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Exploring The Capital: Best Tips On How To Get Laid In DC

Once you arrive in Washington, DC, you'll meet thousands of modern, open-minded, and hot chicks. Sure, not all of them are up to a casual one-night stand. How and where to look for willing ones? That's when this guide enters the game! Follow the tips and try places I've prepared for you and you'll get lucky, totes. Read on, dude!

What girls can you meet for a hookup in Washington?

When you meet women in DC, you can't help but notice how different they all are. Some are sophisticated, some are more open-minded and ready for new experiences, and others are super-sporty-fit-gals. But there are even more specific chicks you may meet in Washington.

  • Crazy girls. They're sexy and very courageous. They're not afraid of anything when it comes to meeting strangers and occasional hookups. They always hang out at nightclubs and become especially noticeable after they've had a few drinks, so you can try them if you don't want any "foreplay".
  • Businesswomen. Always busy at work, yoga, cooking classes, and fancy events. You won't quite see them around for a while, but if she finally devotes some time for you, then congrats, dude, you've just caught her attention! Think of some nice restaurant or a glamorous cocktail bar for starters, then move to the downtown hotel with a view, and get her a cab the next morning. Such pussies are demanding.
  • "I've-got-everything-planned-out" girls. They know what their life would be like in 5 minutes or 10 years. They know what they want to eat for breakfast the next Monday and where they want to have it, what men they want, and how much money they have to earn. Hm, seems like they need to have some of their plans ruined, right? Meet them at brunch spots, fitness classes, or some art galleries, you won't miss them.
  • Powerpuff girls. They have an overloaded work life, have lots of crap to get together, and need some guys to cool them down. Are you ready to be one of them? Then it's your lucky day, man! Grab your ass and head to the white collar district where you can meet dozens of tired but horny chicks ready to jump on your bone.
  • Touchy-feely girls. Young, creative, open-minded, but too naive. They can take you to the bar with her friends to prove she's not a slut but at the same time, she may confess her love to you before you two go home. What will you choose: to be an asshole or deny her at the very beginning?
  • Fitness chicks. Sporty, healthy, never hanging at a bar, only if it's a smoothie bar. It's not hard to find them, just head to the nearest gym and see how long the girls are spending time there. If you notice a chick not leaving the room for several hours, it's your target. Sex is also a kind of sport, huh? She won't deny another chance for another training so before you get her to your hotel room, take her to a salad bar or offer her a protein cocktail. She'll need some more energy for the night!
  • Million dollar girls. You'll identify them by their looks. Lots of branded clothes, bright makeup, looking very confident and trying to make an impression on you. They're obviously looking for either a sugar daddy or a one-night stand. That's exactly what you need! Don't waste your chance and offer them some quality time with a decent guy.
  • Family girls. You know the girl is this type as soon as she opens her mouth. Getting married, having her future kids' names, and when to get married is all she's talking about. But you can shut her mouth for a while. You know what I mean. ;)

Online dating Washington DC style

To test the waters before going big tonight, first check any online opportunities to meet for a hookup. Although the internet is full of garbage, it also has some hot chicks to offer. All horny and available on best local hookup websites! This is a good opportunity to see what the Washington girls are like and probably get some nice tips on an unforgettable hookup date. So, let's start from the online options and get to know Washington DC girls better!

Top 3 Hookup Sites
Wanna Hookup
OneNight Friend
Top 3 Live Sex Cam Sites

Top 3 tips for online Washington DC hookups

Check for scams and frauds

Check for scams and frauds. Some girls online aren`t even the girls, and some of them may be natural robbers who asked you for money. Don`t trust everyone on the internet and check any girl you may want to hit on if you met online. She may ask you for money, deny sending a photo to you, or act weirdly. Indicate it as a fraud and let her go

Don`t be shy.

Don`t be shy. Girls love if a guy is a badass. If the chick is as dirty as you are, she`ll ask for a dick pic, and will send something else to you herself! Boy, I love these online chat rooms! So, don`t get all boring and never be shy, it`s all just for fun and the girls will definitely like you.

Come up with a nice place for a hookup

Come up with a nice place for a hookup. Girls love it when a guy can arrange a nice date, even if it`s just for a one-night stand. Think of the place that a girl may like, ask about her favorite food, and make it a great night! Don`t forget your condoms and a good mood, be confident and you`ll master all the hookups in the world!

