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The Most Hookup State In USA Today: See Top Places For A Quick Sex

Latest update: Sep 22, 2022
Hookup State In USA

Finding the most hookup state in USA is interesting to many guys like me who adore traveling along with meeting new pussies to fuck. If you also enjoy long road trips in search of the best hookup state in USA where hot local bitches give you a head at the gas station in the middle of nowhere, read this post. Below, you’ll find out what hookup state in USA is the best for finding a slut or two and what app can help you in your search. Sex in Washington or a blowjob in Miami suburbs isn’t an issue anymore.

Rhode Island

Rhode Island bar

You may be surprised, buddy, but on top of my best hookup state in USA is not California or New York. Believe it or not, this place proved to have the most active users of hookup and dating apps, as well as those who prefer staying at home and googling adult cams online. I don’t know how to explain it, maybe, it’s in the air of Rhode Island and its sea views, but Tinder bitches from here are the horniest and most eager to be fucked all the way round.


Maine bar

The second place you got to check out if you’re searching for easy sex is Maine. This is the best state for hook up in USA for college students (not only because you can find Colby College, Bates College, Maine University, and other top places for studying and partying). Also, it has a quite nice dating and sex app for students called Plenty of Fish, where you can meet wet sluts from freshman to senior years of study. The dating scene in Maine is a thing making it one of the most sexually active states in America.


Detroit night life

The third state I’d like you to consider as the best state for hookup in USA with easy girls is Michigan. I bet you’ve heard a lot about sex in Chicago, and if you haven’t, you’ve missed out a lot. Drive or take a plane to Chicago for a few days to visit local bars and clubs using hookup apps to fasten the process of meeting a pussy for a fun night or two thots for a threesome.

New Hampshire

New Hampshire party crowd

The next stop you can take to let your dick have a nice time inside a hot chick is New Hampshire. Even if you’ve considered this place boring or unpopular, trust me: it’s the best state to get laid with the least effort. Just download a local hookup app and start swiping chicks’ profiles to express your likes or dislikes. Act like during a casual NYC hookup and you won’t regret it.


Boston nightlife

After New Hampshire, drive to the south to get to Massachusetts, another one of the best states for singles. Here, you can meet even more lonely yet wet girls to fuck on college campuses and outside them. Be ready to hit chicks in malls, bars, and party places, but if you feel uncomfortable getting acquainted in real life, check out local dating sites.


ohio nightlife

Traveling to Ohio for sex might not look exciting at first sight but sincerely, I didn’t regret doing it a few times earlier. It was an exciting experience to appear in Columbus with no hope to find anyone and then understand that it was one of the best states for single men. Go to the Axis Nightclub or Granero Lounge, come up to a chick your dick likes, and get her a cocktail or two: next, a blowjob behind the club is guaranteed.


Texas Night Life

Some people consider South states to be the worst states for online dating, but I wouldn’t say so. You just have to find a proper app for doing it there. Thus, coming to Texas, check Houston hookups tips and apps, and you won’t have to worry about the company to keep and please your dick while in the state.


Philadelphia nigthlife

Full of magnificent oceanfront views, Pennsylvania is a state you’d be coming back to over and over again to meet girls for one-night stands. In Philadelphia, the best city for hookup in USA, getting acquainted with hot guys and girls is easy in Dirty Franks, Cuba Libre Restaurant & Bar, Lair KTV Sky Club, or online on dating platforms like Tinder or local ones.


Vermont nightlife

A tiny state in New England, Vermont is a low-key US hookup destination you’ll love. Local nightclubs are full of hot bitches that are bored while their boyfriends are at work, so you’ll have not one but a few ladies on your lap immediately once you enter the room. Drive to Red Square, Roomers, or Blue Cat Cafe & Wine Bar, grab a bottle of tequila or whatever you like hoes to drink, and you’ll get them all.

Washington, DC

Washington, DC nightlife

Have you ever thought of the US capital city when considering where to have a hookup? Now you’re doing it and you’re smart if you choose Washington, DC for fucking. Little Miss Whiskey’s Golden Dollar, All Souls Bar, and Showtime Lounge should be your go-to places when looking for a quick fuck or your dick sucked.


Wisconsin nightlife

The last yet one of the best states for dating in the USA is Wisconsin. Local and out-of-state chicks here are hot, obedient, and passionate regardless of where you meet them. You can start chatting with them during your flight to Madison, or introduce yourself to them in Kollege Club, Jade Monkey, or The Brink Lounge once you’re in the city.

As you can see, there are a lot of places in the nation that you can call the best hookup state in USA: each of the mentioned on my list has something to offer. Just choose the one that meets your budget and time expectations, and go for it.


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