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How Do You Go About Getting Laid In Boston?

You’re spending a few days in Boston and don’t know how/where to party? My Boston sex guide will get even the timidest men laid. Follow my instructions and advice, and the Boston dating scene will be yours to seize.

What’s online dating in Boston like?

For casual online sex Boston is king. There’s plenty of ways to meet people in the city, but it’s so goddamn easy through the internet. Why bother going to noisy, crowded clubs when you can get the sluts to come straight to your hotel? It’s probably the best way to meetup Boston singles.

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How can I have a safe casual hookup in Boston?

Sex is great, but you gotta stay safe. Why take unnecessary risks and mess up future hookups, if you could just be a little more careful now? Here’s some advice you ought to keep in mind while you’re in Boston:

Top Boston webcam models

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Don’t know what to expect when you’re in Boston? Worried you’ll land in and the girls there won’t be your type? Let me alleviate that, dummy. I have such an easy and fun solution for you: a list of pornstars and camgirls from Boston. Is there any better way to show you what to expect from hot Boston women? The best part is that you could even run into them while you’re in town! Take a peek at these nasty whores:

  • Karlee Gray. When every pornstar today looks like that, you tend to remember the unique ones. Karlee Gray is that big-titty chick in a librarian’s uniform who you’d jack off to as a teen. Her tight, slender body and sharp face is what you should be on the lookout for when you’re in Boston, cause she tends to hang out in Boston singles bars when she visits the city. Don’t wanna miss out on the chance to dominate this slut, do we champ?
  • Lulu Devine. She might be on the older side, but don’t think she isn’t as sex crazed as she was twenty years ago. She’s one of those sexy Boston girls you can never forget. Her tight pussy is the shit perverts like you fantasize about, and if you’re in Boston, you might get to experience it. If you want the chance to stick your dick in this whore’s cunt, get involved in the Boston nightlife.
  • Romi Rain. Curves galore, Romi knows all the best ways to please a dirty man like you. Whether it’s stroking, sucking, or fucking, she’ll make you see heaven. If you spend enough time at the Boston pick up bars, you could end up meeting her.
  • Jenna J Ross. This petite chick will drive you wild. She’s feisty as hell and loves posting videos playing with herself on her Twitter. Definitely worth checking out.

Where to get laid in Boston?


Best singles bars in Boston

Listen buddy, I’m sure you know bars are a great place to pick up chicks. You’re right! But you gotta know which bars to hit up. You don’t wanna pick up some sleazy ho, you wanna get those dime honeys. Take a peek at some of the best hookup bars Boston has to offer:

  • Drink
  • McGreevy’s Boston
  • Bukowski Tavern
  • Lookout Rooftop And Bar
  • jm Curley
  • Bleacher Bar
  • 21st Amendment
  • The Greatest Bar

These are some of the most fun date places in Boston. You can find alternative chicks at Bukowski’s, and classy ladies at the Lookout. If you just wanna lay back and have a good time, Drink and McGreevy’s are great spots. They’ve got tons of athletic, sporty chicks frequenting them as well.

What are the best nightclubs in Boston?

Don’t know how to meet people in Boston? Bruv, hit up a nightclub. Drunk folks make friends the quickest. A few hours in, you’ll be buying shots for your new best mates, hitting on ladies way out of your league, and succeeding. At worst, you have a great night. Best case scenario, you’ll find chemistry with a stranger on the dance floor. Don’t you just love the thought of dancing with a hot chick, grabbing her ass while she kisses your neck? Maybe you were too much of a beta for that to happen before, but I know the clubs you should hit up to get the real experience.

  • Wally’s Cafe Jazz Club
  • The Phoenix Landing
  • Good Life
  • Howl At The Moon Boston
  • Royale
  • The Grand Boston
  • Wild Rover
  • dbar<

Hot Boston girls love to party at night, and they spread over lots of different clubs. You’ll find jazz chicks at Wally’s, piano lovers at Howl At The Moon, and hip-hop/pop babes at Phoenix.

The best sex hotels in Boston

If you pick up a girl from a nightclub or bar, fucking her in the ladies room might sound hot and kinky, until you actually do it. Too cramped and too many people around. Trust me buddy, I’ve tried. You wanna get a proper hotel and invite your bitch over there. What’s better than getting your dick sucked in a king-sized bed while you watch the sunrise over the Atlantic Ocean through your floor to ceiling windows? It’s a rhetorical question, dummy, there’s nothing better! Don’t be a cheapass trying to fuck in the backseat of a car. Here are the best hotels you can get, from most expensive to most economical:

  • Boston Harbor Hotel (About $675 per night)
  • The Whitney Hotel (About $299 per night)
  • The Envoy Hotel, Autograph Collection(About $215 per night)
  • Intercontinental Boston (About $199 per night)
  • Seaport Hotel Boston (About $170 per night)
  • Loews Boston Hotel (About $139 per night)
  • Boston Park Plaza (About $134 per night)
  • The Bostonian Boston (About $119 per night)

Where can you grab a bite to eat in Boston?

Restaurants are often some of the best date spots Boston has. No matter what kind of girl you’re with, you can find a restaurant that suits her vibe. You just gotta figure out what she’s like, and you can pick the right place for her. If you get that right, your night is in the bag. Also, restaurants might be not the most obvious place to look for sex, but check out these and you’ll be surprised:

  • Saltie Girl
  • Boston Sail Loft
  • Yvonne's
  • Bostonia Public House
  • Neptune Oyster
  • Atlantic Fish Co
  • Row 34
  • Mamma Maria

You into seafood? Boston has got the best with Neptune Oyster, Atlantic Fish Co, and the Boston Sail Loft. If you’re for Italian or European cuisine in general, Mamma Maria and Bostonia Public House are gonna be your favorite spots.

Wonder what some unique experiences in Boston are?

You didn’t come to Boston just to go to restaurants and pick up chicks at nightclubs. You could do that in your own city! When you’re in a place with as much history as Boston has, you gotta take in the sights, see what it has to offer. Check out these spots that I personally loved:

  • Scarlett O’Hara house
  • Captain Jackson's Historic Chocolate Shop
  • Boston Ghosts & Gravestones Night-Time Trolley Tour
  • USS Constitution
  • Mather Home
  • Hayden Building
  • The Union Oyster House
  • SoWa

I know for a fact you can find gaggles of chicks hanging around SoWa and at Captain Jackson’s. Boston is known for its deep history, and I can promise you’ll find tons of history buffs at Scarlett O’Hara’s, the Hayden Building, and the Union Oyster House. Go nuts!

Boston is nuts, and I’m not biased

I’ve seen a lot of the world, and Boston is one of those places I keep coming back to. There’s nothing more fun than this city, and the whores here are on another level. Believe me, if you follow this guide to the T, you’ll have the most insane, unforgettable Boston trip you could have ever hoped for.

Secret tip from a local Boston hookuper

You’re from out of town, so keep this in mind: Boston residents won’t take any shit from you. Folks here are quick to defend their honor, so don’t tempt people into a fight. Bostonians tend to mirror people, so don’t ever act uppity with them. You’ll find yourself on the fastlane to the ER if you do.

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