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TOP 100 Sex Blogs 2021

Latest update: Jun 24, 2021
TOP 100 Sex Blogs

Sometimes, we all could use a little sex advice. Admit it, you do want to have greater sex and become more confident in what you're doing down there. But what should you do if you don't want to share any of your bang stories and fuck-ups with your friends or, god save, family? Two words: sex blogs.

If you've never tried them out, it's your lucky day, my man. I compiled the list of 100 best sex blogs to help you fight inconvenience and have all your issues or questions solved in no time. Plus, some useful tips are also included in there. If you go to Booty town, do it right, you know.

How were the top sex blogs selected?

It wasn't easy, but I did some thorough research on possibly any website with sex tips and tricks. I barely slept as I HAD to try recommendations. After a couple of successful cases and quite passionate nights, I've finally found a formula for a successful sex blog. Here's what it consists of:

  • Content quality. If there's no obvious bullshit and the advice is really helpful and up-to-date, the blog's your guy. Standards change, and so sex advice should.
  • Readers’ comments. I know it's hard to stop wanking for a couple more minutes but read comments on particular articles. Is this advice really worth trying? Try to find the answer in the comments.
  • Try it yourself! Who'd know that the advice works better than you? It's just another reason to bang, so why not?
  • Is it a real expert? Time to play the detective and find out who are the jerks out there. There's a crapload of so-called "sexperts" online, but would you trust them all? Hell no!

So what are these super-hot sex blogs?

Okay, no more wasting your time on some talk. Let's get to the business so that you'll get to someone's business later on! Here you go, the top-100 sex blogs:

1. Sex With Emily



Meet Emily Morse, the doctor on Human Sexuality who's got over 15 years of experience! She's a great (and notably hot) expert who's written several books on sexuality, has her own podcast channel, and is even a radio show host. In Emily's blog, you'll find articles on sex toys, games, relationships, sex advice, and health. Looks like she knows it all! Hate blowjobs or pussy eating? Want to learn more about voyeurism, but you just chicken out? Emily gets you covered! New articles come out weekly, so you'd better subscribe not to miss something really insightful.

2. Little Switch Bitch

Twitter:@ _LittleSBitch


"Sex, coffee, sun, and music addict who loves dressing up in lingerie and heels and getting her ass smacked." That's how LittleSwitchBitch describes herself. So who's Little SwitchBitch? It's a cis woman who's been living together with her husband for over 10 years and she couldn't be happier. LSB has created the platform to speak of the most important things everyone should talk through and try with their partner. The blog includes tips on toys, lingerie (for women only), sexual wellbeing, and even bondage. Sex advice from a married woman may seem a bit weird because, come on, she's married, what else could she teach me? But hey, that lady knows things, I've checked some! And what's special about this blog? LittleSwitchBitch has a whole section full of sex memes, and it's a goldmine! It's totally great stuff, guys love it.

3. Molly's Daily Kiss


Molly's Daily Kiss

This one's a blog of a 48-year-old bisexual queer (what a combo!). Molly Moore is non-monogamous and cis, and she's had several partners who she sometimes writes about on her blog as they've changed her. Molly's doing lots of stuff like podcasts, blog articles, photography, etc. Molly's been working on her blog since 2010, so she's pretty experienced in both sex and talking about it. She's actually writing stories of her life and breaks some stereotypes about sex and reviews sex toys, so she has something to teach you. I mean, she's bi with experience, there MUST be some cool stories!

4. Kinkly


Molly's Daily Kiss

Kinkly is a blog created by two girls, Nicole Janssen and Tara Struyk. They disapproved of Fifty Shades of Grey's lessons (respect) and decided to create a blog right after the movie came out to show the real side of sex and pleasure. The girls have also created online dictionary of sex terms and even have their own on-site Kinkly store. Just learned about a new sex toy or activity? Get everything you need for it on Kinkly! Nicole and Tara post webinars, guides, toy reviews, advice on sex positions, and so on. There's also a Trending section where you can find tips on, well, kinky topics like masturbation.

5. Hey Epiphora


Hey Epiphora

Say hi to Piph, a girl who's been testing sex toys for over 10 years (can't be sure if that's a bummer or not). She's got a whole site dedicated to just toys. Price comparisons, the top list of her favorites, and even the list of approved sex toy shops. Pictures included—you don't want to miss this celebration of shape and color. She even made ME buy some sex toys, that's how passionate she is about these toys.

