced in porn watching. People who are geeks, like me, often catch some malware and/or lockers. And the ones who are sick and tired from these programs are here. If you don’t want your computer to be locked, install some of these programs. Same if you don't want your wife to see someone else’s vulva on your main screen. Some of them will prevent this shit from happening. Others will help to fix the stuff if you're already in trouble.

Even if you never experienced the stuff I'm talking about, it doesn’t mean you're safe. Some of the programs keep the cache, and the memory of your computer is occupied all the time. So, it begins to slow down. After all, you find yourself with a computer or a laptop which isn't working. Again, you need to go to the repair service and fix it for an enormous amount of money. While I, Hookup Guru, offer you a bunch of preventive solutions. They will help to avoid getting in trouble.

Tell me, Hookup Guru, what is the best VPN of 2020?

If you want to stay 100% anonymous while searching for the porn you like, it’s best to install some of them. VPN services help to make an illusion that you're browsing from a different place. Some of them even allow you to choose a custom IP address and a country where you'll be watching some porn from. Some of them are paid, while the others are free. I have collected both for you, and you'll never get in trouble with my VPNs. I used them all myself, and sometimes keep doing it.

I often hear the following question from the readers of my blog. Like: “Why should I use VPN if I have an Incognito mode in my browser?” Yes, dude, you might have it. But it doesn’t save the search history. The websites see your location and the IP address of your computer anyway. And you can escape such a tracking only using VPN. Otherwise, Google will suggest some Viagra and penis extension in your context advertising. And your relatives like the wife or parents will guess something is wrong there.

I am a parent. How can I block porn sites?

I know that you don’t want your kid to get acquainted with this part of the world until he/she is at least 18. After this, they'll probably live on their own. What they do will be none of your business, unfortunately. But before this, you're the one in charge of what your kid watches. Everything he/she sees in childhood forms a personality. And you probably don’t want your kid to become a dirty pervert! Well, you became one, and you don’t want someone else to repeat this mistake, I know!

So if you think I'm right, install the limits on your computer used by the youngest family member. You can apply child mode on his/her Google/Apple account. Then your kid won't be able to see the 18+ content offered by the web. You can set the restrictions on the sites and add some minus words manually. So, even if your kid will be looking for some porn content, he/she will never find one. It will just be unavailable to watch porn from his/her account. Of course, kids can be trickier than any of our systems, but you'll be calm.

Hookup Guru’s Bottom Line

To keep your family computer safe, there is no need to go to the service centers and spend considerable amounts of money there. I know how the dudes from these firms make their dollars. They tell you about thousands of problems with your computer, then turn it on and off and voila! You are free, your bill is $5600. I've experienced such situations myself. And I never paid them. I just bought a new computer then. This was cheaper, anyway. I want to prevent you from such situations for no cost.

What am I talking about? Yes, useful software for porn watching! If you want to download some of the HQ staff, you better use some of those programs from my list. They'll never let you down. And did you know that downloading porn is a safer way to watch one, then going to the stream services? If you're into the online smut, you better choose something from my list! I checked all the services I recommend there, and I've never experienced any problems with them. So, I want you to wank your dick off safely by all means.</>

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