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Top 10 Exercises To Become The Best Lover

Latest update: Jan 22, 2019
exercises for better sex

It’s time to hit the gym, boys. Apart for bringing the physical strength and good mood, training in a gym also boosts your stamina and increases the quality of sex.

It’s okay when you are not sure how to upgrade your body shape. Here are top 10 exercises that will turn you into a love god.


Stronger shoulders, chest, triceps – that’s what you receive in turn for attending the gym. Plus, you can support your own bodyweight. This is a great way to master the Missionary pose. Make her remember the night for a long time.

Work your abs

Abdominals are crucial muscles, which are active most of the time during sex. Start exercising with the standard crunches. You will see the positive result quite soon. Plus, it’s a great exercise for the general shape of your body.


Lie on your back, bend knees and lift hips up and down. An easy activity to keep up the strength during sex. Impress her with what you got.

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sex exercises


Strength is nothing without flexibility. So consider doing some stretching activities. For example, lie on your back with knees bent. Bring your right knee to the chest. Grab the outside of the knee with your left hand and pull it towards your left shoulder. Then repeat it with the opposite leg.

Stretch #2

You can also stretch while sitting. Put your back straight and your legs wide apart. Slowly lean to each of your leg’s ankles or toes as much as you can. Breath deeply.


Squats can make your orgasms better. Plus, such activities also make you stronger. It’s good to practice for those, who prefer positions on top.


Are you eager to spend an unforgettable night? Lunges are here to make you stronger and have a better balance.

So straight up, step one foot forward and bend both knees on 90 degrees. Push your pelvis forward until you feel a stretch. Then repeat it with another leg.

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exercises to improve sex

Sock slide

Take the position you use for the pushups. Then slide your body back and forwards until your belly is over your hands.

Hinge bow

If you want strength and flexibility all at once, here is a solution. Kneel with your knees bent at 90 degrees. The back should be in line with thighs. Lean back, hold for a couple of seconds and repeat again.


A good exercise if you want to try out a pose when her legs are over your shoulders. So do the following in the gym. Lie down, draw your knees to your chest, grasp legs behind knees and hold them for 30 seconds.

With these simple tips you can diverse life in the bedroom, surprise your partner and become the best lover she has ever had.

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