Nastiest Hookup Gay Apps For Searching Hot Partners

Latest update: Jul 23, 2020
Gay Hookup Apps

Having a good fuck might be rough if you’re gay and don’t have many gay friends. Moreover, why have an awkward dick of your boyfriend when you can have a big classy one of that gorgeous guy? For these needs, I’ve got some fancy ideas for you guys. Don’t settle for less than a hot muscle man and use apps of my advice.

Ok, cutie, how gay hookup apps can help me?

If you’re gay and you’ve never used hookup apps, you’re a liar or just admit you’re blue. In both cases, you still need a good source of hard cocks. There are some main advantages to it:

  1. Quick fuck any time. Do you feel horny and want to fuck a good boy right now? Open an app and find someone near who’s as nasty as you.
  2. Huge diversity. When you go to the bar, you can pick up one gay who’s ready to go home with you. In a hookup app, there are thousands of dudes who want to try your dick.
  3. Better than the website. Apps are for fast searching, so you can do it at any time. If you travel the world and want to try foreign cocks, you’re free to do this with a hookup app.

You see, that’s really useful for your sexual life. Forget about Tinder and bullshit like this. This commercial crap is not the only thing for good searching. I can show you the whole new world of gay hookups with an apps collection. Now let’s see some real stories of how guys use it daily.

What are the best gay hookup apps?

Not easy to find someone to fool around with when you’re gay because the majority you run into tend to be straight! And that’s the shit! But with these male hookup apps, you’ll skip all the hassle of tiptoeing around people. Dirty, hot one night stands with true gays are waiting for you, pervert.


BeNaughty dating app

This is exactly the place where you can be as naughty as you’re in your head. BeNaughty is focused on hookups and not only for straight guys. Thanks to the info in profiles you might easily find who’d prefer your tight ass. Users give you basic information there as well as how far away they’re from you. Features like messaging, looking at and sharing photos are for paid members only. Everything good has a price, remember, buddy? Register at BeNaughty for Free.


Grindr app

Basically Tinder, but a purely gay hookup app version of it. It caters only to men of all sexualities as long as they’re looking for other men! Grindr’s almost completely free, the only feature that’s locked behind a paywall is the Live Chat. Grindr’s mainly used for hookups, but dudes tend to find soulmates here too! You can only put up one picture at a time, and you’ll see all your matches’ distance from you. Grindr also has a section about sexual health, where everyone can divulge information about an STD he may have, for the sake of being open. 


MenNation isn’t shy about what you want. You’ll find a hot hunk right off the bat, guaranteed. There’s no real censorship on MenNation. Just opening the website, you’ll see more dicks on profile pictures than you’ve ever seen on a porn site! One of the big features of MenNation is group chats, and they can be wholesome or NSFW. Free users have a bit more freedom here, as they’re allowed to chat as well as access one recorded video every day.


Scruff app

Scruff is a male hookup app that ensures you have the best night of your life, as quickly as possible. Scruff gives users the ability to find hookups while not being obligated to pay for it. Albeit the paid membership grants plenty of useful features, you can create a profile and chat with lots of sexy guys for free! The premium membership also opens you an unlimited private album sharing feature, the ability to browse the site anonymously, as well as unlimited usage of search filters. Your chances to get fucked doubles here, my friend.

Planet Romeo

Planet Romeo app

If you've just gotten out of a relationship or just wanna have a fun time, Planet Romeo will take care of all your carnal needs. Planet Romeo has a ton of special features. You can Quickshare your albums with NSFW content to entice a few loverboys. There’s a feature called Picture Rating to rate the new pictures on profiles to group them into five main categories — non-sexual, some skin, softcore, hardcore, and illegal. There’s also Meet The Romeo tool, where a user gets featured each week, boosting his account and ensuring he gets lots of attention from the web traffic. Amazing, yeah?



They don’t really care for deep connections. All that matters here is looks and physical fun. Websites can talk about having a huge user base, but those guys should be fucking active there! Adam4Adam has 60,000 active users at any given moment. Impressive, yeah? Members have full access to the platform without paying, but premium ones get extra features like saved conversations, unlimited friends, and a conversation length of 200 messages instead of just 40! More chances to describe in details how you love your ass to be raped ;)


Hornet app

For those who want a tiny bit of social media in their gay male hook apps, Hornet will be chicken soup for your soul. As a free user, you can send and receive messages, as well as set up your profile and photos. Special features like Hornet Places, which shows you locations frequented by LGBTQ men, as well as Stories and Events! Stories are articles written by Hornet members. You can expect to find both risque and heartwarming tales there. Events show you any LGBT gatherings near your place. As you see, buddy, you get even more than simple hook up there.


