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How To Get Laid In New York: The Best Pro Tips

If you've ever watched Gossip Girl or Sex and the City (sorry dude, the best I could find), you know that getting laid in NYC with a local girl is a luxury. They all seem so sophisticated and intellectual but in reality, they're all a bit slutty and hungry for some dicks. You just need to pick the right places and even districts in New York where the girls are the sluttiest and hungriest. Spoiler alert: there are great cunts in almost every district, so get ready for a great hookup trip to a city that never sleeps!

How to get laid in NYC online?

Do you think that you can't hook up with a girl from NYC online? Wrong! It's a great option if you've just arrived in a city and want to get some rest after a long flight. So, what are your options?

NYC hookup sites

Top 3 Hookup Sites
Wanna Hookup
OneNight Friend
Ashley Madison
Top 3 Live Sex Cam Sites

The best local hookup dating sites show the hottest chicks in town. There, you can find cunts of any size and capacity — it's a great field for research, don't you think? Just try an extended search to find a girl that would meet all your preferences so that you could both have a great time together. Cougars, college students and graduates, business ladies, and school teachers — anyone you can find on NYC hookup sites. Sweet!

There are websites dedicated to different age groups of women too: you can search only for cougars or younger ladies, as well as search for the traditional and swinger websites. Right, swinger meetups are quite popular in the US. If you want some kinky experience, you should try it once. And what about threesomes? Well, it's a memorable experience you won't forget, that's why I recommend you a "tricycle" for once.

Reminder tips for getting laid in NYC online

If you think it's just too easy to hook up with a girl online, well, you're mistaken. Those cunts aren't stupid. Here's what you should remember while trying to hook up with a gal online:

New York sex guide: What's so fancy about the city?

The place where the American dream can come true, a city which name has been printed on any fucking thing you could ever think of — this is all about NYC. It has already become a home for people from all over the world, so you can choose whatever gal you want for a one-night stand. Today it can be a local New Yorker, tomorrow — the German chick, and the list goes on! Just like an all-inclusive stay in a hotel, huh?

Plus, New York is famous for its museums, libraries, hotels, and places to eat. Here, you can find a gal for a one-night stand in an art gallery or even a library, so that they won't seem too slutty. Such a plenty of options — I’ll get back to that.

The best webcam models in NYC

Felicity Mars model
Felicity Mars
Felicity Mars
Followers: 284k
NycBbyGirl model
Followers: 652k
NYCDiamond model
Followers: 265k
SexyGypsy model
Followers: 354k

Not only hookup sites are available for New Yorkers. Apart from the big city hipsters and fashionistas, New York is full of slutty webcam models ready to show their cunts to any person who asks them to. Any fetish, preference, and role-play you want — just to make you satisfied! I've prepared some hot hoes for you:

  • Felicity Mars is just 23, but she's already among the hottest webcam models from New York. She's from Brooklyn, and she gets turned on by the dirty talks and hard cocks. Don't mention golden showers if you want to see her in action — it won't work.
  • NycBbyGirl is a real dominator here. She's 21, dude, what a character! Ask her to play with her tits — that's what will turn her on. And what about choking? Oh yeah man, she won't mind if you ask her to. Anal plays are a taboo, so be careful with the lady.
  • NYCDiamond. This 24-year-old Hispanic New Yorker is what you need. She knows what she wants and gets horny when a man treats a woman well. Try asking her to play with her boobs or perform a solo, whatever — she'll do anything you want if you're nice and pay before the request. She says her room is for fun, so sit back and enjoy.
  • SexyGypsy. Have you heard of her? Well you should see her then! We're having some young pussies here. At only 21, she's got a lot of followers and a loyal audience that's ready to pay and tell her what she has to do. By the way, it really turns her on! She likes being a submissive, so use this opportunity to make all the requests you want. Tease her! It's just a perfect recipe for you to get her cunt wet.
  • Sasha Blanco isn't that easy! She's 26, and she's craving for money and gifts. Looks like a perfect target, right? You pay — that bitch works. Nothing to add. If you're not planning to send her loads of money, then just don't try. Cheap guys turn her off in a sec.

Hope these cunts won't disappoint you, man. Maybe you've found another hot pussies out there? I'm waiting for your comments!

