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How To Hookup With MILFs, And What Are The Best Ways To Find MILFs

Latest update: Feb 15, 2022
How To Hookup With MILFs

Who hasn't dreamt of fucking an older woman? They're hot, juicy, naughty, and extremely experienced. This is a type of girl you want to explore real sex with.

But securing yourself a date with such a chick isn't the same as dating teenagers. You need skills and knowledge, dude! This is what I'm going to help you with.

Where to pick up MILFs? What are the top spots for that? How to date MILFs? Answers to these and other questions you get in this exhaustive guide. Let's dig right in!

Why does everyone want to hookup with MILFs?

Dating a MILF is a popular theme in many porn movies and even Hollywood comedies. Teenagers and guys in their 30s consider single MILFs some kind of sex trophy everyone aims to get. Why? These are some major reasons:

How And Where To Get MILFs
  • They know what they want. A woman in her 40 just doesn't have time to beat around the bush and play hide-and-seek with men. She has work, family, and house issues to worry about instead of going on endless dates with no obvious intentions. Hookup with MILFs is always about outlining expectations at the very beginning.
  • They're experienced.Local sex hookups with MILFs is a sex dream for many also because these gals know everything about the art of fucking. They've seen lots of men and dicks and definitely know what to do with yours.
  • They don't bring any drama. MILF women will never make your brain burn because of their mood swings or any shit like that. If that's only about sex, she won't even bring any emotions to your relationship, be sure.
  • They're up to experiments. Do you dream of fisting, but no pussy in your life is letting you do that? A MILF will! And not only this but a variety of other sex tricks as well. Cougars are tired of boring penetration focused sex—they want to explore new pleasure levels with you!
  • They give you a chance to learn something new! When you hook up with MILFs, you master your sex skills. They know what gives them pleasure and will gladly tell you all the tricks to make women cum in a breeze.

Where can I find MILFs?

Before learning the secret tips on how to hookup with MILFS, you need to find them, dummy.

Cougars aren't like teenage gals you're used to banging. You won't likely spot them in a bar late at night, and the majority of them don't dance till sunrise in shitty clubs.

If you want the real action afterward, these are the best places to find MILFs.

Dating sites

Using adult dating sites is the easiest and fastest way to pickup MILFs. They register there with the only goal—find a younger dick. Meaning, you won't come across a woman who is looking for a serious relationship. So, try these websites out to get MILFs.


Casual sex seekers love it for the variety of services it provides and huge users base.

There are hot gals of all ages on the platform, so the best way to find MILFs is to adjust the search filters the way you need. Just indicate the age range and location of the desired chick, and you'll receive the selection of the juiciest mature pussies nearby.

The communication on the Uberhorny site is held mainly in chat—group and one-on-one. You can also enjoy the premium photo and video content users post or join their adult webcams streams. For this, you need to upgrade your membership. The price starts at $0.95 for a 2-day trial.

And considering the fact you get to the explicit pictures right on the main page, this is the place your dick wants to be.



Is there a better way to get MILFs than a specialized website? AdultfriendFinder is exactly about that. On this website, you find lots of cougars who are interested in casual sex with younger guys like you.

The site has a limited number of interaction tools, which is great because you focus on your initial goal—finding MILFs to bang. So you can only chat with them or send likes.

All the chicks have quite teasing photos on their profiles, though without any nudity. The tastiest part is kept for later, pervert.

hookup with milfs


Minimalistic and trendy design, sexy females, and effective tools. That's what you get on Fuckbook.

How to meet MILFs on this platform? The best way is to head to the Search page, where you set up the age range of people nearby willing to fuck. With cougars, you usually indicate from 40 to 50.

There's a Quick Match tool for those who desire surprises. There, you're given random photos you need to "like" or "skip." Those you liked will get a notification about your interest and can like you back or even write you.

To connect with sexy bitches your cock enjoys the most, opt for the chat feature. As a free user, you can't use it, so purchase a premium subscription beforehand. The cheapest price is $39.96 for 1 month.

Get Milfs online

Yoga and fitness classes

Women in their 40s take care of health and appearance much more than young girls. It becomes harder for them to stay in shape with years, so they become regulars at different sports classes. Important note: they prefer various group female activities to the gym. The latter one is for young pussies who go there for the dicks hunt.

