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What Are The Easiest Places To Get Laid In San Diego?

You’re in San Diego, but you don’t know where all the slutty chicks are at? My San Diego sex guide compiles everything I know about the best hookup spots in San Diego. From bars, to nightclubs, to hotels, I can teach you everything you need to know. If you follow my advice, you’ll leave San Diego barely able to walk. Read this detailed sex guide and prosper!

Can you set up San Diego hookups online?

Top 3 Hookup Sites
Wanna Hookup
OneNight Friend
Top 3 Live Sex Cam Sites

Do you want a slut eagerly waiting to suck your cock as soon as you land in the city? Maybe you’re a player and you wanna make sure you have enough people to booty call at any moment while you’re here. Whatever the case, I know exactly which platforms to use, to ensure that you’ll always have a whore ready to bend over and get railed by your cock when you want it.

San Diego hookups online platforms link users up with those they've physically passed throughout the day. San Diego is a great sex positive space for humans looking to explore dating beyond the norm. Threesomes, fetish play, BDSM, exploration are all things that hookups online platforms caters to. What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas, and San Diego is no different. You’ll get to try out all that fucked up kinky shit you wanted to do, but the old ball and chain back home wouldn’t agree to. Sexual freedom has never felt so liberating, and it caters solely to dirty, horny bastards like you.

Check out some famous San Diego webcam girls

Christiana Cinn model
Christiana Cinn
Christiana Cinn
Followers: 2.5k
Nicole Aniston model
Nicole Aniston
Nicole Aniston
Followers: 3.1k
Skyla Novea
Skyla Novea model
Skyla Novea
Followers: 7.7k
Aidra Fox modes
Aidra Fox
Aidra Fox
Followers: 12.2k

What sex guide would be complete without mentioning famous webcam models from the city? I’m sure a naughty bastard like you has an encyclopedic knowledge about all the cam girls he’s wanked to, but I’ll make sure. Here’s some of San Diego’s finest porn flick actresses:

  • Christiana Cinn. This naughty chick is a bombshell of MILF. She knows more than enough ways to milk your balls dry and leave you begging for more. You’ll find this bimbo hitting up sex clubs in San Diego.
  • Nicole Aniston. Nicole’s one of the most famous actresses in the porn industry. She loves her job and proves it every chance she gets. Her busty curves are enough to stop any man in his tracks. If you get the chance to chat her up, you might just be lucky enough to take her home.

Top places to get laid in San Diego

627 Fourth Ave
False Idol
False Idol
675 W Beech St
Hamilton’s Tavern
Hamilton’s Tavern
1521 30th St
1503 30th St

What are the best singles bars San Diego has?

If you wanna get a one night stand, a bar is the first place you should go. Hit up one of the San Diego singles bar I recommend, and even a dumb loser like you will get laid.

  • Werewolf. Karaoke bars are great to go to with friends, and even better to make friends at. If you enjoy drunken singing, you might hit it off with the ladies at this establishment. Maybe even a pathetic wimp like you will have enough balls to make a move on them.
  • False Idol. This bar is actually located within another bar, Craft & Commerce. Following a Tiki theme, women that love the beach and the tropics hang out here. That means tanned, athletic bodies. These chicks have stamina that lasts for days, and could wear you out. What better way is there to spend a night, pervert?
  • Hamilton’s Tavern. A generic, but popular bar, Hamilton’s specializes in all sorts of beers and lagers. People don’t go here looking for a hookup, but rather on dates. That’s not to say you can’t find sluts down to fuck if you look hard enough.
  • KINDRED. Emo chicks have daddy issues, and girls with daddy issues fuck like crazy. This vegan death metal bar draws attention from emo chicks all over the city. These submissive little whores love being told what to do. If you’re dominant enough, you’ll get to have your way with any of them.
  • Polite Provisions. This bar is modeled as an apothecary and even has an atrium. Serving microbrews and cocktails, the goth girl scene loves to frequent this establishment. Are you man enough to hit up these sexy nymphos, or are you too much of a pussy, intimidated by their strong looks?

What are the best nightclubs in San Diego?

If you’re still confused on how to get laid in San Diego, nightclubs are gonna be your lifesaver. The bass, the liquor, the neon and darkness turn these sluts on big time, and it's up to you to make the most of that. I'm gonna tell you the best nightclubs where you can find and fuck the horniest sluts in town, but can a loser like you handle them?