What are the girls like in New York?

NYC has the world’s best museums, universities, top-class apartments, shopping malls, and fashion weeks. This is a huge technocratic city where thousands of international students and workers live. And of course, the ladies there also fit any taste and preference, even the most demanding.

The New York gals are obsessed with fashion, social media, their status, and sure, partying. In the morning, they’re bookworms and sophisticated businesswomen, artists, or students. At night, they turn into party chicks who wouldn’t mind getting laid with different guys time after time. Even the cougars, more mature and wise ladies, are hungry for some young dicks.

As for the student girls and artsy ladies, they usually hang out at the bars, go to museums or galleries, love spending their time at the mall, or just organize house parties. Always with a spare room for those who get lucky.

They know how to live their lives to the fullest and get laid regularly. I envy them sometimes. They’re always so busy that it can be hard for them to find patient long-term boyfriends who’d be ok with the busy schedule of their partners. That’s where occasional hookups and one-night stands take place. So let’s not stay aside and help those ladies find a great dick for the night.

So, where can I pick up girls in NYC?


New York is a gigantic city with lots of districts and areas, it’s easy to get blurred by its sizes. That’s why I’m here to help you. As you read this guide, get ready for the big time: take a shower, shave the most important parts, and choose a nice outfit. We go big tonight!

But wait, don’t leave until you finish reading, otherwise you may not get all the insights.

Top museums to pick up girls in NYC

Like I said, New York is a great city for getting laid: you can pick up chicks even at the library or museum. They’re all so attracted by men’s attention they just can’t handle it. It makes our job much easier then. So let’s see what we’ve got here — let the museums and art galleries go first. The list will get dirtier, promise!

  • The Metropolitan Museum of Art;
  • The Museum of Modern Art;
  • Museum of the City of New York;
  • Whitney Museum of American Art;
  • The Met Cloisters;
  • Brooklyn Museum

Each location requires a different approach. You can’t compliment girl’s boobs at the library, as well as you can’t discuss Nietzsche at the nightclub. Just keep it in mind, okay?

Best shopping malls to find sex in New York

The third world’s shopping capital after Milan and Paris, New York has the greatest malls with thousands of brands, cafés, and other facilities thanks to which you can easily pick up a chick or two at once. Here, you’ve got the best shopping centers in NYC:

  • Brookfield Place;
  • Manhattan Mall;
  • Queens Center;
  • Kings Plaza Shopping Center;
  • Empire Stores;
  • Atlantic Terminal Mall.

Don't forget about the Gucci, Prada, Chanel, and Dolce&Gabbana stores in downtown New York — all the fashionistas and just loaded chicks hang out there. On a shopping spree, it'd be the best if you come to a gal and ask how she likes your outfit. But please, put on something really cool — after-shopping sex guaranteed.

The best sex hotels in New York City

Apart from the famous Plaza where all the biggest weddings are arranged, NYC is full of stunning top-class hotels with the world-famous names. You can stay in there or find some less expensive options — depending on a lady you're hooking up with. But never ever get a girl to a trashy, stinky hostel in the suburbs or elsewhere. Show some respect for her, dude. Here's where you can stay for a great hookup in New York:

  • New York Hilton Midtown;
  • Ace Hotel;
  • Hotel Pennsylvania;
  • YOTEL New York;
  • The Standard, High Line;
  • Archer Hotel New York.

Those aren't the most expensive, but quite nice hookup sites in NYC so you can try at least some options with different girls. Or maybe just one? Kidding. Who am I trying to fool, huh? Whatever, let's just move on.

NYC hookup bars: the top list

What can be better than a fancy bar to pick up girls for a casual sex in New York? Tipsy slutty chicks ready to jump on your dick from the first pick up line. Yes, that's what I've told you: those sophisticated ladies turn into party animals when the sun goes down. Have you got enough condoms? Let's hit the bars then!

  • Oppa Bar NYC;
  • Union Pool;
  • Niagara;
  • Brass Monkey;
  • Black Rabbit;
  • Kinfolk 90.

