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Hunt On The Horny Bitches And Fuck Them With WetHunt

What’s up, dudes? Your Hookup Guru is here for you again and I’m gonna tell you about a really interesting website. When I use it, I have this nostalgic feeling but enjoy the modern kind of use as well. I think I definitely have to add this to my review because some of you, my little horny perverts, will love it for sure! Do you want me to tell you about this shit?

What is WetHunt?

WetHunt.com is a dating site for casual sex lovers just like you. Right, buddy, all guys here aren't looking for a girlfriend, juicy pussy for a one-night stand is the goal.

You're ready to use WetHunt to 100% right after you sign up. No extra actions from your side are needed. Create a profile and start chatting with willing chicks from your neighborhood.

  • Free interaction
  • Easy navigation
  • Focus on communication
  • Attractive female profile photos
  • Unreal personality profiles
  • Limited pool of services

Dude, don’t fuck me up, tell me about WetHunt site!

It’s a fucking WetHunt and it’s made for guys who like to make bitches wet. It’s minimalistic and simple. There’s all you need if you’re a real man with balls. The registration process is as quick as your jerking off. I didn’t even notice how it all happened… I typed my name and email, maybe my age too, and woah! I’m here!

WetHunt registration

When you open it, there’s a kind of shit like everywhere: pornstars’ pics, old girls’ pics, and these all are supposed to seem like they’re texting you. I hope this website won’t disappoint me with this shit. Though when you click it, you figure out it’s just an ad, not an offer to buy its subscription.

After WetHunt sign in, girls start to text you. You have to fill out your profile and add some photos to text back. I don’t know how dudes feel on this site, but my dick is always up because of these pics of naked bitches. There’s a big diversity of them but they all look really hot. Now let’s see every page of it.

Is there a WetHunt dating app?

There's no mobile application for iPhones or Androids, but it doesn't affect the easy mobile usage of WetHunt. The site has a wonderful mobile version, so you can hunt for pussies on the go and see no difference with doing that from your laptop.

What about profiles on WetHunt.com dating site?

Wethunt Adult Dating SIte

Opening WetHunt for the first time, you'll notice a "UP" badge on some profiles. "UP" stands for "unreal personality." These accounts are created and moderated by WetHunt and aim to encourage you to chat.

I know, it seems strange first. But imagine the situation. You're browsing WetHunt in the middle of the night, and no chicks reply to your messages (which is natural as they're asleep, dummy!). Any guy would get upset sitting in silence like that, but with "UP" profiles that keep writing you, you don't lose hope and the mood!

So, consider it a fun way to stay busy and entertained when it's not possible sometimes.


The best part about hooking up on WetHunt is that communication here is absolutely free. It costs you nothing to use the chat and make up new casual acquaintances.

Still, if you want to get more benefits, you're welcome to buy a lifetime membership.

1 Month
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But why the hell would you need to purchase it when the communication is free? If you're ok with simple chatting, premium membership isn't the must for you, obviously.

Yep, what’re the options on WetHunt.com , Guru?

The first one on the WetHunt dating site is the Discovery. You see a random girl’s pic and have to make your choice if you like her (heart button) or not (X button). Then you see the list under it, where are all the girls you liked. I swear, 99% of them are just like wet dream angels who came down from heaven to gently suck my balls. Well, just a dream, let’s move to the next options, haha.

Then there’s the Feed page. I don’t understand why I need it. It’s a fucking hookup website, not a fucking Facebook, why?! There are just posts of girls who write shit like “I’m a newbie”, or “I’m horny”. Girl, everyone is horny on this site, that’s why we’re here! Are you waiting for a special dramatic invitation to fuck?! Yeah, I’m sure you won’t find such WetHunt review in other blogs.

Or there was a girl who wrote “let’s become friends”. Really? I want to fuck you, not to be a friend. So, yeah, I didn’t get this and I got no fucking idea why to have it here. The next page is Messages, finally! It’s all minimalistic and I can’t say anything special about it. But I like that simple style: just chats with girls and nothing else. This shit is for real dudes! Yeah, we don’t need those pink interfaces and weird girly stuff.

The next one is the Profile. Here you can manage the information in your profile and add some facts about you. The main are your age, gender, language, and location. Then you can add your work info or education for the Wet Hunt dating profile. I’m curious who the fuck cares about your education on the hookup site?! Well, maybe someone who has a fetish on educated bitches and cocks?!

The notifications page is obvious as well. You can see likes, mutual likes, visitors, and “I like”. When you scroll through hundreds of profiles every day searching for a good fuck, it must be a useful one. But there’s a little blue notifications button in the upper right corner where you can get it quicker but not so detailed.

By the way, Settings here are just like a fucking Instagram. There are a lot of options as for a hookup dating site. You can manage all the email notifications, change a password, and all the other things we don’t really fucking care about. But what we care about is can we really find a bitch here to spend this night? Hmm, let’s do a little research.

Right, can I get a real hookup with WetHunt?

Wethunt Dating site

I don’t know dude. It doesn’t look like a source of real good cunts who are ready to jump in your bed and ride you hard until you both fall down in satisfaction. I don’t like such platforms, but is WetHunt one of them?

I guess they’re still tricky and make an illusion of a fancy girls’ place but in fact, not everything is so luxurious. When you first sign up, you get a hell a lot of messages and requests. Doesn’t it seem weird if you still don’t have pics of you here? Right, dudes, they’re trying to fool you. But we’re smart guys and we know how it works.

There are actually a lot of pretty nasty girls who’re really searching for a good fuck. You just have to ignore the first texts and start discovering real users. In this case, you’ll definitely find someone. I can’t say WetHunt site is the best place for hookups but still, it’s a good one and it has to be in my collection.

So, what's the verdict on WetHunt?

This WetHunt review proves it's a good place for those who know how to use and enjoy it.

It's easy to surf the site, and communication is free. Isn't it enough to pay the platform a visit and check yourself how good it is for you?

Contact Information

Company: Digital International INC.
Address: 1st. Floor Hadjikyriakeion Bld. 1 121 Prodromou Avenue Strovol Nicosia 2064 Cyprus
E-Mail: support@digitalint.co
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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is WetHunt a real site?

Yes, it's a real platform you can browse, create a profile at, and use for communication. Though there are many "UP" profiles, you still can stumble upon real chicks ready to meet you for casual sex.

2. Does WetHunt.com work?

You register in a few simple steps and go on using the site. Browse gals′ profiles on the Discovery page, hunt for them on the Feed, and chat with those you like the most.

3. Is WetHunt free?

Yes, you can test all the WetHunt services for free. Still, there's a possibility to upgrade your membership that would allow you more benefits.

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