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Hookup and Dating Trends of This Year | Pet Me Like A Cat

Latest update: Jan 16, 2023
hookup trends 2019

Ok, let us pass through a simple test. The following dating trends seem familiar to you: infla dating, student dating, travel dating, library dating, stonewall dating, virtual dating, double dating… If yup, you’re fully fluent in trending in love and relationships of the next year. If not, don’t worry. To quickly find a partner at best adult hookup sites you’ll get an overview of all the current online dating trends in my today’s post.

Are they still similar to previous dating tendencies? Not really. But if you’re a newbie, read this, and learn:

  • What trends are always relevant?
  • How to crap up the best trend with bad usage?
  • Why do trends change but love doesn't

Also, you’ll see that dating today compared to the past is much more fun, that same local hookup, for example, and more. Thus, I invite you to join this quest and find your crush!

adult dating tendency 2019

Ok, so let's announce offline & online trending in love and dating in apps like Tinder, which are becoming more popular this year:

  1. Infla-dating;
  2. Sober-dating;
  3. Travel-dating;
  4. Cast-dating;
  5. Virtual dating aka online dating trends.

Wait, and what about multi-dating, changing intimate partners while dating is going on, and other things of modernity? We reject them because they’re not for all. They’re only for jerks, who aren’t ready for a meaningful relationship.

Infla- not from the Influence. Infla- from inflation. Alternatively, to be simple — budget dating, in a cheap coffee house, in the park on a bench, etc. You can just stroll with your potential partner for a relationship.

The main rule of this dating trend — get your wallet back into your pocket. Impress girls with your communication skills.

Break the сursed circle — Sober dating today

Modern dating has become weirder. This trend shocked me, and I didn’t believe that it was real, before I tested it. Moreover, what in conclusion? Yup, right, young people aren’t drunk while dating. It’s tough to hear, and hard to believe, but it has some advantages.

At least you can break the cursed circle:

  1. Drunk party.
  2. Wild sex.
  3. Amnesia.
  4. Shyness in the morning.
  5. Repeat.

Therefore, if you want to stay trendy with dating today, you have to be sober at least at the start!

Travel-dating with intimacy

How many dates before intimacy do you have to pass? The correct answer — Zero. The current situation with the internet, virtuality, and communication over long distances create all the conditions for traveling with sex to become not your fantasies, but an ordinary and somewhat boring reality.

How does it look? You find a partner on a sober dating site, ask for a real-life date, and move to her\his location. Or into neutral territory.

Get a date, or get laid, or both of them, and move back from your adventure to the gray everyday reality.

Cast-dating — From apps to reality!

One woman, many men… sounds familiar, but you might be wrong, you have never seen the cast dating before. To be honest, it’s something like a tinder party, with those entire swipe left, swipe right, but in reality. You come to the group party and choose the best dating partner from all who are there.

Virtual dating, without a VR helmet!

If you’re a nerd, you don’t have to change yourself. Now, with all those dating app trends, you have a real opportunity to have a date without leaving the house.

Virtual dating was a trend in 2006. Now it has come back. The pandemic made it more popular than it was. In addition, the main treasure is that on all those sites and apps you can date many girls simultaneously!

One ultimate dating trend, which will be relevant forever!

Is dating dead? The dating is dead — long live the dating! Ok, all those dating tendencies were simple, up-to-date, and intuitive. But there is one really important thing to be successful in dating. I mean you have to be gentle, and you should not treat your partner as a sex doll, or as a means to succeed. Anyway, be understanding, be charismatic, and don’t brag about your cash, and all will go fine!

Jake Pierce

Jake Pierce is an editor at HookupGuru. He covers the wide and expanding world of casual dating, exploring new hookup dating websites, apps, and giving practical advice on how to succeed in a hookup dating scene.

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