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Get Laid In Long Beach: The Where, What, And How

Long Beach is a beautiful city with even more beautiful women. It's diverse in all the different kinds of ladies who live there. Their one common factor is you are hellbent on getting with at least a few of them. This cheat sheet is what you need to maximize your efficiency in banging as many Long Beach singles as possible. It gives you the best locations and tips to seduce them.

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Tips for online hookups in Long Beach

Who are the top cam girls in Long Beach?

Long Beach's cam girls are a diverse bunch, and some of the sexiest you'll lay eyes on. Take a look at the 4 top contenders:

Followers: 66k
Followers: 42k
Followers: 51k
Followers: 47k
  • Domi_Kim. Domi's all tatted up, and her asscheeks are a thing of beauty. She often has cam shows where she'll place the camera close to the floor and angle it upwards. She'll caress her ass and dance then, giving you the perfect view of it all. She stays clean shaved and almost always has a vibrator in her pussy during her stream session. She acts slutty, but try you'll fall in love with her warm smile.
  • ShadyKayXXX. Shady is a tanned goddess, with a huge tattoo right in between her tits. She has a petite body, likes to smoke up on the stream, and rarely ever wears clothes in her shows. You'll almost always see a vibe pushed up her pussy. With enough tips, you could trigger it to give her an orgasm. Think you're up to the task?
  • Groups_Explosivexxx. Real names Vico and Rick, Vico has an athletic body, loves to 69, and is a proper cock gobbler. She's not afraid to take dick balls deep down her throat and will go above and beyond to please the men fucking her and the people watching. She's not a vanilla bitch either. Her tip menu includes anal, rimjobs, footjobs, ass to mouth, face fucks, spanking, fingering, and more. This is a slut who knows how to keep it fresh.
  • _Ivleeva. Karina is a total babe who just turned 18 in February. Her body may be skinny, but her tits are so big they jiggle whenever she moves! She has tattoos all over the left side of her body. Her tip menu isn't too out there. The kinkiest things on it are the cumshow, showing feet, and getting fucked doggy-style without panties. She's not a stranger to Lovense vibrators either. Often in her shows, you'll get to see her quivering with pleasure as someone gives her tips.

How do you find Long Beach call girls?

While they do exist, you won't be able to find them just by going out and checking every establishment in Long Beach. The best way to find a Long Beach escort service is simply by searching through the internet. You can find the service online, pay for an escort there, and then they'll come to meet you. There are Long Beach escorts for every scenario you might be in. Got a fancy dinner coming up and got no date? Make everyone's jaws drop by showing up with an expensive escort. Wanna get your brains fucked out? There are escorts capable of that too.

What are the best places to hookup in Long Beach?

There isn't a single winner here. Long Beach has tons of amazing spots where you can meet some of the most gorgeous women you'll ever see. What's compiled below are lists of some of the most popular locations where people have had the most success in scoring hookups.You're guaranteed to have a good time at these places.


Best nightclubs in Long Beach to meet ladies at

Ever wonder what Long Beach CA nightlife is like? The city never sleeps, and naughty adults come out to play at night. Dancing, singing, grinding, and hooking up are commonplace at these clubs. What starts as light flirting and shared drinks near the bartender ends with your slut getting fingered on the dancefloor, and then you fucking her doggy-style in the bathroom stalls. At these clubs, you'll be swarmed by chicks:

  • Cowboy Country
  • Harvelle's Long Beach
  • Alegria Nightclub
  • Sevilla Nightclub of Long Beach
  • Club Bounce
  • At The Top
  • Kavali Night Club
  • El Malecon nightclub

Top-notch bars to meet Long Beach girls at

A drunk chick is a slutty chick. Long Beach has its fair share of ladies that love to get wasted. If you're looking for a bit of social lubricant, trying to cut loose or just looking for babes to spend the night with, you'll find it all at the bars of Long Beach. Fancy cocktails, craft beers, wines, and plenty of others are on the selection, as are the ladies. Petite college babes, assertive middle-aged MILFs, bachelorette parties and more, you'll find them here. Don't skip out on these local bars:

  • The Exhibition Room - Long Beach Craft Cocktails
  • Alex's Bar
  • The Good Bar
  • Blind Donkey
  • Shannon's Bayshore Saloon
  • The Bamboo Club
  • House of Hayden
  • Crow's Cocktail

