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The Ultimate Guadalajara Sex Guide Getting Laid With Local Girls

Guadalajara is a political, art, historical, and transportation hub of the very whole of Mexico. It′s full of exciting venues, museums, galleries, and architectural spots to visit and enjoy, as well as lots of hot and truly charming Guadalajara women. Once in Guadalajara, you won′t get rid of the feeling you′ve met the hottest, least makeup-wearing chicks in the world as they don′t need it at all to show all their beauty and attractiveness. They sound hot, and you′ll want to bang them right away, that′s what I promise! Grab the tips form below for a memorable Guadalajara sex adventure!

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Guadalajara sex scene: women and the vibe

Girls from Guadalajara are extremely attractive and don′t usually dress up in super-bright clothes or use cosmetics to grab someone′s attention. They′ve got a great face cut and a curvy but fit body which is of great competition to the ladies from the nearest countries and even cities. Tapatias (Guadalajara women) are somewhat cautious towards foreigners and guys who try to talk to them on the streets but are still mostly friendly and hospitable. Some of them might be a bit conservative and try to leave your company as soon as possible. Yet, you′ll find more smiling faces, open to meet and have some real Guadalajara sex with you.

Tips for an amazing online hookup with Guadalajara women

Relax and be yourself

Don′t be the jerk who pretends to be someone else, more handsome, or smarter. The girls need to know who′s the real you, not to ruin their expectations and end up saying "thanks but no, thanks" when you offer them a night out in real life

Make sure you′re not talking to a robot, scam, or a dude

Sometimes, shit happens, and the nice girl from the opposite side of the screen turns out to be a completely different person, a scam, or even a guy who′s just asking for money from random guys who liked their picture. Do a legit check first and act afterward

Are you in the same boat?

If you miscommunicate your expectations for the night, this might end up in a bad way (a sexless night, denial, too many drinks, etc.). To avoid any of these unpleasant outcomes, talk to a girl and specify what you want from her clearly and easily

The sexiest Guadalajara girls on cam sites

Time for some sexy shows online with these hot-ass Guadalajara women! Ready to spill some jizz over your pants?

Babyakem model
Followers: 49k
Marylr2 model
Followers: 27k
Nina_Kitty model
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Lindafox68 model
Followers: 16k
  • Babyakem. Flashing or upskirt, dildo fucks and fingering, deepthroat and doggy style. That′s just the beginning of what this hot-ass chick can perform for you! Meet this little sexy baby with a large ass and nice titties and a hairy pussy (yes, she likes it that way!) and get a bit intimate in a Private room!
  • Marylr2. She′s a dildo goddess in bright, revealing costumes that could turn on any guy who sees them. Maryl is 27, but she′s still got a perfect body and awesome curves, Whenever you′re up for some spankings, doggy style shows, or dirty talking, get back to Maryl!
  • Nina_Kitty. This hot Latina is willing to give you her love and passion right away! Tip her if you want to see some tittyfuck, fingering, or her sex toys. Nina is a hot skinny brunette with a great attitude to sex and all its variations, so don′t be shy to ask her for something new!
  • Lindafox68. She′s a bit shy, so you′ll only see Linda fingering herself in a private room. Even though, she′s a natural hottie with great boobs and a passion for oil shows and erotic dancing. Try her and see some of her moves before you get real nasty!

Best spots for Guadalajara sex dates

Time for some real action! I prepared a list of the top places where you may meet or take your new date for some fun and heating the things up between you two. Time for some noisy nightlife, y′all!

Le Quai
Le Quai
Real de Acueducto 360-Local 5 y 6
Bar Américas
Bar Américas
Av. Chapultepec Sur 507
Calle Emeterio Robles Gil 137
Calle Justo Sierra 2194-a


A great start to the evening and an unforgettable hookup in Guadalajara—a fancy bar with signature cocktails, great music, and snacks. Or maybe a noisy underground bar with beer and punks all around you? I′ve picked all the possible options!

