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London International Sex Guide: All About Hookups In London

If you think London is only famous for its big red double-decker buses and Buckingham Palace you know profoundly little about one of the world's greatest cities. The local chicks are anothercapital's landmark that makes thousands of hungry-for-sex guys come here for pussy-hunting. So where to look for London hot girls, where to check in for the night, and what else should you know about London chicks? All this info (and even more) is right here in this guide! Shall we?

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London sex life: what's it like?

London is the 5th richest city in the world, that's why most of the local gals can seem way out of your league. In London, it's cool to hang out in the best bars, eat at fancy restaurants, and shop at Covent Garden, and that's where you can find women from the elite city clique. Lots of hot London girls also love hanging out at dark old pubs smoking cigarettes and willing to jump on someone's bones. But don't worry if you don't have that cute British accent, the local ladies have heard enough of it. British chicks fall for the guys with the American accent and vice versa, that's for sure.

The most common types of single women in London

London is a diverse city. Here, you'll find chicks from all over the world, with all the types of mindsets, of any shapes and sizes. These are just a few kinds of girls you can find walking down the streets of London:

  • College chicks. Young and innocent freshmen or hot seniors? Both! As soon as a school graduate gets into a college, she automatically turns into a party animal, binge drinker, or a member of the secret elite community where only the best ones can get into. Look around the London University, London School of Economics, or the Metropolitan University to search for some juicy asses. Plus, they can hang at college libraries, college bars, and college communities. Basically, at any place, the name of which contains "college" or "student".
  • Business ladies. They're rich and powerful, usually members of Boards of directors or the CEOs of big companies. These women know what they're worth and can make any man feel miserable in front of them. But don't worry, you can handle their business too. Show you're also part of the big corporate world where you're not the last person to ask for advice or make decisions too. This will heat up their interest and eventually, you'll win these chicks over. Where to look for them? Try the largest business centers, nearby gyms, and rooftop bars at night. Bitches love them.
  • Fashionistas and Insta-bloggers. Those are young influencers who usually have their own beauty page, lifestyle blog, or a cool Instagram profile with thousands of followers. They help you choose the outfit of the day, do creative makeup, and give tips on cooking, relationships, and fitness. They're usually sitting in hipster cafés or fancy restaurants and post food stories and gastro-reviews. You can also find them in the gym (yoga/pilates classes), in the parks walking their dogs, or in the shopping malls. They're not as easy as you might think, but if you nail one of them, it's totally going on her blog!
  • Woo-girls. Woo-girls are a special kind of chicks. A bit slutty, always hanging at the bars, dressed up in inappropriately short skirts and crop-tops. Why woo? They love making this sound after hearing any good news, their favorite song at the jukebox, or simply when they meet each other at the bar. The woo-girls are perky and quite friendly, so there won't be any problem picking up a few of them. Themed bars, music festivals, and college parties are their beloved spots.
  • Cougars. Women seeking men in London are usually a bit older than the guys they're aiming at. Cougars are a popular case in there since they're rich, good-looking, and can afford little affairs with some successful startup owners, lawyers, or cute foreign tourists who also don't mind getting a little nasty after a long day at work. Younger chicks are found usually at bars, shopping, or cramming at college, so the cougars are a great solution for many men. You can find some lovely cougars at the expensive restaurant, shopping on Oxford Street or at Covent Garden, and at the theaters.

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The top hot London girls on webcams

If you're feeling too lazy to go out, you can search for London hot girls online. What about watching some hot-ass chicks perform a webcam show just for you? Call your fellow pervs and enjoy the hottest webcam stars out there!

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  • Gracie_Love. Driving a car while being buzzed with a vibrator? Or maybe drinking a couple of beers in her cozy room at night? This 25-year-old hot blondie knows how to draw your attention! She's got a slim body, nice cans, and a great big heart, friendly and sociable. You can watch her in the morning or at night, grab some lotion and beers, and enjoy the time with Gracie. Tip her well to make her buzz. ;)
  • Leana_Fox. She's 23, she's a redhead, and has a smackable ass with some honkable tits. She can perform a mind-blowing lap dance, dildo, and oil plays, even do some BDSM, like bondage. You can meet her in the evenings, Leana is open for communications and will try to do her best to please you like a god. Come and see her play!
  • Kendalrose99. She's 21, and she's got pink hair, pierced nipples, and a dream to move into her own house to have more fun with the viewers. Kendal is a slim and fit gal with an adorable ass. She can do cosplays and perform anything you want, from dildo play to anal stuff, if that makes her cum. Follow Kendal to see what she's capable of! ;)
  • Selena_Fit. She's a 45-year-old sexy milf next door ready for some hot stuff. She performs either alone or with her boyfriend, and together they can make a hell of a show. She's an athlete and has a perfect fit body and huge cans, so you'll love watching her from the very first second. Come play with Selena, but don't ask for anal (she doesn't do it in public).

Best places to go out in London

London is a large city for rich people, hence there's a crapload of fancy and expensive places to dine in or have a couple of cocktails. But even if you don't belong to the crème of the crop of the London society, there's a lot of places where you can take your date and enjoy a tasty dinner or a few pints. Let's see the top picks for both of these options!