Top-4 hottest Washington cam girls

If you're too lazy to go out or simply want to prepare yourself for more adventures in the future, have a look at the hottest and horniest cam chicks from Washington online. Here's the list of the best cunts in town that'll make you moan from satisfaction.

Love2Kill model
Followers: 156к
Aubrilee model
Followers: 184k
Hollings model
Followers: 121k
Amber_Heard model
Followers: 142r
  1. Love2Kill. It's a jackpot! Meet Milana and Anna, 21-year-olds with some juicy asses and cool tattoos. They can speak English, Russian, and Mandarin and are interested in men, women, trans people, and even couples. By the way, they can squirt at the same time! You're not going to miss that, right?
  2. Aubrilee. This petite 23-year-old blonde is just what you need on a cold rainy day in Washington. She's an amateur but already has some guts to show! She loves naked dancing, squirting, and performing different gymnastic tricks. Aubrilee is very friendly and open to your requests. Tip her well, dude, that chick is worth it!
  3. Hollings. Meet Lily, a pink-haired 23-year-old. Her unusual style, big tits, and passion for cocks has helped her gain love among followers. Lily is a college girl and can speak English and Spanish. You can watch her cum, use nipple clamps, or fuck a dildo. And that's just the beginning of the list. Watch Lily's tip menu and send her some tokens, she'll admire that!
  4. Amber_Heard. Who ordered something exotic? Amber doesn't reveal her age and has a Hispanic complexion. Amber also has her nipples pierced and that looks goddamn good. I'd recommend tipping her for a dildo fuck, pussy play, and a squirt, of course! This chick won't stop for anything, so Amber is worth a token or two.

What's the best place to meet singles in DC?

If we speak about the offline opportunities, Washington is just what you need to find the most suitable spot for a one-night stand. It's a multicultural city that offers lots of international restaurants, fancy hotels, and loads of entertainment during the day. Let's look at the best places to meet girls in DC and help you decide what's your first destination at Sexy Funland.

Service Bar DC
Service Bar DC
926-928 U St. NW
Barmini by José Andrés
Barmini by José Andrés
501 9th St. NW
Columbia Room
Columbia Room
WX4G, H5 Washington
Left Door
Left Door
1345 S St. NW
Cuba Libre
Cuba Libre
801 9th St. NW
Off The Record
Off The Record
800 16th St. NW
Jack Rose Dining Saloon
Jack Rose Dining Saloon
2007 18th St. NW
Top Of The Yard
Top Of The Yard
1265 1st St. SE


The best singles bars in DC are right here, and they're all worth your time.

  • Service Bar DC, 926-928 U St. NW
  • Barmini by José Andrés, 501 9th St. NW
  • Columbia Room, WX4G + H5 Washington
  • Left Door, 1345 S St. NW
  • Cuba Libre, 801 9th St. NW
  • Off The Record, 800 16th St. NW
  • Jack Rose Dining Saloon, 2007 18th St. NW
  • Top Of The Yard, 1265 1st St. SE

Everybody enjoys a great cocktail after a long day at work, especially if it's from the Left Door or Service Bar. If you're a rooftop lover, the Top of the Yard is your place totes. Cuba Libre serves the best selection of rum, and Columbia room offers great spirits and signature cocktails. All these places are a great starter for the big night. You won't get out of there wasted, only tipsy and ready for the mind-blowing sex with your chick. The best pickup bars in Washington DC are happy to have you!


Fancy dining is essential to every sophisticated big city woman. Don't miss the chance to visit the most outstanding restaurants with the tastiest menus!

  • Le Diplomate, 1601 14th St. NW
  • The Dabney, 122 Blagden Alley NW
  • Zaitinya, 701 9th St. NW
  • Carmine's Italian Restaurant, 425 7th St. NW
  • Nick's Riverside Grill, 3050 K St. NW
  • The Dabney, 122 Blagden Alley NW
  • Old Ebbitt Grill, 675 15th St. NW
  • Kinship, 1015 7th St. NW

The US, and especially Washington, are famous for its range of international cuisine and authentic restaurants. If you want something non-American, try Zaitinya, Le Diplomate, and Carmine's. If you're up for a steak, The Dabney, Nick's, and Old Ebbitt are your top spots. The new American cuisine is represented in Kinship. So, you've got a lot to think about and choose the perfect venue for your lucky night. Get ready, man!