Amazing restaurants to meet Long Beach girls at

Struck by hunger pangs? Why not score two birds with one stone? Long Beach singles love their cuisine, so you might be able to score yourself a hookup and a meal in the same visit. Plenty of single girls hang out at restaurants with their friends. If you've got the confidence to approach them, you might walk away with a number or maybe even one of the ladies right away. These are some of the most popular restaurants among the ladies:

  • Nick's on 2nd Long Beach
  • Parker's Lighthouse
  • Simmzy's Restaurant Long Beach
  • L'Opera Italian Restaurant
  • Boathouse on the Bay
  • 555 East American Steakhouse
  • Open Sesame
  • Claire's At The Museum

Top hotels to have sex in Long Beach

Doesn't matter how many chicks you sweet talk, if you don't have a good place to stay at, you're not having casual sex in Long Beach. You want to pick a hotel that's well known, in the center of town, and luxurious. Bonus points if it's a name you can sneak into a conversation and instantly have the girl begging you to dick her down. A good hotel is a status boost and makes it easier to get laid. It also means your entire stay is that much more comfortable and filled with all the earthly amenities you could desire. Here are the best hotels to get some action at:

  • Dockside Boat & Bed Long Beach (At $275 per night)
  • Renaissance Long Beach Hotel (At $239 per night)
  • Hotel Maya - a Doubletree by Hilton Hotel (At $199 per night)
  • The Historic Broadlind Hotel at Long Beach Convention Center (At $179 per night)
  • Hyatt Centric The Pike Long Beach (At $169 per night)
  • The Westin Long Beach (At $165 per night)
  • The Cove Hotel, Ascend Hotel Collection (At $139 per night)
  • Hotel Current (At $129 per night)

Local hangouts to meet Long Beach singles

There's more to a city than just its nightlife. If you truly wanna experience all the different kinds of ladies the city has to offer, you have to experience Long Beach at night and day. From the Long Beach sex clubs to the aquariums and museums, these are great places to meet babes:

  • Long Beach Antique Market
  • Fantasy Castle
  • Aquarium of the Pacific
  • The Palms Gentlemen's Club
  • Museum of Latin American Art
  • Long Beach City Beach
  • Heritage Park
  • Junipero Beach

Tips for offline hookups in Long Beach

Keep yourself trimmed

The same way you love a girl who either trims herself or shaves completely, ladies appreciate it when you go through the effort of manscaping. It makes it much nicer when they decide to go down on you. It also makes it easier to clean, and you smell better. The chicks dig that and will be much more willing to blow you this way.

Force yourself to be outgoing

You won't get noticed outside if you stay reserved and keep to yourself. If you wanna make waves, talk to the surrounding people! You don't need to have full-fledged conversations, but introducing yourself and making small talk can go a long way. When people see you mingling, they'll be curious about you, and more open to talking to you.

Invest in condoms

You don't wanna be the guy who went on a Long Beach sexcapade and came back with a kid and child support payments. You also don't wanna be the guy who contracted an STD. Be smart, and bring a couple of condoms with you. In any sexual scenario, you'll be in with a stranger, you have to use it.

Never skimp out on foreplay

Foreplay is what makes sex fun for the ladies. If you care about your image and wanna be remembered as the stud who knew the ins and outs of a woman's body better than herself, commit to foreplay. Finger her, eat her out, bite her ears, and keep her stimulated. This builds her up to the big moment when she'll be begging you to fuck her.

Make sure she has a ride home

The last thing you need is for your fuckbuddy to get stranded at your place. When you're done banging, call her an Uber and make sure she gets home safe or let her stay the night. Either way, you look better in her eyes

best places to get laid in Long Beach

Long Beach hookups will be memorable!

Long Beach is the home of suntanned bodies and thirsty chicks. You wanna spend a week in a city getting more neck and pussy than you thought possible? This is the place. Visit Long Beach and follow these tips, and you'll experience sexual nirvana!

Secret tip from a local hookuper

Need to relax and bang some chicks? A cruise is your answer. Spending a week or two at seas in a luxury liner, getting drunk every day, and hooking up with strangers is the dream. You can make this dream come true by staying on the Queen Mary, a luxury Long Beach hotel. With 346 rooms, you can meet hundreds of fine babes getting drunk on Pina Coladas and Sex on the Beach. It's not much of a challenge to find a new chick to fuck each day, and on a ship that big, you'll never run out of babes to do. If you're ever in Long Beach, it's an experience you can't afford to miss.

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