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How To Get Laid In Japan And Stay Satisfied?

Is there any man alive who doesn`t dream to fuck an Asian chick? The world knows them as the best lovers, but is it really so? From first sight, you see a humble tiny woman who won`t even hold your hand in public due to their total opposition to PDA. But the pile of dirty videos on porn sites proves there`s much more than that, agree? And is there a better way to discover Japanese sexuality than picking up women right in Japan? Let me guide you, so you have the most memorable sex trip ever!

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Getting laid in Japan: general facts

So why actually choose Japan as a sex destination if you can fuck a juicy Asian everywhere in the world? Dude, that`s a completely different experience! Japanese are real sex weirdos! Nowhere else in the world you`d face so many kinks and fetishes being cherished as in Japan. Let me name you just a few!

Did you know Japanese have used schoolgirl panties vending machines? Surprised? Guys buy dirty panties just like you get a bottle of Coke! Even the ban from the government hasn`t stopped the industry and many travelers, as well as locals, claim they buy panties in such vending machines easily. What to do with that shit you ask? Smell and wank, man.

And what about choosing silicon sex dolls instead of real juicy women? Would you ever agree to fuck the fake vagina instead of a real flash? Many Japanese guys do! They buy sex dolls that look like real gals and declare serious relationships with them. They treat them like partners: share problems, tell about all the bothering issues, dress them up, kiss them, and, of course, fuck them, silly.

Some totally crazy dudes even marry dolls! And don`t mean that silicon pussies, I mean stuffed dolls looking like a favorite pop star. Sounds freaky enough for you?

Having sex in Japan you gain the precious experience you`d never get with bitches from your area. Lust and modesty in one package. Ready to jump on the plane to Japan? There are 2 main ways to consider when looking for casual sex in Japan: online and offline.

Online sex dating in Japan

The easiest and fastest decision when picking up girls in Japan. There`s a variety of Japanese sex dating websites aiming to bring your tastiest cunts. You`ll never meet a woman with a desire to marry or start a relationship there and this saves your nasty ass from extra headache. All bitches listed there would gladly jump on your cock, just don`t hesitate to ask them. Each platform offers particular tools helping to build up communication that`ll lead to actual sex meeting. Choose a gal your dick likes the most, contact her, and set up a hookup date.

Don`t want to mess up with anyone tonight? Watch local cuties on live sex cam sites.

Online hookup tips

How to pick up Japanese women online, stay safe, and release your balls` tension? Follow these 3 simple rules.

The most fappable Japanese cam models

RioStarzou model
Followers: 83k
MatuHanue model
Followers: 121k
Kiyoko model
Followers: 67k
Hinatosai model
Followers: 112k
  • RioStarzou. This cutie adores latex, BDSM games, and don`t mind obeying your dominant requests. She`s a professional porn star and cam model, so squirting on cam is definitely her piece of cake.
  • MatuHanue. This tiny angel only look so naive. Join her chatroom and your dick will get hard instantly seeing how she moans rubbing her clit and sucking a dildo like it`s a real cock.
  • Kiyoko. Her sensual lips look so damn good when she screams cumming! This 19-year-old bitch loves playing with remote control toys, so you may make her shake if you have enough tokens.
  • Hinatosai. Want to see how juices flow from Japanese pussy? Watch Hinatosai performing live! Seems like this gal has no limits.

Top hookup spots and places to have sex in Japan

Meeting girls in Japan offline might be an even more exciting adventure. You get prepared, go hunting, try to impress, then flirt — the pleasant tension is in the air, and your poor pecker can`t wait any longer to rape that juicy cutie in front of you. The whole process is fun! And knowing where exactly to pick up girls in Japan your chances to get laid double. You don`t hope to find a one-night-stand in the local library, do you, silly? These are the best places for sex in Japan.



  • High Five, Tokyo
  • Ben Fiddich, Tokyo
  • Orchard Ginza, Tokyo
  • Trench, Tokyo
  • Star Bar, Tokyo
  • Lamp Bar, Nara
  • Mixology Salon, Tokyo
  • Gen Yamamoto, Tokyo

The top Japanese bars are in Tokyo. Locals love having a glass or two in the evening there and the cocktail culture is pretty developed in Japan. These places are among the top ten sex spots in Japan, so you might end up in the hotel room entering any of them.


