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Charlotte Hookup: Best Tips On Casual Dating In Charlotte

If you're looking for ways to let off some steam, the best option might be a hookup trip. Why not start by exploring a different state like North Carolina? Charlotte is a wonderful first stop where you'll find lots of banging opportunities. Why Charlotte and what to do in there to pick up chicks? What are the best spots to look for girls hungry for some dick and what else you should know about an occasional online hookup in Charlotte NC?

Sex scene in Charlotte: what's it like?

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Charlotte is the 3rd fastest-growing city in the US, hence there's a lot of stuff to do and explore. Apart from fancy places to eat and top-notch bars, Charlotte is famous for its museums and galleries, sports events, and secret swinger clubs where you can pick up chicks and spend a couple of nights living as a true Gigolo. Although girls in Charlotte are witty and smart, they wouldn't mind sleeping with some handsome guy from another state or country. So why don't you try to hit on some girls and witness it yourself? I know what types of girls are a sure thing. ;)

What are single women in Charlotte NC like?

Charlotte girls aren't gullible, but they like having fun and spend their time drinking at the bars. They're not very simple so you'll need a bit of sophistication to make a good first impression. Sure, most of them will just love to jump your bones, but only if you're witty and good-looking enough for them. But what types of girls to hit on in the first place, and what types of chicks are there in general? Below, you'll see what hot Charlotte girls can be like and where you can meet each type of them.

  • Career-oriented superwomen. Single women in Charlotte NC are usually independent and powerful. They work for big companies, hold managerial positions, or at least run their own small business. If you want to hit on such successful cold-headed chicks, head to the business fairs, attend a conference, or any round table. Such events usually have after-parties where these powerful chicks get drunk and all sensitive because they're still single. A perfect way to calm them down and knock boots with them, huh? So get in your best suit and hit the ladies!
  • Artsy chicks. Charlotte is full of interesting landmarks and museums where you can get to know lots of girls. The most sophisticated art lovers usually hang around the Mint Museum Uptown, Bechtler Museum of Modern art, or the Mint Museum Randolph. Get a brochure and read a little about the current exhibits at some of these venues and ask a girl what she thinks of modern art. This will light a spark in her eyes and by the end of the museum's working hours, you'll be nailing this chick.
  • Sports fans. Girls in Charlotte are either into sports or attending sports events. You'll see lots of chicks chanting the name of their favorite soccer team at the stadium or even play soccer for their favorite female team. Charlotte girls enjoy different types of sports like cycling, jogging, yoga, etc. You'll probably see lots of girls doing some exercises in the park and at the gym. Apart from these, they usually hang out at smoothie bars and granola places before or after their workouts, so don't miss your chance to grab some carbs and hit on them.
  • College preps. College girls are among the hottest ones in town. Lots of local chicks stay here to complete their Bachelor's degree, hence you'll have many chances of getting laid with a youngster. The one at a legal age, of course. Walk around the University of North Carolina or the Queens University of Charlotte to meet vibrant juniors or hot seniors and try to connect with some of them. But don't act creepy, dude, there's cameras everywhere.
  • Smarties. These can be bookworms sitting at any public or university library, hitting book stores, and science fairs. These girls are a bit shy but witty, a bit pretentious but cute. Be careful and don't be too straightforward so that you don't scare them off. Better get them a cup of coffee and ask about their favorite books first, then you can easily heat the temperature between you if you see you caught her attention. Don't worry, if they like you, they'll sleep with you.

Top tips for online hookup in Charlotte NC

The hottest webcam girls in Charlotte

Don't feel like hitting the bars tonight? Not a problem! You can always have fun with some horny webcam chicks from North Carolina on top adult cam sites. Want to see what they're capable of? I prepared the list of the hottest webcam chicks that will fulfill your wildest dreams right away!

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  • SophiaBailey. She's a 24-year-old blonde with large tits and a smackable ass. Sophia can perform some cool stuff using only her mouth. Sounds intriguing, right? Sure, she can do anything else like dildo plays or bondage, you can also see her perform a dildo blowjob, and when she does it, she's always on fire! Come and watch her play (and don't forget to tip her well).
  • DanniDavis. Who ordered one hell of a youngster? Danni is 19, and she knows how to do it dirty. She's got a hot body, her ass is in the place, and her babyface is just adorable… or fappable. She's ready for a lot of stuff, so don't miss your chance to see her play with some toys and vibrators, and enjoy the great show.
  • StaciRaiXXX. She's always ready for a new and fun experience. She's 24, she's very fit, and friendly. Staci has a petite body and adorable face, probably all-natural which makes her even sweeter. Ask her to try something new, she's open to everything! Don't forget to leave a tip for her effort and watch her play.

Top places to hang out in Charlotte NC

Even if you don't know a single thing about Charlotte, you can be sure it's full of fancy restaurants, nightclubs, and bars where you can chillax and enjoy exquisite dishes or drinks. And yeah, lots of perky chicks sneaking around! So why don't I show you the best places to meet singles in Charlotte right away?



The first place where you'll go to meet single chicks is a bar, but not every bar will give what you need. Below, you'll find the best bars in Charlotte where girls want to jump on your bones. Preppy college chicks, hot cougars, or woo-girls? In these bars, you can meet them all!