  • Le Quai, Real de Acueducto 360-Local 5 y 6
  • Bar AmĂ©ricas, Av. Chapultepec Sur 507
  • Pigalle, Calle Emeterio Robles Gil 137
  • Barbanegra, Calle Justo Sierra 2194-a


Time for a little meal? Sounds good! Here′s where you′ll want to eat, hunt for pussies, and come back again:

  • Carnes En Su Jugo Mexicaltzingo, Calle Mexicaltzingo 1617
  • Restaurante Allium, Calle Manuel LĂłpez Cotilla 1752
  • La Chata, Av RamĂłn Corona 126
  • Suehiro, Av de la Paz 1701


In Guadalajara Mexico nightlife is quite bright and can offer you various options for all sorts of fun. I gathered the best Guadalajara nightclubs to meet gals in one place so that you don′t lose them.

  • RACATA, Blvd, Real de Acveducto 360-A
  • Vintage Club, Av. Ignacio L. Vallarta 1480
  • BossĂ© Discotheque, Av. Patria 2085
  • Strana Guadalajara, Av Pablo Neruda 2715


Time for bed… Or not? You′ll need a bed anyway, so here′s where you could stay:

  • DoubleTree by Hilton, from $60 per night
  • Riu Plaza Guadalajara, from $89 per night
  • Quinta Real Guadalajara, from $120 per night
  • The Westin Guadalajara, from $96 per night


Up for some extraordinary experiences? Want to find the best strip club in Guadalajara? You got this! Here′s my personal list of favorites:

  • TIT′S Strip Club
  • The Mens Club Guadalajara
  • Tapanko VIP

Looking for the best Guadalajara escorts?

Go to Obregón street for some hot stuff! It′s the local red lights district where prostitutes are walking around freely, offering some of their well-known services. If you′re too freaked out to go there in person, just find a hooker on one of the many local escort websites and enjoy the company of irresistible Guadalajara girls.

Offline Guadalajara sex dates: best tips for the best night of your life

Got some rubber? Get more!

There′s never enough condoms so better fill up your stash, you′re now all set for the night!

Have a nice shower and dress well

Put on some great cologne and dress to impress—every Mexican pussy will just pop! The cooler you′re dressed, the more attention you′ll get from the girls, as they love bright clothes and stylish men who know how to dress up in class

Pick a nice place to meet

Mexican chicks love it fancy and noisy! Choose a cool spot with cocktails and dancing vibes. Have some drinks, dance till the sun goes down, and get intimate somewhere nice afterward to burn even more calories than after a dancefloor

Don′t be shy

If you′re in Mexico, forget what the word "shy" means! Only courage and an open mind will help you find a perfect chick for the night. Don′t be afraid to kiss or hug a gal you like, and go with the flow, as any Mexican bonita would do

Talk about each other′s goal for the night

It′s important to set the right vibe and clearly explain to each other what you′re expecting. No strings attached or hard feelings afterward. It′s just "business, nothing personal" and you both should know it

best places to get laid in Guadalajara Hookup

Time for getting laid in Guadalajara!

Found some Guadalajara girls to spend a few hot nights with? Or maybe you′ve found a perfect spot for picking them up? You know how to handle these hotties now, so let′s get to the real business and bang some. Good luck and don′t forget about condoms, my little pervert!

Extra insight from a local hookuper

Chicks from Guadalajara love football, so if you want to make a really nice impression on a local chick, offer her to join you on a football match, but ask about her favorite team first. If there′s a game you need taking place soon, you′re a lucky guy! She′ll be yours by the end of the first half. See, having sex in Guadalajara isn′t that hard!

If you′re looking for a more elegant way to spend time with your hot date, or at least meet a potential chick-to-bang, head to Mercado Libertad where you′ll find loads of single chicks hanging out with friends or just having a walk. There, you′ll clearly find a perfect gal for some sexy night adventures!

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