  • Sukiyabashi Jiro, Tokyo
  • Ginza Kojyu, Tokyo
  • Kyoto Kitcho Arashiyama, Kyoto
  • Hajime, Osaka
  • Kagurazaka Ishikawa, Tokyo
  • Joel Robuchon Restaurant, Tokyo
  • Usuki Fugu Yamadaya, Tokyo
  • Sushi Yoshitake, Tokyo

These classy hookup spots in Japan will bring you right to the most luxurious bitches. All these restaurants have Michelin stars, so you might taste not only delicious pussy juices there.


  • Owl, Osaka
  • Kitsune, Kyoto
  • Lounge Infinity, Kyoto
  • Genius, Tokyo
  • V2, Tokyo
  • Bonobo, Tokyo
  • Barcode, Kyoto
  • Club Life, Osaka

Is there any better place to hit a Japanese doll for sex than a nightclub? Check out each of these and your night won`t be boring anymore! Dance, taste cocktails, and lick pussies after in the hotel room.


Check out these best hotels around the country for the memorable night.

  • Halekulani Okinawa (around $400 per night)
  • Hotel Okura Kobe (around $100 per night)
  • Hotel The Celestine Kyoto Gion (about $170 per night)
  • The Yokohama Bay Hotel Tokyu (near $120 per night)
  • Hotel Resol Trinity Kyoto (from $90 per night)
  • Mitsui Garden Hotel Gotanda (from $70 per night)
  • JR Kyushu Hotel Blossom Shinjuku (about $130 per night)
  • Hotel Gran MS Kyoto (from $50 per night)


Traveling around the country and visiting popular sightseeing places you might get a chance to hookup not only with locals but with sexy tourists as well. Bang a Latin being in Japan — sounds fun, yeah? Check out these date spots in Japan — you never know where you might meet willing bitches.

  • Nikka Whisky Sendai Factory Miyagikyo Distillery, Sendai
  • Universal Studios, Osaka
  • Fushimi Inari-taisha Shrine, Kyoto
  • Sankeien Gardens, Yokohama
  • Kenrokuen Garden, Kanazawa
  • MOA Museum of Art, Atami
  • Nasu Animal Kingdom, Nasu-machi
  • Hiroshima Peace Memorial Museum, Hirosima

To keep your balls safe and not to get fucked but Japanese yakuza follow these simple rules and pleasant hooking up in Japan is guaranteed.

Don`t be too straightforward

You think hitting a chick with a question “do you mind anal tonight?” will bring you her ass in a second? No way! Even the naughtiest sluts enjoy light flirt and compliments. To make her juices flow, cherish her first. And later you can punish her any way you desire if she`s up to such kinks

Use condoms

I won`t ever get tired of repeating this thing. If you haven`t learned that golden sex rule from school I`ll be your teacher then now. You look for pleasure, not STDs, right?

Don`t agree on the second meeting

I know, you might impress a Japanese chick so much she`ll be craving your cock again and again. But do you really want to mess up with emotions? If a bitch wants to repeat, be careful of her falling in love with you! Or better say your dick. No matter how perfect your sex date was, never agree on a second one. You do it for fun, remember?

Don`t try to impress with money

Want to pay for sex? Get yourself a professional slut. You won`t even need to woo her to receive oral. The art of casual hookup is much more pleasant and exciting! The whole process turns you on! If an ordinary girl in the bar asks you to buy her something for sex, run away!

Don`t be too judgmental

Japanese are sex freaks. Your one-night-stand partner might desire to lick and suck your fingers or lick your asshole. Even if it`s a totally new thing for you, at least don`t judge her fantasies. You better give it a try, and who knows, maybe you won`t regret it?

best places to get laid in Japan

Notice a man with tattoos all over his body or with one finger missing on his hand? Choose another place for a sex search. That`s probably yakuza.

Is it easy to get laid in Japan as an American?

Totally, yes, buddy! There are no limits based on nation or language. Local birds love to get wild when the night comes, and you might become their dominant daddy. And when you know where exactly to look for willing bitches, your sex trip will become unforgettable. Pack your bags, traveler!

Secret tip from a local hookuper

Japan seems a land of wild sex for you? Don`t get too excited and never forget about your safety! In all big cities of Japan, there are big Yakuza syndicates. They control the social life of their area, so if you, as a foreigner, will make any unpleasant or disrespectful move, you might suffer the consequences. Don`t be too cocky and don`t act like the king of all local cunts. Stay quiet and go pussy hunting only in the appropriate Japanese date spots I share with you.

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