At the beginning of the night, girls usually order a few cocktails, then comes the bottle service that a man usually pays for, and finally, tequila shots and vodka. Sounds like you should take care of these pussies, otherwise you'll have to walk home alone. Take your lady to one of these best sex bars in New York City to be 100% sure they won't get too wild and hungover the next morning!

Where and how to search for New York MILFs

Not only young bitches can you find in the Big Apple. NYC MILFs is what you should haunt! Fucking a mature Carry Bradshaw (yes, it's from the same Sex and the City, dude) is a dream of many! Local mature chicks are stylish, intelligent, and classy. Your cock will enjoy. Try the following spots to secure yourself a Manhattan MILF or a woman from any other NYC area.

Places to meet MILFs in New York

Though the majority of mature New York women you want to fuck are successful at work and hang out at various classy places, MILFs haunting in the grocery is always a good idea anyway. Still, head to these spots if you want to secure yourself a mature ass:

  • Fashion shows. When New York Fashion Week comes, all the bitches go crazy. Often, you don't even need to go to any show itself, as all the fashionistas flood the streets. Just walk in the area where the fashion shows take place and pick up MILFs nearby.
  • Classy boutiques. To look great, all those mature bitches need to dress up first. And they do that regularly in numerous shops and boutiques. If you dream of fucking a posh woman, head to such boutiques as Prada, Chanel, or Celine. If you want hot New York women of the middle class, hang out in the malls.
  • Central Park. Everything happens here! Chicks from MILFy Long Island, Manhattan, and other districts come to Central Park to jog, have a picnic, do yoga, have a walk with coworkers, etc. It's like a MILFs safari!
  • Business districts. The easiest way to find local MILFs is to head to the area where they work. Usually, these bitches are so busy with work so that they rarely even have time to hang out after it. So use your chance to pick up cougars when they're on a break having coffee outside the office.
mature New York women

Tips on successful hookups with MILFs in NYC

No matter how sexy you think you look, you won't hook up with local MILFs in your area if you don't know how to behave with them. These are a few simple rules.

  • Be active. Initiate the talk and be the leader of it. Those mature sexy bitches are in the lead 24/7, so by giving them a chance to relax a bit, you'll definitely catch their attention.
  • Fake it till you make it. Even if you don't believe that you'll ever fuck a MILF, act as you do! Self-confidence is what attracts older women a lot.
  • Make her talk about herself. You should focus on one thing wondering how to pickup real MILFs near me. All the cougars are usually underestimated by their bosses, husbands (or ex-husbands), friends. Mature women are used to listening to others′ troubles and are quite good at that. But they all miss the opportunity to be heard themselves. Let her talk about herself, listen to her carefully, and soon, you'll be taking her pants off.

What should you remember before getting laid in NYC?

Just to refresh your memory, here are some pro-tips that can help you have a great sex in New York. Easy, effortless, effective:

Remember about the rubber

(I just hope you already know that).

Be a gentleman

You need to deserve a great fuck. Make a girl feel attractive and desired, compliment her looks and get her a drink. It would also be perfect if you could get her a cab in the morning and text her when she's home to check on her. This is a common hookup courtesy and it's a pity not everyone follows such simple rules.

Dress appropriately and be all fresh and clean

Dirty unshaven cocks aren't the most popular dish among the ladies. Don't make it awkward and disgusting. Just keep in mind the golden hygiene rule.

Be sure you both have the same plans for the night

I'm sure a girl can accidentally fall in love with you or start stalking you just because you haven't called in the morning. That's why you should protect yourself and ask politely if she's okay with such a plan.

New York City Hookup Guide

See? It's not that hard to follow some general rules and still get laid in NYC. After you've done all these steps, time to break the other rules. Go dude!

Time to say "Daddy's home"!

Now that you know where and how to get laid in New York, time to put theory into practice and get ready for a great fuck. It's gonna be legen… wait for it… eh, no time to wait for it. You've got my blessing, dude. Go ho or go home!

Secret tip from a true New York hookuper

What are the best neighborhoods for getting laid in NYC? Go to the Bronx, Manhattan, and finish your sex trip in Brooklyn. Ladies there are waiting for you everywhere: cafés, bars, nightclubs, even malls and libraries. Their cunts turn out to be the hungriest in town. Hope you're already booking a nice hotel in any of these neighbourhoods.

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