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Spanknet Review: Don't Invest Until You Read HG Review

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Best for:

  • For those who like sites with a crappy interface
  • Users who don't mind chatting with fake profiles
  • Who is ok to be limited to only one country—UK

Not for:

  • Spanking personals who really want to explore their sexuality
  • People searching for sex fun, BDSM fetish, or corporal punishment in real life
  • Those who are ready to waste their time without results

Spank net is a dating site created for anyone looking for spanking contacts, not a serious relationship. But let's look honestly at what's going on here, buddy. What is Spanknet? I have read a couple of Spanknet reviews, and here's what I have found out: this site's popularity is below zero, and honestly, I'm not even surprised. Such professionals like me know if a site's rating is low, it's a huge red flag. Of course, if someone decides to try it out, then why not? But don't be like them. First, read my Spanknet review. Maybe it will stop you, and you won't waste your time and money on this crap.

Member structure

Member Structure
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How to create an account on Spanknet

Screenshot Spanknet Sign Up

The site is for finding a Free spanking contacts and spanking personals .  But I wanna answer the question of is Spanknet safe first. Look, what freaks me out about the Spanknet site is that anyone can browse this dating site without registering. Of course, such a feature may scare off some users who prefer to hide their accounts.

But I still decided to because, otherwise, I wouldn't be able to write to any woman. It was a matter of 30 seconds. I was asked to fill in:

  • Name
  • Email
  • Password
  • Accepted the terms

Are Spanknet female profiles good?

If you wonder is Spanknet legit, I think yes. But its profiles are just some fucking bullshit. I don't know how to describe it otherwise. Majority of profiles have photos and a lot of information about a person, including how much they love to be spanked. Basically, the reviewed women were awfully ugly and fat. Well, everyone has their taste, but I'm used to seeing beautiful babes with perfect ass on dating sites, and here it's just a freak show in each photo. And it seems to me that the profiles that look nice are just fakes.

Chat options

Well, there's just nothing to say, man. All you can do is send messages to whoever you wanna spank. On the bright side, it's free. But to connect with someone, you need to register.

Extra special features

While writing this review, the only extra thing I've found is "Sponsorship." So, if you wanna pay some cash for a chick, you gotta find the one based in the UK willing to play for your money. You can specify that in the . The sluts there set their price for you to spank them.

How to use Spanknet for hookups

Screenshot Spanknet Profiles

You may ask me, "Huru, how does Spanknet work?" Look at how I searched for hookups step by step:

  • Signed up in the community. Seemed easy at first, but then the hell began.
  • Used search filters. I chose gender and various details like height, age, location, and all that crap.
  • Browsed through women until my cock shows me where to go. I hit up those spanking contacts who catch my eye—someone tall, into submission, "always online," etc.
  • Picked the one who turns me on and makes me happy.
  • Sent her a message.

Well, that's it, like nothing superficial.

How much is Spanknet a month

You will not pay any Spanknet cost. The only thing I wanna thank them for is that at least it is free. Seriously.

How to delete Spanknet account

If you decide to delete your profile on this online service, go to Settings. Thank God, the process shouldn't be approved by moderators, and it doesn't take hours. After deleting, you'll have to create a new profile if you ever want to use this website again.

Customer support

Unfortunately, there are no tips for using the site to get results. I also tried to contact customer support with some registration issues. By the way, there's a special form on the website, not live chat. So, I sent my request. But did anyone bother to respond? Not a damn thing! So, is Spanknet real? I doubt it now.

Hooking up with bots or is Spanknet a scam?

Illustration Smiling Woman

Is Spanknet a scam? Let's be real, this dating site is a fucking crap. It is better not to waste your nerves registering here. There are thousands of fakes, and moderators run a fake chat. According to other Spanknet website reviews, users faced scams. There is almost no chance of finding someone real here, unlike other sex dating sites:

  • WannaHookUp
  • AdultFriendFinder
  • OneNightFriend
  • BeNaughty
  • SmokeandPoke
  • HornySpot
  • SweetSext
  • NoStringsAttached

Spanknet review: Your questions answered

Is Spanknet good?

No way! How can anyone think this crap is good? There's no video chat, no nice search filters, just a lot of fakes and ugly women.

Does Spanknet have an app?

No, there is no Spanknet app, man. There is the Spanknet mobile version of the website, but it's just not the same deal.

How does Spanknet work?

You join the website, determine for yourself who you're looking for here, chat, and try to arrange some absurd spanking session.

How to find someone on Spanknet?

Well, just apply the search filters. There are not as many of them, but at least something.

Is Spanknet reliable?

How can I call it reliable when all the data is visible to anyone?

Hookupguru's verdict

SpankNet is a terrible choice if you want to meet someone for spanky dates. While writing the Spanknet review and testing the website, I had a bad feeling of self-deception. The only good thing is that the website is free.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is Spanknet legit?

Well, as far as I know, yes.

2. Is Spanknet free?

Yes, Spank net is completely free, without any hidden fees. Surprising!

3. Is Spanknet safe?

Of course not. All your information is in public view. Isn't it evidence of unsafety?

4. Is Spanknet worth it?

No, find a more modern site that gives you more choice.

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