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Do You Wanna Know How To Hookup In San Francisco?

Don’t know where to find sex in San Francisco? I’ve spent time in San Francisco, and know exactly where to meet girls in San Francisco. The best bars, night clubs, sex clubs are all written down in this elaborate guide. If you know nothing about the city, my tips will get you laid every night you’re here.

San Francisco hookup sites

Top 3 Hookup Sites
Wanna Hookup
OneNight Friend
Ashley Madison
Top 3 Live Sex Cam Sites

If you wanna hook up with someone but don’t feel like going out and socializing, hookup sites in San Francisco will get you laid. Check out some of them to confirm the hottest sluts in San Francisco use. With online adult dating in San Francisco, you could leave your search radius to less than 5 miles, and you'd never run out of stunning whores in the nearby neighborhood.

Everyone on San Francisco hookup sites is looking for a quick fuck, and these girls want it bad. Just read their profiles and you will easily find whores struggling for hard cocks. Think you’re man enough to give them what they want? If you plan on staying in San Francisco for a week or longer checked online chicks out to take them home and bone them. Use a bit of tact, and you’ll keep them coming for seconds!

San Francisco’s most famous cam gilrs

Cassidy Klein model
Cassidy Klein
Cassidy Klein
Followers: 183.8k
Megan Rain model
Megan Rain
Megan Rain
Followers: 683k
Mia Malkova model
Mia Malkova
Mia Malkova
Followers: 7.5M
Riley Steele model
Riley Steele
Riley Steele
Followers: 425.8k
Katrina Jade model
Katrina Jade
Katrina Jade
Followers: 735.4k

The San Francisco sex guide would not be complete without a list of the city’s most iconic webcam stars. These naughty sluts are often seen hitting up sex clubs and dance parties, so you have a good chance of running into them not on. Play it cool, be smooth, and you could end up accomplishing your dream of meeting a porn star. Think you’ll live up to their expectations? Here’s the most iconic chicks, pervert:

  • Cassidy Klein. This dirty little bitch has an oral fixation. She’ll suck you dry, and keep going to get you ready for round 2. She’s got no limits, so if you run into her at a bar, buy her a drink and see what happens.
  • Megan Rain. This slut has a stunning face akin to Megan Fox. You’ll love gazing into her piercing eyes while you fuck her pretty mouth. The best part is she’ll beg you not to stop. She loves dancing, so frequent enough nightclubs and you might just run into her.
  • Mia Malkova. If you’ve watched porn, you know how iconic Mia Malkova is. Her ass is so recognizable, you could call it her most prized asset. No pun intended. She’s a bonafide nymphomaniac, and an absolute party animal. If you’re active in the nightlife scene while you’re in San Francisco, maybe you’ll be lucky enough to go home with her.
  • Riley Steele. Riley may look unassuming, but buy her a drink at a local bar and you’ll learn how much of a slut this babe can be. She’s a sucker for well dressed, confident men, and I’m sure you fit the profile.
  • Katrina Jade. If tattooed chicks are up your alley, this whore will be your dream come true. She’s got a tattoo that literally says ‘Slut’ on her right asscheek, and even has two face tattoos. Her body rocks too, and it won’t take much work from her to get you hard and close.

Top hookup places in San Francisco


Best hookup bars San Francisco has to offer?

Some of the best sex you’ll ever have in your life will be facilitated by everyone’s favorite social lubricant, alcohol. What better place to find a babe to bang than at a local bar? Check out some of my favorite San Francisco sex bars, and I guarantee you’ll have a naughty bitch bouncing on your hard dick every night:

  • Smuggler’s Cove: This nautical themed bar has over 700 different types of rum. They don’t serve food, and focus only on drinks and making sure you get absolutely wankered.
  • Mikkeller Bar: If you’ve got a date, Mikkeler Bar is an upscale pub where you can chat and tease each other in a fancy environment. They offer rare tap and bottled beers, so expect to splurge a little!
  • Charmaine’s Rooftop Bar & Lounge: What’s more romantic than a glass of wine while you overlook the city? Charmaine’s is great for drinks under the moonlight. You can seduce a chick with your suave words under the stars, then fuck and forget her.
  • Trick Dog: This bar is in a converted warehouse, and they specialize in all sorts of cocktails. It gets busy, so try going on a weekday if you’re not good with crowds.
  • Tonga Room & Hurricane Bar: This tiki themed lounge specializes in Pacific Rim cuisine and fancy umbrella drinks. You’ll find lots of hipster chicks frequent this establishment, and you might even run into a few bachelorette parties. Everyone knows how horny those girls get after a few shots.

What are the top 10 clubs in San Francisco?

Are you into dancing, drinking, and the complete lack of inhibitions? There’s something about thumping music late into the night that gets folks riled up and ready to fuck. If you wanna bump uglies with the sexiest ladies in town, these are 10 of the hot nightclubs in San Francisco:

