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Best Sex Tourism Destinations

Latest update: Jul 20, 2023
Best Sex Tourism Destinations

Sex tourism is more than just entertainment or a way to spice up your travels. This is what adds to the country`s GDP to some extent and helps shape its economy and budget. But sure, it`s also a great option for those who are bored with plain tourist destinations, the famous "I-have-seen-it-all" landmarks, sightseeing, and the silly tourist groups mainly consisting of old people. Here, we`re talking sex and only sex, so let`s leave this stereotypical bullshit behind and go get some girls. I`ll be your best sex travel guide. ;)

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What are the top sex tourism countries?

As an avid traveler, I`ve visited many countries, especially with the hope for unforgettable sex. Looking back at my experience and some information from the trusted tour guides, I`ve created this top 12 list of the best countries for sex. It encompasses all the world`s main regions so just pick your own and grab your ticket to the sexy fun land!



Sex travel guide

Carnival, sandy beaches, parties till dawn, that`s what comes to mind first when you think of Brazil. But did you know sex tourism is also a legal and very popular attraction for visitors? Brazilian "mulatas" are the most attractive chicks for tourists. They can please you in whatever way you want, and even add their own personal touch. Brazilians are fond of sex and can come up with new positions or tricks right during the process. A quick tip: Natal, or the so-called city of pleasure, is the best place for sex tourism. There, you`ll find a perfect target in no time. Parties, beaches, shopping streets are crowded with sex workers, so you can dare to choose one!


sex tourism countries

I couldn`t miss Spain on this list either! Although pimping is banned there, the hookers can easily manage their own deals themselves. But sure, apart from prostitutes, there are lots of chicks that`ll quickly agree to have sex with you if you just pay for their drinks. Sex tourism is a well-known leisure activity when you visit Spain, it`s even called the brothel of Europe.

Over $26bn is an official estimated revenue from the Spanish sex trade, so you need to visit it at least for this reason. Starting from Madrid, for example, Calle Montera is a great first destination. There, you can even find some flyers offering 2-for-1 girls offer for the night. The prices are symbolic for such an offer, around 30 Euros.


Sex tourism Cambodia

Although Cambodia is a small country, its tourist inflow can be quite high during the year. At least some part of approximately 4 million people go there for cheap and available hookers. People from Asia and Western countries enjoy Cambodian chicks, although some of them are barely 18-years-old.

You can visit over 650 different adult entertainment venues where over 11K workers do their job. Girls will take at least $20 for a night out, so you can easily hook up with a few hot-ass chicks in one day and spend less than $100. Not bad! Considering cheap food and accommodation, Cambodia might become one of the best countries for sex one day.

The Netherlands

Amsterdam sex vacation

Another European country with legalized prostitution between 2 consented adults. This is probably the most obvious destination for European sex tourism. The Red Lights district is one of the most popular places in Amsterdam, and you can find a good-looking one-night partner for approximately 50 Euros without extra services like a blowjob or spanking. To start your sex journey on a "high" note, grab some special brownies from the local coffee shop and wait for it. Sex is going to be unforgettable unless you eat too much of them.


Thailand sex tourism countries

You probably have seen all those dressed-up trannies walking down the streets of Thailand. Those are sex workers and very determined ones. In Thailand, sex tourism, especially with transsexual people, is a very popular tourist attraction. Lots of Asians, Europeans, and Americans go there to enjoy the genuine experience and feel the true spirit of the country. You can hook up with one of the sex workers from the street or join a soapy massage in Pattaya or Phuket. This is a bubbly bath offered in parlors where you can relax and end up having sex. Apart from this, you can find a perfect hookup partner at go-go bars or karaoke lounges. In Thailand, you can have sex literally right on the street!


Sex tourism in Phillippines

While in the Philippines, don`t miss the nightlife. Start your journey with Makati City where you can visit P. Burgos Street. At 7 pm sharp, it turns into a Red Lights district full of bars and nightclubs, as well as well-dressed slutty gals and horny men wandering around in search of some guilty pleasures. Although it`s illegal in the Philippines, you can still find hookers pretty easily while in a bar or massage parlor.

