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Hookups In Phoenix: What's The Secret Of Getting Laid Here

The secret is to know where to go and how to flirt. People with the most success don't just hang out at one bar. That's just a creep. I'm gonna show you what you need to do to be a stud, not a creep, and get all the ladies Phoenix can throw at you.

This city is one of the few parts of Arizona that's popular across the country. It's not a homogenous city. It's not some hick town. You'll find women of all types, and there's no way you'll experience all of it in a week. That being said, we're damn sure gonna try. We'll walk through hooking up online, then the hotspots to hook up offline, as well as tips you'd need to make that magic work.

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Wanna Hookup
OneNight Friend
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Tips to have online sex in Phoenix

Some days you don't have the energy to hit on chicks in the clubs or dive bars. Maybe you had a long day and wanna stay at the hotel, or maybe you're just introverted. I don't care about that, I'm just here to help you get laid! Sure, you could find escort girls in Phoenix, but you know what's better? Hooking up online with one of the hundreds of online sluts. I've got the advice to set you on your way, buddy.

Webcam girls of Phoenix w

Arizona might be a quiet state, but the girls of Phoenix are sluttier than ever. Don't believe me? See for yourself from these cam models! These whores can be this dirty on cam in front of thousands of horny guys, imagine how naughty an Arizona chick is gonna be just for you, champ.

LoreSmith1 model
Followers: 62k
TrickilyDemanding model
Followers: 48k
Britt_Hot model
Followers: 61k
Alexia_98 model
Followers: 47k
  • LoreSmith1. LoreSmith is a gorgeous up and coming ebony babe. Men that have a soft corner for chocolate skinned sluts are gonna love her and her tongue work. You might think she's shy at first, but watch when the tips start rolling in as she cums all over her sex toys. She even interacts with her audience more than most other camgirls. You might even run into her at one of the many places to hang out in Phoenix.
  • TrickilyDemanding. Like MILFs? TricklyDemanding is right up your alley. She looks like the average white suburban mom. You know, like your friend's mom you had the hots for when you were a teen. She gives off the “Stacy's Mom” kind of vibe. The only difference is she's got colored hair, and she'll actually want to sleep with you. Think suburban mom gone punk. She won't be as reserved as those moms, cause she'll get down and dirty with you after the first drink. She's got 3 piercings and tattoos all over. She really is a wildcard, but what's that gonna matter when she's slobbering on your dick, right buddy?
  • Britt_Hot. Britt's a 19-year-old Latina living in Phoenix, and she loves to shake her ass on camera for dirty pervs like you. She caters to people with an ass fetish because most of her stream is just that. Her tight ass, on display just for you. Based on tips, you get to decide what she does to her ass for your pleasure. She doesn't spend her whole life on cam though. She loves to hang out at the best dance clubs in Phoenix. If you're suave and charismatic, maybe you could star in a show of hers.
  • Alexia_98. Alexia is a cute Hispanic chick, who's 22-years-old and looks pure and wholesome. Don't let that fool you. At daytime, she may be a churchgoing good girl, but at night she dons lingerie, shoves a vibrator up her twat, and starts camming. From her supple boobs to her curvy butt, there's no part of her she doesn't love to show off. She'll dance, tease, fuck herself, and lick her toys clean when she's done. Want her for yourself? Try one of the many sex clubs Phoenix has, and you might just get lucky.

Where can you find single women in Phoenix offline?

Single women (and even married ladies willing to sleep around) are a dime a dozen in Phoenix. I'm gonna lead you right to those horny whores. These are the spots you gotta hit up, buddy.


The best bars in Phoenix to get laid

Alcohol is an aphrodisiac in modern society, and bars serve plenty enough for all of us. It's liquid courage, it loosens you up, and it makes people slutty. It's everything you and any girl in Phoenix could need to end up spending the night together. Phoenix's most popular bars are:

  • Bitter & Twisted Cocktail Parlour
  • Cobra Arcade Bar
  • The Whining Pig Downtown
  • Floor 13 Rooftop Bar
  • Majerle's Sports Grill
  • Angels Trumpet Ale House
  • O'Briens Sports Bar
  • The Monroe Bar And Lounge

The best restaurants to meet single women in Phoenix

If you're staying in Phoenix, you need good cuisine. The hotels you stay at might have a continental breakfast, but no chick is gonna be impressed by that. Try out the top of the line restaurants Phoenix brags about, and any girl you take there will be flattered enough to come home with you. Check out these hot spots:

  • The Arrogant Butcher
  • Blue Hound Kitchen & Cocktails
  • Rusconi's American Kitchen
  • Hillstone Restaurant
  • Chelsea's Kitchen
  • The Henry
  • The Parlor Pizzeria
  • Culinary Dropout

The best nightclubs in Phoenix

Whether you just wanna dance or you wanna grind dick to the ass of some Phoenix's finest chicks, you won't be disappointed by the clubs there. Getting in can be hard, so you'll have to queue up early. Small price to pay to be surrounded by horny, drunk chicks looking for a no strings attached one-night stand, right? Clubs you'll love the most:

