Virtual Sex Games - Why Are They Better Than Porn?

VR porn games are new wave in online adult gaming. We gathered here the best virtual sex games for you. So choose the one and dive into the world of adult VR games.

West Sluts porn game
West Sluts
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Last update: Sep 04, 2020
Narcos XXX
Narcos XXX
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Product Category: 3D Sex Games
Platform: Desktop and Mobile
Last update: Nov 16, 2021
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Product Category: VR Sex Games
Platform: Desktop and Mobile
Last update: Jan 18, 2022

If you can’t have sex in real life, you jack off, right? You boot up your computer, go to your favorite porn platform, and check video after video, trying to find the perfect one. Each time you cum, you feel unsatisfied cause there’s always a better clip. What if I told you there’s a solution? Something you might not have even considered? Read on to find out why VR sex games might become your new favorite hobby.

What are VR porn games?

Any porn game you can play using a VR headset is a VR porn game. These online adult games are created to make you feel as though you’re the protagonist, and give you the ultimate porn experience. Your character’s hands move as if they’re your own, and you control the narrative. Reality can be whatever you want it to be, so don’t be afraid to dream big.

Let me give you a scenario, pal. You’re watching porn and some chick is getting fucked missionary style. Real vanilla shit, and you’re a kinky fucker. You’re not into that basic crap. You wanna see her get railed, her throat fucked, and her slutty cunt gaping. Too bad, that was the only video that gal ever made. You see the problem here, dummy? You have no control over what happens. In adult VR games, you’re the master of what happens. You create the perfect girl. You decide how she’s fucked. You wanna finger her like a shy teen? You wanna shove her against a wall and fuck her senseless till she’s begging you to cum in each one of her holes? With VR adult games, the power is yours.

Where to play VR porn games?

You can download virtual porn games on the web and on established gaming platforms. The most difficult part is setting up your VR device, and any jerk can do that. Just connect it to your PC and put it on.

But playing virtual sex games online is even another level of pleasure. No video game is complete without a multiplayer segment. You don’t just wanna fuck AI-controlled anime waifus. It’s so much better when you’re fucking a bitch controlled by a real person. Imagine the voice chat, my dirty friend. The catgirl moaning in your ear for your huge cock isn’t a prerecorded voice line, but a horny slut fingering her wet cunt for you. Well buddy, here you can find a metric fuckton of VR sex games that’ll let you play with people all over the world. I bet your cock is twitching at the thought of that.

How can I choose the best game for me?

Different strokes for different folks. The best game for each person is subjective, so there are a few key things to keep in mind:

  • Plot driven/Open ended. Do you want your game to have a detailed story, or would you rather focus on the action instead?
  • Type of gameplay. Maybe you prefer dating sims, or strategy based games, or maybe even an FPS?
  • Free/Paid. You’re more likely to find better quality in a paid game, but there’s quite a few free-to-play 3D porn games that deserve a chance.

Figuring out which of these appeal to you the most will make choosing your ideal game as easy as pie.

What are the best porn VR games on the market?

You think I’m gonna let an inept, horny fucker like you go play virtual porn games without telling you about the best ones first? Sit down and read through this list before you start jacking off.

Captain Hardcore. If you’re into Cyberpunk chicks, freedom of choice, and AAA animation, this is the game for you. The girls in this game look real, and you can do virtually any perverted act you can think of with them. The devs even went out of their way to make the spaceship your orgies take place on look real! Let’s be honest, you’re only gonna be focusing on those tight asses bouncing in front of you. Voice acted by talented women, these sluts really beg for you to bust a nut for them.

Let’s Play With Nanai! Do schoolgirls turn you on? Love jacking off to the fantasy of being a professor, and making some dumb teen broad’s C turn into an A with your D? Your goal in this game is to make this horny schoolgirl cum. Can a confident, pervy dummy like you make that happen? Or are you gonna cum in your pants and let her down?

Onahole Companion. At the end of the day, you’re still fucking your hand. That ruins the virtual sex games scenario and brings you back to reality. Onahole fixes this by syncing your fleshlight with the pussy, mouth, or ass of the girl you’re fucking. Now it looks and feels real. You’re gonna be prematurely ejaculating like its real life, buddy.

Are VR sex games for me?

If that’s a question you have to ask, you upset me. You can literally create the perfect girl and fuck her like it’s real life. You can do anything you want. It’s called virtual ‘reality’ for a reason, dummy. Are you really gonna pass up on that? You can make every naughty fantasy you ever had come to life! Get your ass moving and try them out, so you can see how mind-blowing they are for yourself.

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