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Los Angeles Adult Sex Guide: Secret To Meeting Women In LA For Sex

Los Angeles is the hub of sexy women. The beaches, tourists, art freaks, hipsters, the career-focused — all come here, and they`re all looking good. It`s a Thanksgiving feast, and I`m gonna help you, champ, land some of these stunning babes. I got every aspect of your trip covered. Let`s get into it!

How difficult is meeting women in LA? It isn`t, you just gotta know where to look! There are two ways to meet gals: online and offline. You`re gonna get lots of pussy either way, because sluts are ten a penny everywhere in Los Angeles. Whether it`s offline or online, there are some tips you`ve got to keep in mind. Don`t get angsty though, I`m gonna make it simple and concise, and soon you`ll be pulling chicks from every corner of Los Angeles.

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Meeting girls in LA online

You can`t be at bars and nightclubs all the time, but you still need action. Why not be economical with your time? You can find plenty of sluts online while you`re on your commute or lying in bed at your hotel. The more time you spend looking for chicks, the more you`ll find. Here are some tips to keep in mind:

Los Angeles hot webcam girls

Wanna get a taste of the sluts in the area before you even set foot in the city? Boy, have I got the list for you. These cam girls are gonna drain your balls buddy, you won`t be able to resist it for long. Soon, you`ll be begging to hook up with them.

Hollings model
Followers: 121k
OvelyMila model
Followers: 95k
CutieV97 model
Followers: 69k
KendraLeeRyan model
Followers: 74k
  • Hollings. She has huge tits, tattoos, and a desire to please men. Being a cam girl is the most efficient way to make men all over the world turned on, and she excels at that. She loves cock and is just 23-years-old. She fucks herself with vibrators, dildos, fingers, and even vegetables, that`s just how much of a little slut she is. You`ll love the times she gets lost at the moment and all you can hear is the sound of the base of her dildo slapping against her wet pussy. Think you have a shot with her? You never know who you may run into at some sex clubs in LA.
  • OvelyMila. Mila might look like a wholesome redhead, but anyone who watches her live sex cam shows knows how much of a naughty slut she loves to be. She does public and private rooms. If you thought she was dirty in the public ones, you have no idea what she can get up to in private. She`s Russian but lives in California. You might have to wait a bit for the action to start though because she loves to tease her viewers and spend time engaging them.
  • CutieV97. Cutie is a whore and she`s waiting to prove it to you. She`s got pierced nipples and loves to finger fuck herself even while she`s got a vibrator inside. Her face is one you`ll fall in love with, but then you see her fuck her wet pussy so hard she squirts, and you think lust isn`t all that bad too. She loves anal play, swallows, and is just 19-years-old. How could a slut be so perfect for a pervert like you, dude? You might even run into her at one of the best singles bars in Los Angeles. Don`t you wanna fuck that pretty mouth, and then shove your cock up her perfect ass?
  • KendraLeeRyan. Good BBW cam girls are hard to find. Not only did Kendra manage to become popular, but she`s also got other BBW babes performing with her! Men adore seeing her fuck herself, tease her viewers, and generally make their dreams come true. She`s got red hair, tons of tattoos, and demonstrates confidence. Maybe watching cam girls isn`t enough for a stud like you. Maybe you wanna hook up with a sexy BBW like Kendra. You could try one of the many sex clubs in Los Angeles she frequents, and you could be the next guy whose world she rocks.

Where to meet women in Los Angeles offline?

Finding a chick to bang offline is exhilarating. You`ve got the rush of approaching her, looking confident, saying the right words, and swaying her with your swagger. Nothing can match that feeling, but you`re more likely a tourist. You don`t know where to find hot girls in LA. Buddy, that`s what I`m here for. I`ve got you a list of bars, nightclubs, restaurants, and unique experiences. Take a peek.


The best bars to get laid in Los Angeles

A Los Angeles hookup with the naughtiest girl is almost always guaranteed at basically any bar in Los Angeles. The best sex in the world is with someone you love, and second best is sex with a stranger while drunk. These bars will help you get that second best:

  • Therapy at the Roar Room
  • Crane`s Bar Downtown
  • Broken Shaker at Freehand Los Angeles
  • The Normandie club
  • Good Time At Davey Wayne`s
  • Upstairs At Ace Hotel
  • Hyde Lounge at Staples Center
  • Wolf & Crane Bar

Los Angeles hot girls love these restaurants

You`ll find bachelorette parties, brunch sessions, girls that have been stood up, and even chicks who just got off work grabbing a bite alone in local restaurants. It`s a great way to meet girls you wouldn`t normally see anywhere else on your trip. Here are the best restaurants to find pretty bitches at:

  • Venice Whaler Bar & Grill
  • Craft Los Angeles
  • Faith & Flower
  • Mariscos Jalisco
  • Angelini Osteria
  • Pacific Dining Car
  • Sugarfish by Sushi Nozawa
  • Guelaguetza Restaurante