  • Temple Nightclub: This club flaunts eco-conscious environment, perfect for folks who are conscious about their carbon footprint. You can have a great night with a clean conscious, and find some like-minded babes in your time there.
  • Cat Club: Are you into themed bars? The Cat Club hosts themed nights ranging from All 80’s to Bondage A Go-Go. Find a night that suits your taste, and you’ll see all the ladies catering to your fetishes.
  • Monarch: If the past appeals to you, this club is unique as it has got a classy vintage side, and a pumped up basement dance level. You’ll find all types of chicks frequenting this club, so you’ll get to take your pick!
  • Hawthorn: Do you like living the high life? Hawthorn goes all out to provide the ambience of luxury and elite class. With chandeliers and gold accents all around, you won’t be allowed in unless you’re dressed at your sharpest. The ladies here will expect much of you, so try not to disappoint.
  • Bimbo’s 365 Club: As the name suggests, this is the place to go if you wanna find bimbos any day of the year. They specialize in live rock and jazz shows, an added bonus if you’re into that, darling.
  • Pura Club: Live music can get the mood going, and Pura boasts both bands and DJs. With 5 separate rooms, you’d struggle to make rounds finding the perfect chick to take home.
  • Raven Bar: This underrated dance bar is a must visit location if you’re in San Francisco. The sluts here have loose morals and tight pussies. What else could a guy like you want?
  • DNA Lounge: Staying open until 3AM, DNA Lounge’s variety of DJ’d theme nights, live acts and drag shows will ensure you meet all the different kinds of women this city has to offer.
  • Mezzanine: You have to be high class to get into this club. While the cover and drinks will cost you, there’s an added benefit that any ladies that see you here will know you’re the prestigious sort. This multilevel club is great if you’re into refined women, not trashy sluts.
  • Latin American Club: If you’re aching for a taste of Latin American honies, this is the bar for you. Aptly named, it’s frequented by the local Latino population, and is a prime spot for you to pick up some of your favorite curvy South Americans.

The famous San Francisco sex clubs

If you can’t figure out where to get laid in San Francisco, sex clubs are your safest best. They exist to help you get your dick wet. The tricky part is getting into the exclusive clubs, or VIP sections. That’s where the wild sex parties happen, and I’ll give you more info on that in the ‘Secret Tip’ section. A pervert like you would love that, right?

  • Power Exchange. While costing you $40-$60 for entry, Power Exchange is worth every cent. You’ll need a valid ID and have to sign a waiver before you even enter! They even have a third floor which is exclusive to couples. The wildest of orgies happen there. It is an experience you have to try.
  • Twist. This exclusive club hosts parties every Friday and Saturday at 10PM. The only issue is that single males aren’t allowed in, so you’ll have to convince a pretty lady to accompany you. Who could say ‘no’ to sex clubs in San Francisco?
  • Gold Club. Fancy a bite and a lap dance? The girls at Gold Club will satisfy both your appetites. Best part is that you can check out all the performers on their website. You can decide for yourself if it’s worth going!

What are the best hotels to get laid in San Francisco?

You’ve seduced a local and you’re on the way to experience the coveted sex in San Francisco. Only question is, where do you go? You can’t fuck her in your car, or in public. That might be kinky, but it won’t be comfortable and you won’t get to experience your whore fully. Check out my list of hotels which are perfect for San Francisco hookups, listed from expensive to economical:

  • The St. Regis San Francisco (About $474 per night). This is the kind of hotel you name drop at bars. Casually mention that you’re staying at St.Regis, and whores will be throwing themselves at you, hoping for a taste of the high life. Getting laid in San Francisco has never been easier!
  • Fairmont San Francisco (About $349 per night). If you’re not keen on dropping half a thousand dollars a night, Fairmont San Francisco is a reputable alternative. Stunning views overlooking the Golden Gate Bridge, oversized marble baths and even a walk-in shower means you’ll be living in the lap of luxury in this suite. You’ll still be seen as a high roller when you bring the ladies back. With enough swagger, you might be able to bring more than one.
  • Taj Campton Place (About $300 per night). Taj Campton is my designated middle ground. You’re spoiling yourself, but you’re still reasonable about it. It’s great if you’re spending a week in the city, and you’ll find it as comfortable as your own home.
  • Hotel Kabuki a Joie de Vivre Boutique Hotel(About $206 per night). Hotel Kabuki is the best way to budget while still living lavish. You have all the amenities of the upper echelon, minus the price.
  • Stanyan Park Hotel (About $153 per night). While not the most memorable hotels, Stanyan Park holds up in providing you with a comfortable room to rest and romp in. Just bear in mind that the name isn’t associated with high status.

Wanna get into the exclusive sex parties?

Ever wonder why you weren’t allowed into the VIP sections of the sex parties you try to attend? It’s all about the ratio. We want more women than men, or at least an equal number, dummy. If you wanna get into those locked rooms, going as a single guy won’t work. You gotta bring a hot chick with you, and masquerade as a couple. If you’re not fucking up the ratio, the bouncers will be glad to let you in and take part in the festivities.

Other spots to meet girls

San Francisco is a big city, and you can meet hot babes at places other than clubs. Check out these hotspots:

  • Union Square. The busiest part of the city, you’ll run into plenty of tight babes here, shopping or taking in the sights. These chicks are friendly as hell, so say hi and you might get a few numbers.
  • UC Berkeley Campus. College girls are the most fun to screw. It’s easy to hook up with them since they’re all into older men. You’ll easily get to take home the girls you like most, so hang out around cafes and parks near the university, and make friendly conversation.

California is one of the few states in the US to legalize the dank kush. It’s a great way to relax, get turned on, and eventually fuck. If you’re hitting it off with a chick, tell her you have a few joints at your place, and the two of you could smoke up, followed by some Netflix and chill.

Stay on your toes!

San Francisco is a great city by itself, but with these tips it is the dream sex destination. Any chump can get laid here, and that includes you. With my San Francisco sex guide, you won’t wanna go home after drowning in pussy here! Keep what I said in mind, and you’ll have the best trip, buddy.

Secret tip from a local San Francisco hookuper

I know the ins and outs of fucking around with San Francisco ladies, and I wanna impart my wisdom on you. Lord knows a pathetic loser like you sorely needs the help. With these secret tips, you’ll get more pussy in one week than you ever have before.

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