6. Future of Sex


Future of Sex

Has the new Black Mirror or Love, Death & Robots season just come out? Ah no, it's just this website, Future of Sex, popped up on the internet. Reviews of sex games, tips on remote and virtual sex, remote and online sex dating, and all that techy-remote-online-virtual stuff - all curated by the editor Jenna Owsianik. It's a new concept and idea of expanding human sexuality and discovering it from a new angle. Trust me, you'd love to try some of these virtual sex is a whole new thing, pal!

7. Carasutra



Sex diaries, news, erotic stories, even sex-ed videos—you'll find all of it here on the blog of Cara Sutra. It all started with product reviews that account for a great part of the content on the website, but now it's grown to a way more insightful and overarching blog about everything you need to know and learn about sex. It contains toy sales (yay, discounts!), tips on dating, sex positions, choosing the right lube, etc. Videos and photo galleries included. ;)

8. Girl On The Net


Girl On The Net

This is a fun yet interesting blog of a perverted, crazy about sex, girl. She writes anonymously about all sorts of stuff to fight the sex stigma and reassure its readers there's nothing embarrassing in doing it. Try to imagine what she looks like and what her name is! The Girl on the Net busts some popular myths on various topics and discusses some casual stuff like the walk of shame (which, to her opinion, isn't shameful at all but glorious) or banging someone you've never met before. The Girl also writes books and uploads audio porn to her website, which is a highly recommended thing to listen to. Gets you turned on instantly!

9. Violet Fawkes


Violet Fawkes

Submissive and femdom erotica, sensual little articles about some kinky adventures, product reviews, lingerie, and a regular Boobday section—that's what Violet Hawkes is all about. Did I mention boobs? It's also about self-acceptance, fetishes, and lots of boos, right! Here, you'll find some nice articles about self-love, submissive experiences, LGBTQ+ stuff, etc. Did I mention a lot of boobs?

10. Poly Land


Poly land

Need some relationship advice? Poly Land has your back! It's a website that helps you deal with any sort of issues you might face with your partner (or partners ;). The website's main focus is non-monogamous and BDSM enthusiasts. All the advice comes from a relationship coach and the author of 4 books, Page Turner. She's also been in several non-monogamous relationships for a while, so she knows what she's talking about. That's the only blog on the list where the author speaks openly of her non-monogamous experience, so you could use some of Page's knowledge if you've ever thought of such a thing.

11. Kayla Lords


Kayla Lords

Kayla's a kinky girl who's clearly obsessed with sex toys and BDSM. She's got a whole section just about D/S relationships, introductory sex stuff for dummies, BDSM podcasts, and so on. Plus, Kayla positions herself as the person with 4 different characters: a masturbating Kayla, Babygirl-submissive Kayla, Daddy Dom Kayla, and a Sex Blogger Kayla, and she successfully combines all her experience and knowledge in simple yet interesting stories of her life and even manages her own Kinkery shop. What Kayla out of her 4 personalities would you meet? The Babygirl-Submissive one sounds hot!

12. Girly Juice


Girly Juice

It's a blog by Kate, a sex writer and podcaster. Kate's a bisexual cis woman who's writing posts about kink, relationships, dating, and mental health. Here, you'll find her thoughts on the classic lifelong dispute like "Does size matter?". Kate also writes tips for women and has a full list of her sex toy collection (I just lost count, but there are totally more than 150 of them).

13. Doctor Climax


Doctor Climax

Another sex toy review site but with a whole separate section for men, special deals, and a blog page with interesting tips like how to improve the taste of your sperm, how to self-fuck, and it also contains reviews on webcam sites and some games you might want to try. Thanks to Doctor Climax, my sperm tastes like candy!

14. Super Smash Cache


Super Smash Cache

Want to learn more about cervical orgasms? You landed on the right spot! This website is run by a cute lady, Cy Smash, and is full of helpful information on sex-ed, toys, and so on. Works well for both dummies and pros, as the advice here is quite different and can fit any level of sexuality and experience. But pfff, I haven't even gone to the newbies page!

The blog is a hymn for sex positivity, experimenting with different tools, learning more every day, and realizing your body is different, and you don't need to fix it. Some self-acceptance talk could be useful sometimes, huh?

15. Domme Chronicles


Domme Chronicles

Here it is—the real blog of a dominant woman! Sharyn Ferns is a Dutch chick with a great sense of humor and attitude. I'd be her submissive bitch for a while! Sharyn writes her blogs simply yet quite professionally, it's just like having a one-way conversation with her. Down-to-earth and open to people, this tiny blondie is a great helper for those who want to try some femdom stuff and spice up their relationship. It's all about bravery and the mindset, and you can read way more about it in Sharyn's blog or just get some of her books (she's written 8 of them!).