Chappy is a unique, new gay hookup app for those LGBT men who wanna test the waters of serious and casual! It’s free to download and even better, it’s free to use! It’s extremely popular in the US and the UK. One of Chappy’s unique features is The Chappy Scale. This lets you refine your match selection into three categories — Cute, Cute & Sexy, Sexy. It groups Cute users as the ones looking for a serious relationship, and Sexy users as those looking for a fun, casual experience. The middle is for those who would like a bit of both. What is your choice, man?


DaddyHunt app

DaddyHunt is different from all the other apps here because it caters to gay sugar daddies and babies. With more than a million users across the world, it’s quite possibly the best gay hookup app for gay sugar daddies! Users can have a free membership which will grant them full functionality of the website, or get a supporter membership to enjoy more bonus features. Your cock might not only get satisfied here finally but taste the luxurious life as well.


Recon app

Ever felt like the top gay hookup apps were too tame for you? If BDSM is your fetish, Recon will make you feel right at home. Such a focus on BDSM makes it a unique sex dating experience. Obviously, there are paid and free accounts, but you can use the app to a good extent without paying a single dollar! The premium accounts grant you access to other members’ galleries, unlimited profile views, and even completely ad-free surfing! Isn’t this enough to find yummies for your cock?

Now I’m interested, man, go ahead…

Let’s see some stories of real men who use it. There’re a lot of gay dudes who read my Hookup Guru blog and they often share a bunch of stories about how this helps them in their sex life. I can say I’m a proud big boy because I help your dicks more than a doctor. Here’re some of these stories that can be reasons to try these apps.

Reason 1: Choose who the fuck you want

Here’s Jeff and he was dating his boyfriend Tommy since high school until he’s 30. Crazy, right? Why having one partner all your life when you can have a lot of them? But he said it was so tough to leave him because there just weren't better guys around. Huh, dude, just open these fucking hookup apps and get who the fuck you want!

After two weeks of being registered in one of these, Jeff fucked a few 20-years-old sweet boys he was always dreaming about. You may ask why this dummy didn’t do it before? Well, I dunno, he just didn’t read Hookup Guru. Now he’s free to choose any guy without being tied to some toxic dude.

Reason 2: You can find here your first gay sex

I know there are many guys who feel like they’re ready to try a man but don’t know where to find someone. Dude, it’s always an app! You’ll never have better ways to find a nice quick hookup and find out if you really like males. Just sign up and check what type of men you’re looking for? Honestly? You can have all of them!

There was David who was married to a woman but he was gay. Every time he sees the college neighbor boy, his dick is hard as hell. It seems like a no-brainer but you’re still straight if you have a wife and no experience in fucking boys. So he bumped into a guy in a gay hookup app and rolled in the hay with this young hot dude.

Reason 3: You’re fucking horny gay dude

Yeah, for such perverts like me, there is no enough sex. We’re just like animals, we want more and more because life’s short and dick’s still hard. Why wait till you’re 70 and can’t even move your legs, not talking about cocks? You have one youth but there will always be young hot boys around who’re seeking a big dick in their little asses.

Are you up to an army of them? They’re all like soldiers who’re standing here and waiting for you to fuck all of them. Don’t you believe it? Well, check these gay hookup apps and you’ll see I’m not joking. I’ve got a huge collection of all of the best platforms, not just a fucking Tinder.

Some more reasons in the end

Well, we’re just like all other people: sometimes we want a relationship, sometimes we want to be fucked hard. Why refuse to do this if it’s so easy? Hookup gay apps are for confident and shy, experienced and newbies, whoever the fuck you are, you’re welcome. There’s always a bunch of guys who want to fuck you. So, why is this the only reason to use Hookup gay apps? Do it for your dick!

As you see, there are damn a lot of ways to have fun. We’re living in a fucking awesome world where you can get what your balls want in an hour or a minute. Go check the coolest gay hookup apps from my rating and see what’s good for you. I’m sure your cock will be happy to meet all of this!


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