The US is famous for its nightlife, especially in the largest cities. Where can you have fun the Washington way?

  • DC9, 1940 9th St. NW
  • Flash, 645 Florida Ave NW
  • The Park, 920 14th St. NW
  • Penthouse Pool Club, 1612 U St. NW
  • 9:30 Club, 815 V St. NW
  • Club Timehri, 2439 18th St. NW
  • Nellie's, 900 U St. NW
  • L2, 3315 Cady's Alley NW

These are the best dance clubs in Washington DC. Washington isn't the capital of nightlife in the US but still, it's worth trying. Themed venues, large dance floors, and well-known DJs are essential to the nightlife here in Washington. Live music, hot dancers, cheap drinks, and amazing staff are making DC's nightclubs great again!


Where can all the best hotels in the world possibly be located? Right, in DC! It's not the Big Apple or Vegas though, but Washington clearly has some impressive hookup crash spots.

  • Conrad, 950 New York Ave NW.
  • Motto by Hilton, 627 H St. NW.
  • JW Marriott, 1331 Pennsylvania Ave NW.
  • InterContinental The Willard, 1401 Pennsylvania Ave NW.
  • Hampton Inn, 1729 H St NW
  • Hilton garden Inn, 815 14th St NW
  • The Georgetown House, 1061 31st St NW
  • Hamilton Hotel, 1001 14th St NW

Don't be afraid to see Hilton and InterContinental here. They all can offer some rooms under $100 per night! The same price range refers to the Georgetown House, Conrad, Hampton Inn, and Hamilton Hotel. The more expensive ones that offer $150-$180 per night are JW Marriott and Motto. But if you take your chick to one of these hotels, she'll be on cloud 9, and you'll get unlimited orgasms and blowjobs during the night. Getting laid in DC is easy, pervert.


Who's up for an outstanding experience in the very Capital of the US? No time to waste, pal, hop on for some adventures!

  • Romantic Depot Manhattan Sex Store
  • Center for Sex Positive Culture
  • Museum of Sex
  • Catalyst: a Sex Positive Place

These aren't sex club,s but they're still worth your attention. Museum of sex, have you ever been to one? Or maybe you've heard about the Catalyst, where people gather and arrange their own sex parties? Think you might join them once! If you do, go to the Romantic Depot and get some handcuffs or glowing-in-the-dark condoms. Time to have some fun!

Pro tips for the outstanding offline DC hookups

Always bring condoms

Always bring condoms. Yeah, about that, I`m just sure you`ll buy a bunch, but we, men, tend to forget to take something really important every time. So, it`s just a quick reminder. And a rule.

Don`t rush things

Don`t rush things. Never move too fast. This is scary, to be honest, and a girl might think you`re either a maniac or just fell in love with her, or just a guy who uses dick as a brain. You don`t want to be fucked up, so act normally, be yourself, and have fun with no rush.

Dress to the occasion. And have shower.

Dress to the occasion. And have shower. You should be neat and clean on the date not to freak the girl out. Dirty weenies aren`t their biggest passion. And sure, if you`re going to the fancy place, don`t put on shorts and a tee with your favorite hardcore band. Hope it`s obvious to you

Be a nice guy

Nobody likes total jerks, even the mean girls. Act like a decent person with a basic set of moral values, give the girls compliments, and be curious about them. Not that hard, huh?

Play some games with a girl

Girls love to be teased and played with. Like cats. Get some toys, or use massage oils, it`s relaxing and makes the whole process more fun. Don`t forget the foreplay either, change positions, and maybe come up with something new. This way, your chick will be satisfied all night long

offline hookup Washington DC

Got a bunch of condoms yet?

Time to move from theory to practice! What can make a better impression of the city than the outstanding experience, especially sexual? I don't want to waste any more of your time. Go pack your things and prepare your pecker for the horny Washington DC girls. Enjoy the sex and the city!

Secret tip from a local hookuper

Adams Morgan is the best place to meet singles in DC. This is your district if you want to hook up with chicks "in bulk". This is the most partying area of Washington and you just can`t miss the chance to visit it. Clubs are open till late morning, lots of hangover brunch spots, and the sexy vibe are what Adams Morgan is all about. See you there, dude!

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