By the way, dressing up as a masseuse is a popular trick for the hookers there. Under massage, they usually mean sex for money. And yes, not only hookers will gladly please you in bed. If you want to meet some decent chicks for a quickie, book a hotel in the city center and walk around. They`ll find you on their own, the Filipino chicks are open for offers.

Dominican Republic

Dominicana place for sex vacation

Latina women are among the sexiest in the world. Have you seen those huge all-natural butts? No wonder almost every man out there falls to their feet. The Dominican Republic has a reputation as one of the best international sex tourism countries. Brothel-keeping or pimping, however, are illegal there. That`s why lots of less fortunate women seek pleasure and some wealth in sex-related jobs themselves.

And since Haiti is the neighboring country, lots of Haitian women come to the Dominican Republic for sex work too because it`s more popular and profitable there. You won`t confuse the two nationalities because the Haitian women are darker, so you`ll have the genuine Dominican-style sex. Here`s my advice: go to Boca Chica, Cabarete, or Las Terrenas for the best pastimes. Women there aren`t only hookers, even the ordinary chicks would be glad to please the newcomers.


Sex vacation Germany

Have you ever heard of the KitKat Club in Berlin? Or the sex raves and parties? Then you`ve never seen the real Germany! The Bundesland is one of the best sex tourism destinations where you can meet perverted chicks wherever you go. Nightclubs and bars are always full of horny gals ready to fuck everything that moves. For free or not. Big boobs, juicy asses, lots of passion, and only girls` dominance. That`s why Germany is the homeland of the best home videos in the world. Why not join the club then?


sex tourism destination

Japan banned prostitution in the 1950s, but it`s still a very popular tourist activity. The yujo girls (hookers) can still offer their services to the most perverted guys from European or American countries. Asians are well-known sex-addicts, and their crazy preferences in bed can spice up your travel to Japan. While in Tokyo, go meet some hot chicks at hostess bars. There`s a very "sexy" district in the city called Kabukicho which is full of these bars and "sensual massage" offers. So if you`re a fan of Asian-style "cooking" and enjoy trying new things, this district is your #1 option.


world sex guide Gambia

Gambia is rapidly becoming one of the most popular sex tourism countries. Most hookers do their business in coastal areas like hotels and bars near the sea or on the beaches themselves. While in the Gambia, you`ll also find hoes from Sierra Leone, Guinea, and Liberia, but you can always ask if you want a genuinely Gambian chick. A small insight for you: the best "tourist destination" is the Senegambia Strip which is a coastal district in Kololi. Male prostitution is also widespread in the Gambia. So, the older western traveling women or cougars will be eager to jump on your bone if you`re a local male.


Kenya sex tourism

Not only coffee is tasty here! The Kenyan girls will go ho to please you, especially if you`re a rich kid from Europe or America. It`s weird that prostitution isn`t forbidden by Federal law, but some by-laws in different municipalities ban it. No reason to go to Nairobi since it`s all restricted there. The best sex tourism destinations of Kenya are all in the coastal part of the country. If you want to get the real Kenyan sex experience, try some of these cities:

  • Kilifi
  • Mombasa
  • Malindi
  • Diani


sex tourism destination Colombia

Colombia is among top-5 best places for sex tourism. This sexy boom is still taking place there. Even in the smallest cities, Colombian big-ass gals gladly invite you to their homes and offer an unforgettable night. One of the most popular hotspots for sex tourism is Cartagena, Colombia`s most well-known sin city. By the way, prostitution here is legal and there are special tolerance zones where brothels can be placed. The government is taking care of sex workers, at least they get health checks on a regular basis, so you can relax and enjoy protected sex with a hot Latina pussy. Take a leap into some new experiences in Colombia, you`ll love those kinky chicks!

So where to next?

Admit it: after this sex tourism guide, you have more reasons to get your ass out of your couch and start packing for the next trip. You`ll broaden not only your knowledge on the countries but also your sex horizons. I bet these foreign chicks can show you something you can`t see in your own country. Hop on and let`s explore the new lands!


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