Whether you fancy a beer, absinthe shots, or a signature cocktail, London has it all. From the oldest pubs to the top-class cocktail lounges, there's something for everyone. These are the top bars of different price ranges and themes:

  • Connaught Bar in Connaught, Carlos Pl.
  • London Cocktail Club — Shoreditch on 12, 29 Sclater St.
  • Swift Soho on 12 Old Compton St.
  • The Gibson on 44 Old St.
  • Below on 85 Piccadilly
  • Purl London Speakeasy bar on 50-54 Blandford St.
  • Trailer Happiness on 177 Portobello Rd.
  • Cahoots on 13 Kingly Ct.


You'll need to stay here longer to explore all the best restaurants in London. Let me show you the must-visits where your receptors will just burst:

  • Myrtle Restaurant on 1A Langton St.
  • London Stock on 2 Bubbling Well Square Ram Quarter
  • Sketch on 9 Conduit Str.
  • Core by Clare Smyth on 92 Kensington Park Road
  • SUSHISAMBA in Heron Tower
  • City Social in Tower 42, 25 Old Broad St.
  • Bar 61 on 61A Streatham Hill
  • Berners Tavern on 10 Berners St.


Want to show your moves and steal the dance floor? Or listen to the best sets from the top DJs? I gotcha! You'll totally rock it in one of these nightclubs:

  • XOYO on 32-37 Cowper St.
  • Cargo on 83 Rivington St.
  • Tape on 17 hanover Square
  • Piccadilly Institute on 1 Piccadilly Circus
  • Dolce Kensington on 17A Harrington Rd.
  • Tiger Tiger on 29 Haymarket
  • Cirque Le Soir on 15-21 Ganton St.
  • Gigi's Hoxton on 11 Hoxton Square


Where to crash with your date? Below, you'll find the best budget and luxurious options with a range of services from late checkouts to free breakfasts.

  • Piccadilly, from $60 per night
  • The Premier Notting Hill, from $40 per night
  • The Queens Park Hotel, from $45 per night
  • Premier Inn London County, from $85 per night
  • Radisson Blu Edwardian, from $170 per night
  • The Piccadilly London West End, from $150 per night
  • Holiday Inn Regent's Park, from $100 per night
  • Point A Hotel, from $50 per night


Hungry for more? Want to visit the noble, elite strip bars and swinger clubs in London? Or maybe find the coolest sex shop to surprise your date? I can help you out!

  • SophistiCats Soho Gentlemen's Club
  • Platinum Lace
  • Metropolis
  • Killing Kittens Swinger Club
  • Torture Garden
  • Skirt Club
  • Crossbreed
  • Klub Verboten

What about escorts in London?

In London, prostitution is legal, only if it's in the form of providing sexual services in exchange for money. Brothels, pimping, soliciting in a public place, and any other similar activities are crimes. Plus, most of the London escorts have already gone online. But if you want to experience the genuine pleasure of finding a hooker right on the street, most of the London call girls happen to be in Soho, the Red-Light District of the city. It's located close to Oxford Street, Regent Street, Chinatown, and Charing Cross Road. There, you'll find chicks working independently or from the respective agencies (which aren't brothels, by the way).

The lazy option, sure, is looking them up online. Lots of websites offer both top-class and decent hookers and show their location, so you'll know if there are any call girls in your neighborhood.

Tips for hookups in London

Make sure you have the same expectations for the night

It`d be quite unpleasant if the girl starts developing feelings for you, but this was only a one-night stand for you. Sometimes, we forget people have different views and perceptions of the same situation. That`s why you better talk through this and make sure you both aren`t looking for something serious and just want to hook up

Remember that protection goes first

If you don`t have several condom packs, why are you still sitting here? Go grab some!

Dress well and to the occasion

London`s locals are always classy and look like they just robbed a Gucci or Chanel store. Make sure you fit in the city and wear tuxedos or fashionable, smart-casual outfits. Hard to impress the girl with a suit? Show your accessories! They`ll never miss your expensive watch or a cool car you`re driving

Be a gentleman

When you hear the word "gentleman", the first association that comes to mind is London. All those dandies and lords are the ambassadors of gentlemanhood in England. Manners make the man, remember? So, if you want to look like a real Kingsman or a London dandy, behave. Girls find it super hot when a man can handle his drink, manners, and mouth, so be polite, helpful, and always take care of the lady

Make sure she returns home safe

After a great night, it`s always important to prolong the impression. Make your date some coffee, call a cab, and text her to see if she`s home. No affection, just manners and a perfect mood for the rest of the day

best places to get laid in London

So, where the girls at?

Now you're fully armed and can handle any hot chick from London. Don't forget to read this London sex guide once again before you head to the nearest local bar or nightclub. Get a bunch of condoms and off you go!

Secret tip from a local hookuper

There are two main locations for 100% successful pussy hunting in London. If you`re looking for younger, drunker, and not-so-classy chicks to date in London, your perfect spot is the Piccadilly Circus. Dozens of nightclubs and bars, countless college chicks and woo-girls ready to go bananas with a handsome foreigner. If you`re looking for cougars or successful business ladies to hook up with, head to Mayfair, one of the most expensive areas of London. It`s a perfect venue if you want to meet rich and classy women. It`s the district where the drinks are more expensive, food is more sophisticated, and places for entertainment are for the very elite. If you have enough money and style to impress the local women, then you`re in!

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