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How To Find Hookups On TikTok - Is It Real Not A Joke

Latest update: Jun 24, 2022
Tik Tok Hookup

Ok, Ok, Dude, if you read this, you're interested in how to find hookups on TikTok. So, here we’ll maximally correctly describe you all the ways.

To be honest, TikTok is not a dating service or something else. But on the other hand, it has the biggest database of single women who are sometimes over lusted, and you can use it for fast dates, with a Continuation. Yeah, right from the capital — that Continuation you want.

But how to pick up girls on TikTok? Get ready to hookup with this guide!

Can you get laid on TikTok?

Again – yes, TikTok is not a hookup or dating service, but you can still try your fortune there. Count that you’ll spend more than an hour searching for girls, more than a day to contact her, and more than a week of dating before you’ll get laid on TikTok. Also, you can’t find any nude content on this social network because it's prohibited there.

How to pick up girls on TikTok?

There are several strategies you can use to get laid on TikTok with a sexy chick. Follow the step-by-step guide below!

The classical way to approach her on TikTok for hookup

Ok, the classic way to use TikTok hookup survey will contain the next steps:

1. Searching.

The main aspect, which makes the how to find hookups on the TikTok question reasonable, is searching. To find a potential partner, you have to use secret “hookup tags”, like: #Followme; #Dateme; #Love; #Someonedateme; #Hookup. And try your fortune with girls who are using these tags.

2. Subscribing.

Subscription to a girl gives you several benefits. Firstly, you won't lose her in the base of millions of girls. Secondly, the content she makes can give you an idea of what she likes and expects from a man.

3. Chatting.

Use your language to make her willing to go on a date with you:

  • Leave compliments under the content she posts. Chicks adore it.
  • Try to start a small talk with her in chat. You'd better start with some casual and funny topic slightly moving a conversation to hotty one.
  • Send her pictures and videos. But do it only after you have a stable chat, otherwise, it might turn her away.

4. Going on date and getting laid.

Choose a nice spot to ask her out with a hotel or your place and be nice enough ;)

Non-classic way of using TikTok for hooking up

The other way of hooking up will differ from the previous only with one fact. You’ll put all the same tags on your searching panels, create a special page, which is oriented only for hooking up and send a lot of personal messages to all your potential sexual partners.

You can get banned from TikTok, but on the other hand, you'll get a faster response from all the sexy chicks you approached.

And please, before you send a message, assure that your passion is living next door to you. Don’t be confused to send a message to a girl who is living at least a thousand miles from you!

So, can you get laid on TikTok? Of course, but you'll need to put some efforts There are also relevant tips for hookups on Snapchat.

So is TikTok good for hookup?

Well, TikTok has millions of users, still, this is not an app focused on what you need. Therefore, you'll spend many efforts looking for a girl who really wants sex.

It's much better to go for hookup-oriented apps. There are only the girls who are wet and searching for men who will satisfy their lust! And, of course, you wouldn’t look like a maniac there.

So visit AdultChatFinder, UberHorny, or another platform for fast dating with a Continuation. The full list of free sex dating sites, you can read there.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is TikTok a hookup app?

Not at all. But it’s the biggest social network, and you can use TikTok for hooking up!

2. How to find someone on TikTok?

Put some “Hooking up” tags and find a girl with “dancing videos”. Like, and ask for a date when you feel you both want the same.

3. How do you message a girl on TikTok?

Subscribe to your potential partner. Then click on the “messages” button. That’s all!

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