  • Maya Day And Nightclub
  • Char's Has The Blues
  • The Cash Nightclub & Lounge
  • Lalo's Cantina & Dancing
  • Club Encounter
  • Pretty Please Lounge
  • Lucky Strike Phoenix
  • Mill Cue Club

The best hotels to get laid in Phoenix

You wanna fuck on a thousand dollar mattress, or in the backseat of a car? You might be horny enough to fuck in a rental car, but even sluts want to be treated better than that. You could be suave as hell in the club, but as soon as you propose a quickie in the Corolla, that hot piece of ass is gonna go over to someone who has their shit together. You can skip all that by booking a room at any one of these hotels before you hit up a chick:

  • GardenTree Inn & Suites
  • Arizona Grand Resort & Spa
  • Drury Inn & Suites Phoenix Airport
  • The Westin Phoenix Downtown
  • Courtyard By Marriott Phoenix North/Happy Valley
  • DoubleTree Suites By Hilton Phoenix
  • Hyatt Regency Phoenix
  • Crowne Plaza Phoenix

Cool places to hangout in Phoenix

Ever consider picking up a girl and getting road head from her in a convertible? Of course, you didn't, that's why you've got me. There's so much potential for sex in Phoenix, and you truly experience it with these specific spots. You'll meet girls you wouldn't have found at clubs or bars, and the experience with them is wholly different, believe me. Check them out:

  • Japanese Friendship Garden
  • Phoenix Art Museum
  • Lower Salt River Rafting Tour
  • Phoenix Zoo
  • Morning hot air balloon ride
  • Desert Botanical Garden
  • Tovrea Castle at Carraro Heights
  • Apache Trail road trip

Tips for offline hookups in Phoenix

The Phoenix dating scene isn't restricted to online apps. Get out there! To the restaurants, bars, museums, clubs and parks to find hundreds of chicks waiting to be picked up. Lack confidence? Don't know how to approach them? No worries, buddy. I've got you covered:

Know to be genuine

There`s no golden opener or perfect pickup line. Odds are, if you approach a random attractive woman, she knows why you`re there. Just be authentic and genuine. The truth is that it doesn`t matter what you say, but how you say it makes all the difference. And at the end of the day, if she finds you attractive, it`s less about saying the right thing and more about not saying the wrong thing. You don`t need a shit ton of money, the body of a Greek god, or the face of a cover model. Just a positive attitude, confidence, and a bit of "fuck it" to be successful with women

Know the importance of confidence

A little confidence goes a long way. Your role as a man is to take action. How the night goes is almost entirely up to you. Every girl wants to be hit on, but they want it from a man who`s sure of what he`s doing. If you nervously stutter around about buying her a drink and make uncomfortable jokes about the weather, you`re not that man. If you walk with a strut, hold eye contact, and can say something like “How you doin`?” like Joey from Friends, you`ll be golden. Sometimes all you need is 20 seconds of courage

Don`t wear your headphones when you go places

Nightclubs and bars aren`t the only places to meet women at. When a person has headphones on, it`s a universal sign of “Do not disturb me”. This is a problem because you`ll see more girls on your commute than anywhere else. Wearing headphones makes you pretty unapproachable and less likely to chat up the cute girl on the bus. Stare out the window and observe strangers` conversations. Be comfortable in the presence of others without having to rely on Candy Crush to keep you company. Nothing is sexier than someone who is completely at ease with themselves

Drink less than the lady

I`m not saying don`t drink at all, that would just kill the mood entirely. However, a man being drunker than the lady is never fun. Know what whiskey dick is? The last thing a slut wants is to go to a man`s home, take his clothes off, and realize his cock won`t be getting hard anytime soon. It`s worse if the guy gets blackout drunk, and she has to carry him out of the bar. That`s not fun or classy. Or sexy. Just know how to drink in moderation, and don`t be a dummy, dummy

Know to manscape

Girls put a lot of time and effort into maintaining their appearance. The very least you can do is keep clean down there. No one likes sweaty ball aroma, and pubes are generally unappreciated. Trim, use cologne, and follow basic hygiene. The last thing you need is to seduce the hottest babe in the club, take her home, and have her gag as soon as you bring your dick to her mouth. You would never live that down, so what say you skip that experience entirely, champ?

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Is the Phoenix dating scene really that slutty?

If you know where to look, it always is. It didn't top infidelity charts for no reason. People here love sleeping around, and you should indulge yourself. Phoenix is a fun city, but the more time you spend overthinking, the less time you spend fucking the naughty sluts there. Think less, and you'll have all the fun in the world. Rock that city, buddy!

Is the Phoenix dating scene really that slutty?

If you know where to look, it always is. It didn`t top infidelity charts for no reason. People here love sleeping around, and you should indulge yourself. Phoenix is a fun city, but the more time you spend overthinking, the less time you spend fucking the naughty sluts there. Think less, and you`ll have all the fun in the world. Rock that city, buddy!

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