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El Paso Hook Up: Tips For A Memorable Sex In El Paso

Spending a week in El Paso all by your lonesome? It's easy to get laid in this town if you know where to look. If you're brave enough to subject your cock to dozens of El Paso babes and late-night grind sessions, learn the tips and tricks and explore the places where you'll meet the sluts interested. Lucky for you, this article is just the cheat sheet you need to make your wildest date night El Paso dreams come true.

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Tips for online hookups

Meet the El Paso cam girls

Wanna experience the El Paso Texas women from the comfort of your home? Here are 4 of the hottest Texan whores you'll love pleasuring yourself to:

Paislee Haze
Paislee Haze model
Paislee Haze
Followers: 61k
BirdyLovesIt model
Followers: 44k
Austin Michelle
Austin Michelle model
Austin Michelle
Followers: 58k
Olive Ray
Olive Ray model
Olive Ray
Followers: 61k
  • Paislee Haze. A 31-year-old BBW MILF, she's a thick lady who loves to jiggle her assets on cam for all her fans. She wears glasses, doesn't have any tattoos, and is a natural blonde. Sluttiness comes naturally to her. She's bisexual and often shows off her feet and pussy whenever her viewers ask for it. She's the queen of fan service and has tons of photos and videos for you to purchase and jack off to even if she's offline. Paislee likes to tease her viewers for a long time before pulling her tits out and getting toys shoved inside her, but it's well worth the wait.
  • BirdyLovesIt. Birdy is 112lbs and 5'6”, so you know she's a petite slut. Even though she's on the smaller side, her tits are round and perky. Her body is decorated with tattoos and piercings and is kinky as hell. She's into dudes and chicks and loves to flaunt herself on cam. You can buy naughty videos of her or watch her live on stream where she's happy to accept your dirty requests. She's a Texas chick who knows how to show Texan hospitality.
  • Austin Michelle. Michelle is a MILF, and a slutty one. She streams on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, and has no limits when it comes to pleasuring her viewers. She's 33 years old but has the sex drive of an 18-year-old. Every hole's a goal with this slut, and she leaves little to the imagination. She's a Texan whore who starts her stream in stringy lingerie, but that gets ripped off quickly. She's a true exhibitionist, and any guy who wants the taste of a Texas MILF should check her out.
  • Olive Ray. A true Southern girl, Olive is the picture-perfect blue-eyed, blonde-haired babe you'd run into in a Texas church. She's a 33-year-old babe with B-cup breasts and a shaved pussy. She has a love for all kinds of sex toys, but her favorite is her vibrator. You'll see it in almost every session, along with the butt plug she loves to tease her viewers with. With every cam session, you'll realize this slut is nothing like the neighborly Texas ladies you see in movies. Olive is a bona fide chick, and her cam shows will have you busting a nut each time.

Where can I get laid in El Paso TX?

No wonder you question that after checking local cam girls out. This article's got the top-of-the-line El Paso bars and clubs, restaurants, and other hot spots where you can mingle with tourists and locals. The El Paso nightlife is bustling with sluts who wanna get dicked down. I've got the top El Paso spots for you to check out.

Meet ladies at the top night clubs in El Paso TX


Single women in El Paso love to get turned up at the local nightclubs. It's a place where they can get drunk and wild, meet men they'd never see in their day-to-day life, and find charismatic dudes they can take home. You could be the guy to smooth talk your way into a girl's pants on the dancefloor, and you'd be the one fucking her in the nightclub's bathroom. Pay a visit to these:

  • Little Bit of Texas
  • Ricky D's
  • Touch Bar And Nightclub
  • Castillo's Night Club
  • Tequilas Discoteque
  • Escape Nightclub
  • Latin Groove
  • Whiskey Dicks Inc

Drink at the best bars in El Paso

Feeling shy? El Paso's bars provide top tier social lubricant, and tons of pretty El Paso Texas women for you to hit on once you've gained your confidence. These ladies are here to pick up guys with charisma and charm, and you have plenty of both. Just show up, pick a target, buy her a few drinks and start flirting. Before you know it, you'll be in bed with a chick from one of these bars:

  • Aceitunas Beer Garden
  • Gringo Theory Patio Bar
  • Hope and Anchor
  • Three Pints Pub
  • Rubiks Arcade Bar
  • The Hoppy Monk
  • Border City Ale House
  • King's X Bar

Eat at the fanciest restaurants with hot chicks in El Paso

This might surprise you, but there's plenty of women seeking men in El Paso restaurants! Pop over to a restaurant having a brunch special, and you'll find plenty of eager sluts getting drunk on mimosas. High class dineries have elegant ladies waiting to be seduced by a charismatic man by yourself. If you're up to the task, these restaurants are your best bet for a lay:

  • Track One
  • Kiki's Mexican Restaurant
  • Ripe Eatery
  • Los Bandidos De Carlos & Mickey's
  • Leo's Mexican Food Restaurant
  • Pot Au Feu
  • Julio's Mexican Food
  • Landry's Seafood House

The best hotels for El Paso hookups

Got a total babe swooning in your arms, begging to be dicked down? You're classier than fucking a girl in the back of a car. A man like you deserves a king-sized bed, top-notch room service and a view to envy. The kind of hotel you can name-drop, and any slut near you would be pulling you home. These are those options:

  • Stanton House (At $200 per night)
  • The Plaza Hotel Pioneer Park (At $194 per night)
  • Chase Suite Hotel El Paso (At $168 per night)
  • Embassy Suites by Hilton El Paso (At $144 per night)
  • Wyndham El Paso Airport Hotel & Waterpark (At $140 per night)
  • Homewood Suites by Hilton El Paso Airport (At $137 per night)
  • Hotel Indigo El Paso Downtown (At $134 per night)
  • DoubleTree by Hilton El Paso Downtown (At $125 per night)

Neat spots to meet El Paso singles

If you want date ideas in El Paso or places to run into local girls, you can't just stick to nightlife. There are plenty of different kinds of ladies, and you won't find them all at dancefloor or a pub. Wanna taste all the local flavor? You'll run into fun El Paso casual encounters with both the natives and other tourists if you check out these spots:

  • El Paso Museum of Art
  • The Red Parrot
  • El Paso Zoo
  • Sunland Park Racetrack & Casino
  • La Vina Winery, Inc.
  • San Jacinto Plaza
  • Jaguars Club El Paso
  • Plaza Theatre

Where can you find El Paso call girls?

Finding El Paso female escorts isn't as straightforward as in other cities. You won't be able to find an El Paso escort service by exploring the city. These services only exist online. Once you find it though, you've got an El Paso escort for every situation. Whether you're looking for a quick fuck or a fancy date you can show off, there's a beauty for every scenario.

Tips for offline hookups

Put some effort into your clothes

A little effort goes a long way. From choosing clothes that are just the right size, shoes that match your top, and a palette that goes together, you'll stick out from the crowd. Dress for the occasion as well. You don't want to show up to a dance club in a suit, you'll be ridiculed. If you wear glasses, pick some that can frame your face properly. Love at first sight may not be real, but you can make lust at first sight happen with these chicks. Impress them the very first time they lay eyes on you, and you'll be driving to your hotel with them in the passenger seat giving you head.

Don't be overzealous

If you're chatting up a girl, and she seems interested, don't blow it by seeming desperate. One of the most attractive things about a guy is when he's nonchalant about hooking up. That's how you know he's a player. If she looks like she might be down to fuck, don't immediately tell her to come back to your place. Initiate a bit of kissing and get her hot and heavy where you met her. That's how you seal the deal, and she'll be the one dragging you to your room.

Don't get a hotel in a crummy part of town

Do your research before you're in El Paso. If you pick one of the aforementioned hotels to stay at, rest easy because they're among the best places to get laid in El Paso. You could score the hottest chick, but if you tell her you're staying in the Chihuahuita, she's not coming to your hotel cause she'd be uncomfortable. To make sure to bag your prize, pick one of the safe and fancy hotels listed above, and you'll be golden with the ladies.

Rent a car

El Paso is a big town. If you wanna meet chicks, taking public transport won't do you any favors. As long as you know you won't be drinking, consider renting a car. You can get a hatchback for as little as $30 a day, and fancy full-size SUVs for $60 a day. Make a great impression on chicks by showing up in a fancy car. If things go smooth, the backseats of SUVs are really well-equipped for lovemaking sessions.

best places to get laid in El Paso

El Paso nightlife and lifestyle is waiting!

El Paso's the dream if you're a single guy who's looking to drown in pussy. From the strip clubs El Paso has, to the hundreds of horny babes you can find in clubs and bars, you won't lack it. Get out there and experience the wonders El Paso has to offer!

Secret tip from a local hookuper

Got a lady in your car, but you're not certain she wants to sleep with you yet? You can seal the deal by taking her to the Scenic Drive Overlook. It's as romantic as it can get. If you've got a sunroof or a convertible, put the top down, and gaze at the stars. The night sky and gorgeous El Paso skyline will sweep her off her feet. Kiss her to stay at the moment, and you can easily lead things forward from there.

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