  • City Lights Rooftop Le Meridien on 555 S McDowell St.
  • Selwyn Avenue Pub on 2801 Selwyn Ave
  • Tilt On Trade on 127 W Trade St
  • Hattie's Tap & Tavern on 2918 The Plaza
  • Dot Dot Dot on 4237 Park Rd B
  • Idlewild on 424 E 36th St Unit 2
  • Dog Bar on 3307 N Davidson St
  • The Cotton Room at Belfast Mill on 144 Brevard Court Suite B


Feeling hungry? And it's not a euphemism. You can take your one-night date or dine alone in one of these must-visit restaurants to meet hot Charlotte girls and enjoy some delicious meals. Just pick one and enjoy.

  • Peppervine on 4620 Piedmont Row Dr. Suite 170B
  • Fin & Fino on 135 Levine Avenue of the Arts #100
  • Volo Ristorante on 1039 Providence Rd
  • Wu-Rons on 2200 Thrift Rd #1
  • Bardo on 1508 S Mint St
  • Sea Level NC on 129 E 5th St.
  • Haberdish on 3106 N Davidson St.
  • Good Food on Montford on 1701 Montford Dr.


Nighclubs are among the most favorite types of Charlotte adult entertainment. Why sit at home when you can go to a nightclub? Charlotte is full of young vibrant people so you'll definitely have fun hanging out in one of these top venues:

  • Dubai Night Club on 5317 E Independence Blvd.
  • White House on 4809 Wilkinson Blvd.
  • Roxbury on 116 W 5th St.
  • Fever on 8801 E W.T. Harris Blvd.
  • Brooklyn on 225 N Caldwell St.
  • Club Royale on 3930 Brookshire Blvd.
  • Lynn's Dance Club on 4819 S Tryon St.
  • Club Mirage on 2815 Crisman St.


Where to crash in after a great date with your Miss Sure Thing? Of course, in the cozy hotel with a king-size bed, late checkouts, and some kick-ass room service. Who's up for a breakfast in bed?

  • Holiday Inn Charlotte-Center, from $105 per night
  • Fairfiled Inn & Suites by Marriott Charlotte Arrowood, from $60 per night
  • Hilton Charlotte Uptown, from $150 per night
  • The Dunhill Hotel, from $100 per night
  • Quality Inn Airport South, from $45 per night
  • Omni Charlotte Hotel, from $200 per night
  • Aloft Charlotte Airport, from $80 per night
  • Hyatt Place Charlotte Downtown, from $140 per night


Restaurants and nightclubs are good, but what can be better than this? I know just the place. Or even 8 places. Get the best Charlotte sex clubs and swinger bars, and some cool sex shops as a bonus. ;)

  • Just for Pleasure
  • Club Onyx
  • The Gentleman's Club
  • Uptown Cabaret
  • Leather And Lace Southend
  • A Bare Affair Strippers
  • The Men's Club of Charlotte
  • Gold Club of Charlotte

Want to see the call girls in Charlotte?

Well, you'll have to try hard. Prostitution, brothels, and pimping are illegal all around the state. However, this doesn't stop local hookers from doing their business. Want to see the real dirt out there? Try walking around the Knights Inn at Charlotte South or Motel 6 Charlotte Coliseum. It's not guaranteed you'll meet Charlotte escorts there, but give it a try.

Best tips for offline hookup in Charlotte NC

Don`t be too straightforward

Nobody likes guys who rip off a girl`s pants and fuck her right away. Show your manners and patience, your date won`t go anywhere. Just relax and take it slow, enjoy the moment and the pastime with your chick. You`ll get your piece of cake a bit later, as a reward for your manners and patience

Make up a plan for the night

If you want a perfect night, make up a perfect plan. List all the activities you can do during your date, ask what your girl wants to do, offer some cool venues, and off you go! Admit it, wandering around with no idea where to go isn`t the best option for the first date unless a girl told you so

Don`t forget the rubber!

Should I even mention that little something that has to be in your pocket all the time?

Make sure she`s home safe

This is a common courtesy to call a cab, drive her home, or make sure she`s driving back with a good driver. This doesn`t oblige you to anything, it`s just a checkup to cleanse your soul. Text your chick to ask if she`s ok and wish her a good day. This will be a perfect ending to your one-night stand

Keep it all a secret

Don`t blabber around about your latest sex adventures. At least keep her name a secret. This will help you save both your and your date`s reputation and won`t cause any problems or offenses addressed to a girl. Just let your pals know you`ve had a great night and keep all the precious memories to yourself

best places to get laid in Charlotte

Time to handle someone's business!

Although Charlotte is more famous for its landmarks and museums, its nightlife and the getting-laid opportunities are huge. Now you know all the tips on how to hit on hot Charlotte girls and even whom to hit on. So get your ass out of your couch, get a ticket to Charlotte, and enjoy the greatest pastime of your life there! Stay hydrated and always wear a condom.

Secret tip from a local Hookuper

The best places to meet singles in Charlotte are the Epicenter and Uptown area. A simple "Hello" word there will make a girl lose her pants. Whenever you`re there, during the day or night, you`ll always meet a sure thing. If that`s too easy for you, then you can hit biscuit shops! Yes, Charlotte girls love biscuits, so if you happen to go to a shopping mall, a local market, or any other place, make sure to bring (or bake) some. This must be a real woman magnet even though it sounds odd. You got my word!

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