Adult nightclubs Los Angeles girls love

Who loves loud music, alcohol, and belligerent dancing? College girls, alternative sluts, and women who wanna have a fun one-night stand. Los Angeles is the party city, and these girls are freaks waiting for the right guy to come pick them up. These are the clubs I know you`ll score in:

  • Hollywood Club Crawl
  • Sound Nightclub
  • Lure Nightclub
  • The Mayan
  • Los Globos
  • La Cita Bar
  • La Sierra Nightclub
  • Leonardo`s Night Club

Hotels to take hot girls in LA to

You`ve seduced a girl at the bar, but where`s she gonna ride your dick, huh? Don`t say the bathrooms, even that slut has standards. Get a hotel for your stay! And these are some of the best places to get laid in Los Angeles:

  • Residence Inn by Marriott Los Angeles Glendale
  • Gateway Hotel Santa Monica
  • La Quinta Inn & Suites by Wyndham LAX
  • Kawada Hotel
  • Miyako Hybrid Hotel Torrance
  • Ace Hotel Downtown
  • The Dixie Hollywood
  • The Los Angeles Athletic Club

Unique offers for casual encounters in Los Angeles

If you wanna get laid in Los Angeles, you can`t limit your hunt for chicks to just the nightlife parts of town. Broaden your spectrum! In fact, you can fuck more than just LA hot girls, you could even get some prime tourist asses. Here are some excellent spots for this:

  • LA Zoo & Botanical Gardens
  • Universal Studios Hollywood
  • The Los Angeles County Museum Of Art
  • Beverly Hot Springs
  • El Rey Theater
  • Two Bit Circus
  • Griffith Observatory
  • Santa Monica Pier

Tips on how to get laid in Los Angeles offline

Tried and tested, getting laid offline is the most popular way. You show up at a bar, down a few shots of liquid courage, and try your luck. Play your cards right, and you go home with a hottie. Well, I`m not here to leave it to luck. Here are the tips to get that slut no matter what:

Know what kind of girl you want

You`re a hunter, and hunters know exactly what they want to catch. You don`t catch a deer using meat as bait, and you don`t search for deer in the desert either. The same premise with girls. You wanna fuck a slutty alternative college slut you shouldn`t look for at an upscale wine tasting festival. She`ll be at the local clubs getting down and dirty. You wanna rail a kinky but classy MILF? You won`t find her in a dive bar. You gotta check a high tier lounge for those cougars. Know what you`re hunting, and you`ll catch all the games you want

Dress to attract

When you`re out in the city trying to pull girls, you can`t afford to dress comfy. Keep up with the trends, know what`s in and what`s not. If you hit on a girl at a club while wearing a Hawaiian tee, you`ll get laughed out of the bar while being called “gramps”. Learn what kind of attire is suitable for different venues. You can`t show up to a dance club in a tuxedo, after all

Think outside the box

When you`re traveling in LA, you`ll probably rent a car, and you need to make the most of that. What`s better than car sex to remind you of your teen years? Chicks love a romantic night out, and a road trip to an overlook is as romantic as it gets. You could bump it to slow songs, look at the beauty of the city, and really get at the moment. If you`re stumped for choices, try the Mulholland Scenic Overlook. It`s one of the best places to have car sex in Los Angeles

Speak with confidence

The most unattractive thing in a man is the lack of confidence. You`re a manly guy, you know what you want! You`re not gonna stutter, or look at your feet being shy. Chicks dig a guy who can speak with confidence and hold the attention of a room. Speak with force in your words, have a plan, so you don`t mess up your words, and you`ll have girls enamored by your presence. Remember your body language too, no girl will respect a guy who can`t stand up straight or slouches at the bar

Keep an eye on events

Los Angeles is the hub for social events in California. This means slutty teens and lots of alcohol, and many of them are with daddy issues. Open-air dance nights, EDM`s, wine tastings, art exhibits, and plenty more are common. Try and find events that line up with your schedule, and hang out at a few. They`re usually at the beach or at nightclubs, and you`re guaranteed to have sex in Los Angeles if you play your cards right

offline hookup Los Angeles

Will you be disappointed by sex in Los Angeles?

Listen, buddy, I can only advise you. This is the shit that worked for me like a charm. If you read through my advice and don`t follow any of it, then complain about lackluster sex life in Los Angeles, that`s on you. If you follow my instructions to a tee, you`re gonna have a slut sucking your dick every day you`re there. Any dummy can follow instructions, and you wanna get that dick wet, don`t you? Time to get out there, keep what I said in mind, and you`ll score plenty of pootangs.

Secret tip from a local hookuper

Los Angeles is the melting pot of the United States. You`re gonna see chicks from all nations, ethnicities, and income classes. Spend enough time there, and your dick will have traveled the world without you having to travel at all if you get what I mean. Just keep an eye out for the bipolar chicks. The people living in Los Angeles often face a lot of career or school pressure, and it takes a toll mentally. If someone seems to be having a lot of pent-up frustration, back off and find someone else to hit on.

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