Disco bars and karaoke

You'll always find MILFs in places where nostalgic music plays. ABBA, Stevie Wonder, Bee Gees, and other stars you probably never listened to. Cougars go crazy hearing those beats—they dance, sing, and have fun. And you definitely can make use of that.

The Best Ways To Find MILFs

Self-development conferences

When all you have in your life is family, work, and house duties, you find any way to color up your everyday routine. This is why housewives in their 40s adore visiting any social gathering that gives them a chance to socialize and interact with others. Moreover, after 30, it becomes harder for women to win the competition—men more often choose young pussies. That's why cougars do everything for self-development and get involved in various education stuff to become better.

Upscale hotel bars

The best way to meet MILFs of the upper class is to head to hotels like Four Seasons or Fairmont. Cougars hang out in hotel bars and restaurants hoping of picking up some rich guy to spend a night with. But what if you have something better to offer? ;)

Practical tips on how to get MILFs

The adventure only begins after you've found a MILF you want to have fun with. Now, you need to make her pants wet desiring only you. If you plan to end up fucking like rabbits with her, follow my top recommendations.

Don't pretend to be older

She realizes you're not as experienced as a forty-year-old guy would be. Moreover, she doesn't expect that from you, dude! You're her chance to try and feel something new. She's tired of cocky dicks who behave like kings of this planet.

Be confident

Still, the previous point doesn't mean she'll enjoy the way you're shy and can't even touch her when it's needed. No matter the experience, don't hesitate to show what you want. After all, this is what male power is all about, agree?

Give compliments

Is there a woman on this planet who doesn't get wet because of sweet words? Yes, some of them like dirty talking more, but only after you've seduced them. So to hookup with MILFs be wise to mention how incredible they look. Add that she's very fit, ask whether she's visiting any sports section. Admire her style and say how cute she is when laughing. Believe me, dude, oceans will start flowing in her pants if you do everything right.

Listen to her

The majority of experienced older guys are self-centered and don't actually pay attention to what women say. And there's rarely a thing chicks like more than talking and discussing things. Moreover, when those old jerks don't listen to girls, they miss the key point! Asking HOW the bitch wants to fuck is the easiest way to make her cum in minutes. Find local MILFs and check yourself!

Don't ever call her a MILF

She doesn't need extra reminders about the age difference you both have. A MILF is still just a woman who wants to feel weak in your arms, dummy. She's absolutely ok with your age and lack of experience—that's why she chooses you! Let her exactly what she craves for, and you'll get rewarded even twice.

MILF women

Don't play games with her

If you think that acting like a shitty pickup master turns women on, your pecker will more likely forget what's real pussy feels like. Girls hate such guys! No need to pretend to be a romantic man who cares about her feelings if you only want sex. Don't try to impress her this way. The fact she's talking to you in a friendly manner might already mean she's thinking about fucking you. So make use of that and don't waste her time!

Be a good conversationalist

If you want to hookup with MILFs, impress them with your intelligence. Compared to young bitches, cougars prefer deep conversations about culture, arts, science, and psychology. This is not the type of girl who talks about Instagram trends and bloggers. Moreover, the majority of MILF women are sapiosexual, which means it's not the size of your dick that's going to impress her.

Don't try to show off with money

MILFs appreciate other things in younger guys, so leave that shit for older jerks. A cougar is usually a successful woman herself who knows how to earn money and steadily climb the career ladder. She can reach all the material goals herself, so your wealth isn't the most important thing for her.

Dress well

Though your inexperience isn't the matter for a MILF pickup, she'll still pay attention to the way you look. And there's almost no chance she'll fuck a guy who dresses like shit. Sweatpants and hoodies are for young pussies, choose casual jeans and a t-shirt instead. Your clothes have to be simple yet tidy.

Be straight-forward about your intentions

All women adore it when guys know what they want and aren't afraid to admit it. And mature women pay even more attention to that. Sure, it doesn't mean you need to say "I wanna fuck you" the first second you see her. But you shouldn't also bother with dating thing if you don't plan to become a daddy to her kids.

This detailed guide discloses all the secrets on how and where to get MILFs. Now it's only in your hands, my perverted friend. Use this knowledge to pick up MILFs of all ages and show them what you've got.

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