16. Coffee and Kink


Coffee and Kink

Meet Amy Norton—a digital sexuality journalist and blogger at Coffee and Kink. This is her piece of work about discovering all the aspects of sexuality and exploring the body—here, Amy writes about various stimulators like lube, sex tools, and even some fiction to help you talk freely about your sexuality. It's a nice website with detailed reviews, intimate pictures, and cool insights on toys and sexual stuff. Getting sex advice from a hot chick can't be bad, huh?

17.The Little Slush

The Little Slush

Time for some porn! Ad reviews, pornstar ratings, movies, gifs, all that stuff is right here. You won't ever get bored watching ads, looking at all those hotties, doing some nasty thing to yourself in the meantime. That's a good source to ease your mind and just relax. Now you don't need to think about what pornstar to search for the next time!

18. Passion by Kait


Passion by Kait

If you want some advice on common issues in your sexual relationship, Kait Scalisi will sort it out for you. Kate is a well-experienced sex coach who knows how to solve any sex-related issue between partners—she can tell you about common mistakes both partners make during sex, some cool tips on mutual masturbation, sex health issues, and so on. Kate's got a lot of helpful articles and can improve your sex life with no extra hassle or spending long hours learning relationship theory. That's the least you can do to stay longer in bed and become a sex machine everyone would love to go home with.

19. Sexpert



It's literally Google for sex education and practice! Experts' advice, educational videos, LGBTQ+ insights, and even a pleasant bonus - Sacred sexuality, where you can read about tantric sex and yoni yoga. Plus, you'll find some sweet stuff in Sex Advice and boost your sex knowledge with their own sex dictionary. Way to go!

20. OhJoySexToy



Get to know more of the best sex blogs! Scroll down to find the full list of the top sex-related websites and boost your sex life to the max!



Sex tips, dirty talks, podcasts


Sex toys reviews, and sex advice

News, sex toys, and gadgets reviews

Sex toys reviews, and sex education

Adult industry news
BDSM, fetish and kink


Sex toys reviews, and sex tips

Dirty talk and sex advice, podcasts

Queer and trans, polyamory, furry sex
Pegging, strapon, erotica

Sex and relationship tips and podcasts
Adult toys reviews
General sex education

Personal experience with adult toys
Podcasts, sexual pleasure tips

Sex and marriage life, erotic fiction

Kink, dominant/submissive relationships,and queer 


Sex blog by polyamorous woman

Erotica writings, sexual fantasies

Kinky sex essays and guide, sex toy reviews

Erotic fiction, erotic books, and sex toys reviews

Sexual relationship, pegging, male chastity

Sexual education, and relationship

Sex toys reviews, and guides
Sex, dating and health advice

BDSM and fetish, erotic stories, sex guides

Sex tips and guides, toys reviews

BDSM, kink, relationships, and identity
Sex toys reviews and guides
Pick up tips for men
Sex and psychology advice

Academic, therapeutic, and spiritual sex
Sex and relationship advice

Sex toys test,

and reviews for Dutch

Kind and bdsm tips,

and podcasts
Sex toys reviews by Australian

Sex toys reviews, stories, and sex essays

Reviews of all sexy things, poetry and memes
Love and sex advice
BDSM, queer
Femdom, BDSM, and kink
Sext talks, toys reviews

Erotic fiction, toys reviews, sex experiences

Personal experiences

of hotwife

Bilingual (english, Italian),

unusual sex guides
Blog by sex therapist
Kink and sex
Bondage tutorials
Sex toys reviews and tips
Monogamy and married sex life

Queer and kink, sex podcasts,

and toys reviews
BDSM tips and guides
Onaholes reviews
Sex and mental health
Pleasure and intimacy coaching
Sex, dating and relationship

Sext tips, erotica, bdsm,

sex toys reviews
Sex toys reviews
Sex-positive community blog
Sex and relationship advice

Erotic fiction, sexual opinions, adult toys reviews

Dirty books and pictures, polyamor, kink, and queer
Sex education and sex advice
Sex advice for men

Sex toys reviews, kink, and relationships

Photographic blog with sex life stories

Kink and sexuality advice, sex toys reviews

Erotic audio and fiction, sex toys

Love and sex experiences

Queer, kinky sex tips, toys reviews

Queer, polyamorous, toys, erotic photography

Dildos, vibrators, and other toys reviews
Sex fiction and writing
Senior sex advice

Sex news and tips,

erotic articles
Women sex health
Funny and hilarious sex blog
Sex toys reviews, BDSM erotica

Sex experiences, BDSM, kink and mental health
Erotic, kink, bdsm, sex pleasure

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