  • OMNIA: OMNIA is the kind of pulsing nightclub you see in movies. This is the place where, in a movie, you would meet your love interest. You’d dance the night away on the rooftop cabanas, and hang out at the chic modern lounge. In reality you’ll grind on each other like bunnies until one of you pulls the other to a bathroom for a drunken quickie.
  • FLUXX: From the outside it looks unassuming. You wouldn’t know this nightclub existed if it weren’t for the queue and the thumping music. Once you get inside, it’s a whole different story. The neon violet and pink lighting, paired with a lively dance floor make this club a great place to initiate your San Diego hook up.
  • Onyx Room: The Onyx Room caters to all tastes, whether they’re hip hop, house or pop. You’ll find all kinds of cute ladies messing around here, looking for a fun one night stand. Can you step up to the task, or will you disappoint these ladies too, wimp?
  • Altitude Sky Lounge: Mixing the outdoor campfire feel with EDM and hip hop, Altitude Sky Lounge is one of those truly unique night clubs. The best part? It’s on top of Gaslamp Marriott. The view is amazing, and you could use that to be smooth and get into a naughty slut’s pants. Unless you’re too much of a wuss, that is.
  • Whiskey Girl: Whiskey Girl’s music selection is usually limited to the Billboards Top 40, but that doesn’t make it a drag. The girls here know how to vibe, throwing it back and behaving real slutty on the dance floor. What else would you expect when you mix whiskey and girls, dumbass?

Are San Diego sex shops any good?

Right now, you think your cock is a blessing to any girl who’s lucky enough to experience it. I promise you that it isn’t. Your fingers and tongue are important, but I don’t expect a little wimp like you to be able to take care of a horny slut’s needs. This is where sex shops come in. The handy toys and gadgets they sell will pick up your slack, and make sure the chick you’re fucking actually experiences an orgasm for once. With handcuffs, whips, lingerie, vibrators, dildos, and plenty more, you’ll make sure that dirty bitch doesn’t forget her night with you. Here’s some of the recommended sex shops:

  • Barnett Avenue Adult Superstore: This is the Costco of adult stores. Anyt dirty sex toy, clothing or movie you can think of, you will find here. If you can’t, the staff will immediately order it in for you. Barnett Avenue Adult Superstore will do all it can to make you cum and come again.
  • Adult Emporium: While Adult Emporium is your run of the mill adult entertainment store without much to make it unique, it will always have all the standard things you could want. Whether it’s edible lingerie, KY Jelly, flavored condoms or different kinds of toys, they will deliver.
  • Adam & Eve Store: Even with the biblical reference, this shop is far from pure. They focus heavily on couples’ toys. Remote control vibrators, fleshlights, magic wands are all on the market here. The best part about Adam & Eve is they have an online store as well, which delivers all purchases in a discreet manner. Now you don’t even have to leave your home, it’s like the Amazon of fucking!
  • Jolar Cinema: Jolar Cinema sells both adult toys, as well as peep shows. Having a slow night, and can’t fall asleep? Head over to Jolar’s and you can jack off while watching a hot, dirty whore grinds on your lap, almost entirely naked. You may get strippers at a strip club, but you can’t bust a nut there.

What’s the best sex hotel San Diego has to offer?

When you’re bringing a girl back with you, you wanna keep impressing her. You can start by bringing her to a reputable hotel. These are some of the hotels I found to be the most stand-up, ordered from the most grandiose to the most frugal option:

  • Four Seasons Residence Club Aviara, North San Diego (About $795 per night). Are you a high roller? The kind of person who buys cars but gets chauffeured around? The kind of person that other people wish they could be? This is the hotel for those men. It is the most renowned in San Diego. Anyone who holds themself in high esteem and has the money to back it up, stays here. Any San Diego hook up you have here will be a memorable one.
  • L’Auberge Del Mar (About $490 per night). Feel like splurging on your trip to San Diego? This beachside hotel is the full 5 star experience. You’ll have a pool, gym, bar, restaurant and hot tubs available to you. You wouldn’t even have to leave the premises of the hotel to find a fun lay.
  • Omni La Costa Resort & Spa (About $359 per night). If you plan on sightseeing, this is the best hotel to stay at. It’s at the center of the city, in the middle of all the main attractions. Legoland, Sealife Aquarium and the San Diego Botanic Garden are all just a 15 minute drive away.
  • Pendry San Diego (About $225 per night). Located closer to the city center, Pendry is a great middle ground in terms of finance. You receive all the same amenities, without the picturesque scenery. If you’re in San Diego for work, this is a great option.
  • Cape Rey Carlsbad Beach, a Hilton Resort & Spa (About $165 per night). While this is the cheapest option on the list, you still get a spa, restaurant, bar and housekeeping. It’s a steal all things considered, but you won’t be dropping names anytime soon.

