Pandemic Pick Up Lines: The New Bread And Butter Of Online Hookups

Latest update: Jan 11, 2021
Coronavirus Pick Up Lines

Pandemia and social isolation have already influenced sex life, so it is a perfect time to get a dating profile and start your online adventure. All the hot dating apps are aflame with these coronavirus pickup lines, and if you can`t keep up, you`ll get left behind. Read this article to choose a few funny catching phrases that`ll get you in with the ladies.

Why to use Covid 19 pick up lines to get girls?

2020 hasn`t been kind to any of us, and it`s been more important than ever to know how to hit up chicks online because apparently, that`s the only way we`re getting any action now. How`s a guy like you gonna make this happen? Pickup lines. You heard right, buddy. We`re going back to the age-old “Did that hurt? When you fell from heaven?”. Tried and tested, these have gone around so much it`ll earn you an eye-roll and nothing more. That`s where I come in. See, there`s a secret to pickup lines, and I`m gonna teach you.

covid 19 pick up lines

Covid-19 pickup lines

This is the kinda shit you`re here for, and people eat up. Jokes are funnier when they`re relevant, and what could be more relevant than social distancing pickup lines? It`s guaranteed to bring a chuckle, and the more you make a girl laugh, the more enticed she becomes about sucking your dick. Catch my flow?

  • Social distancing is all the rage these days, try this one if you`re ballsy: “Can I socially distance your legs from each other?
  • Covid has everyone practicing hygiene properly: “If I were a bottle of hand sanitizer, would you let me apply myself vigorously to you?
  • For context, any temperature higher than 37.5 Celsius indicates a fever: “Swipe right if you`re hot, but not hotter than 37.5C.
  • Probably one of the best quarantine pick up lines I`ve ever heard: “Roses are red, Corona`s a flu, can I quarantine these nuts inside you?
  • This one`s cheeky, so I`ll include a comeback as well: “I like my girls like Covid, 19 and spread”. Counter that with “I like my men like Covid safety measures, six feet away from me”.
  • For the people who like to live dangerously: ”Shoutout to the coronavirus for finally getting me to use protection
  • Is that hand sanitizer in your pocket, or are you just happy to be within 6 feet of me?” A traditional play on the “gun in your pants” pickup line could never go wrong.
  • Are you Covid-19? Because if I had you, I wouldn`t leave the house for two weeks straight.” 2 week quarantine mandates are in place, and what better way to hint you like someone than by telling her you`d love to bang it out over that period?
  • The tried and tested classic: “If Covid doesn`t take you out, can I?” It might be a bit dark, but chicks with dark humor are gonna love someone who starts off with that.
  • If you`re a little desperate and don`t mind breaking quarantine rules: “Come on over, I`ll pay your fine if you get stopped.
  • Covid 19 pick up lines don`t get better than this: “Are you an N95 mask? Because I want you on my face.
  • If you`re a sweet guy who likes being polite, this is right up your alley: “Even during the corona pandemic, the most contagious thing is your smile.
  • This one will make her smiling for sure: ”The government says we need to stay six feet apart but I wanna be six inches in you.
  • If you consider yourself a romantic, this might be the line for you: ”Is it the corona virus or are you especially breathtaking tonight?
  • One ply? Two ply? Neither. The only thing I`m looking for is your re-ply.” Everyone loves a play on words. One ply is cheap, two ply is comfy, but you`re not getting any action without her reply.
  • Are you ready to receive a big stimulus package?” US citizens are complaining about the meagre $600 stimulus checks they`re getting. Ladies would definitely appreciate a bigger stimulus, especially coming from you, wink wink.

What am I doing wrong with pickup lines?

It`s either the pickup line itself or the delivery is horrible. Here`s a few phrases you should never use:

  • I saw you checking me out from across the bar, stay there.” It`s funny, it`s socially distanced, but what happens next? You straight up told the girl not to come near you.
  • Do you need toilet paper? Because I`ll be your Prince Charming.” Okay, the Prince Charmin part is fine, but the implications of this pickup line is that you have a scat fetish. That`s not gonna end well for you, bud.
  • Are you the coronavirus? Because you look like you were made in China.” Being racially insensitive won`t get you laid.

Ready to rock the world with your corona pick up line?

Before Covid, you were tearing it up, and now you`ve got all the knowledge you need to get chicks giggling, touching your arm, and warming up to you. Guess it`s smooth sailing from here, eh sailor? Good luck!

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