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Top 8 Tips On Hooking Up On A Cruise

Latest update: Jul 08, 2022

The popularity of sea cruises is hard to deny. Thousands of people choose this type of recreation annually. But while old couples go on such vacations to just see the world, younger and horny guys like you take it as a pussy hunt.

If a cruise hookup is what you're interested in, you're in the right place. How to get laid on a cruise fast and safely? What to do and what to avoid? Read on to get the top tips on how to hook up on a cruise.

Don't choose family cruises

Obviously, there are various types of cruises. And yes, too often you'd see old couples having fun (in their own way) on the cruise ships or big families with kids who also want some great sea vacation. I hope you realize this is not the cruise you need to join, right? Before making any booking, check the opportunity of picking up girls on a cruise. Go through the clients' reviews, photo gallery, etc.

Opt for short-term cruises

No one would enjoy running across a hookup partner daily during the whole month of a cruise. Naturally, opting for the cruises that last just a couple of weeks, you boost your chances to meet singles who are interested in casual sex on a cruise.

Be social

Hooking up on a cruise is very much like on the sex dating sites. Without being active, you won't get any results. A juicy and horny pussy won't knock on your cabin's door herself, dude. You need to go out and try to find her yourself! This is the key secret to how to get laid on a cruise ship. Cruises always have lots of activities daily. So check out what's on the schedule, and don't be afraid to go and try it out there.

Attend activities for singles

Logically, if you want to meet single girls on cruise ships, don't choose activities where couples are usually involved. Of course, there's always a chance to win some threesome, but such a possibility is lower than hooking up with a hot chick.

Hang out in the bar

All the fun begins after a couple of cocktails, agree? The bar is where all the horny bitches hang out on a cruise. But prefer going there late in the evening, when all the girls are already a bit boozy and ready for an adventure.

Be confident

Every chick loves confident men: from cam girls on sex chat websites to single birds on a cruise ship. When approaching a lady at the bar, act like you're already the winner. Make her believe you'll control the situation this evening, and her panties will get wet in seconds because of that vibe. Sex on a cruise ship is inevitable when you're confident about your actions.

Be a stay-by-the-pool type of guy

Lots of juicy asses, sexy boobs, and seductive shapes—pool parties are the biggest teaser for your horny dick. And considering the fact that cruises often take place around the best countries for sex tourism, such as the Dominican Republic or Costa Rica, be sure to spot the sexiest chicks in the pool. A cocktail or two, a flirting smile, and that girl in a bikini is already on her knees in your cabin.

Remember you have to share the ship after a hookup

A cruise ship one night stand that happens on the first day of your vacation might soon turn into a nightmare if you don't plan to bang the same girl twice. You'll meet the same people every day on the cruise, as there's nothing around you except the ocean. So either postpone your cruise ship hookups to the last days or agree that you'll stumble upon your hookup partner often after sex.

Horny guys like you and me often choose cruises for their sex journeys. It's like going to summer camp, but for adults. And learning the key rules on how to hook up on a cruise, you ensure yourself and your cock a memorable trip. Follow the recommendations from above and go have fun!


Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is it easy to get laid on a cruise ship?

Yes, if you choose the right cruise. Naturally, hooking up on a family cruise will be harder than on those created for singles.

2. How do you hook up with someone on a cruise?

Just act the same way you would in your everyday life. Be active and social. Attend all the activities a cruise offers, and take your sex destiny into your own hands. Follow the recommendations on how to pick up girls on a cruise given in the article.

3. Do cruise employees hook up with passengers?

This is possible, but not recommended. Hooking up with passengers is forbidden for crew members, they can even get fired for that. So chances to pick up a waitress from a cruise are small, even if it's possible. If you don't want to ruin the girl's life, better hook up with passengers.


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