Where else would you go if you wanted to see hundreds of scantily clad hot babes in broad daylight? These chicks are sociable, so feel free to approach them, make some friendly conversation, and try to get their numbers. Maybe if you tell them about the expensive hotel you’re staying at, they’ll be inclined to come home with you out of curiosity. These are some of the most popular beaches in San Diego, check them out:

  • La Jolla Cove Beach
  • Flat Rock Beach
  • Coronado Beach

Check out ClubX

ClubX is one of the best ways to find sex parties in San Diego. By becoming a member after paying the fee of $35, you’ll get updates to new events, attended by tons of other members. Cocktail mixers, BDSM workshops, and plenty of partying is the norm.

Visit the Crave club

I didn’t mention Crave in the nightclubs list because it’s a swingers club. Know what that means, dummy? First of all, it means you’re not getting in unless you bring a girl with you. The ratio of women to men is always even or tilted towards women, and they’re not messing up their ratios for you. If you can figure out how to get in though, you won’t want to go to any other club. To get in, you need a membership which will cost you $10 per year for the standard treatment, or $150 per year for VIP. It’s a BYOB club, and the bartenders will only serve sodas or mixers. The club is divided into two floors. The bottom floor is where you socialize, and the top floor is where the freaky shit happens. I mean the proper orgies, wife-swapping, BDSM dungeon sort of kinky shit happens here. I cannot stress how important it is to check this club out. I’m sure a dumb loser like you would just cream his pants the second he sees a pretty girl though.

San Diego MILFs hookup rules and recommendations

Is there anything better than fucking tanned MILFs nearby in San Diego? Cougars here usually try to stay fit, so you can't help thinking of exploring all the body parts of those delicious babes when seeing them at the beach. And I'm here to help you secure a MILF hookup.

Milfy spots in San Diego

Heading to any of these places, your chances of meeting mature San Diego women ready for sex get higher:

  • Zumba classes. How do they stay in good shape after all? Zumba is just one of the many kinds of activities local MILFs in your area prefer. Head to Jess Lov Fitness, Party Fitness Studio, or Madhouse Dance if you want to spot a sexy and sweaty cougar.
  • Art galleries. Older women like intellectual fun. You're more likely to find local MILFs enjoying various museums and art galleries than getting drunk in shitty pubs (though this option is also possible). I recommend trying such spots as The San Diego Museum of Art, Museum of Photographic Arts, Art of Tim Cantor, or Mingei International Museum.
  • Acting classes. Women in their 40s are up to various activities that let them enjoy themselves and develop their hidden talents. Cougars believe that acting helps to learn how to express emotions and live every moment. And yes, it means San Diego MILFs who are in acting become absolutely insane in sex, as they're not afraid of expressing themselves to the fullest. If you want to fuck such a mature bird, head to San Diego Film and TV Acting Classes, Acting Professionally, or Los Angeles Acting Studio SD.
  • SPA. To shine bright at the numerous beaches, MILFs in San Diego work a lot on themselves. They're regulars at various SPA and beauty centers and try many procedures to enhance their beauty. The Catamaran Spa, Firefly Wellness Day Spa, and Spa Kingston are just a few spots among many to check out.
real San Diego MILFs

How to hook up with MILFs in San Diego?

If finding real MILfs near me isn't trouble for you anymore, getting into their panties might still be if you don't follow these simple rules:

  • Dress up. No cougar will ever agree to have sex with a messy guy. Have some respect for her and yourself! Dress casually but nicely, and your chances to get MILFs′ attention will get higher.
  • Keep in shape. The fact you're young doesn't mean you can ignore your body shape. If you want to fuck a fit, mature babe, stay fit yourself! Local MILFs in your area are quite demanding when it comes to appearance. If they make time to work on their body so that your cock can get even harder, you can do the same to make their pussies wetter.
  • Be easy-going. Communication with you should be a fun adventure those cougars crave for. They have a lot of issues to face every day: from work to house chores. So don't bore them talking about serious shit like politics or something!

Keep your head high!

Move with confidence! Even if you get rejected, which will happen, that’s okay. For every girl that says ‘no’, you’ll find two ready to hump your brains out. Anything can happen in San Diego, and even a wimp like you could fuck around more than you ever would in your hometown. It’s a magical city, just remember to use protection, buddy. This is the city of your most perverted dreams, so get out there and have fun!

Secret tip from a local San Diego hookuper

If you wanna find out where the San Diego hot girls are, you can’t expect them all to be at bars and nightclubs. These city girls are more complicated than that. As a veteran, I’ve decided to be generous and endow you with a few tips, so that even a pathetic weasel like yourself can get his nut off with some hot local chicks.

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