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Who the fuck pays for the amateur porn, Hookup Guru? I bet you do! But it'll take a lot of time from you to find the premium amateur porn of the same quality you can get there! I always find the best sites in a particular niche. There you will find the porn stars fucking someone’s dick in the cafe. Or, if you aren't a fan of a specific person, you'll enjoy the dirty gangbang that once happened in Bergheim, Germany. In this video, only dicks and pussies are around! This is what your pervy ass needs!

The main advantage of the sites from my list is their specialization in the amateur niche. And the creators of these venues have done their best to ensure the quality of videos they have. You can forget about searching for a particular category. The general porn sites are usually flooded with the other content! When I was looking for the video I wanted among the avalanche of others, it ruined all the fun! For example, I don’t like gay porn, but when I seek my favorite anal videos, I saw men kissing one or two times! My dick fell right away!

What kind of the amateur videos can I expect to see?

You'll see a lot of familiar faces if you're already into this category for a long time. Some girls want to be filmed in amateur porn. Some of them specialize in gangbang videos. Others are more into casual public sex. Some of these girls are more into pussies, while the others are into dicks. Some of them prefer to suck cocks, while others are more into taking it in their asses. You'll see the whole fucking diversity of such chicks! Usually, they're unstoppable and have no shame!

Some of those girls are real. They've never thought their faces, as well as boobies, will end up on the porn site. But their boyfriends made other decisions and sent the intimate videos as a kind of revenge. You can be sure those girls are real sluts! No one throws a video to the porn site for no fucking reason! Some of these hot babes have sucked the best boyfriend's friends' dicks at the party. Others tried an anal while they were really far away. Thus, these bitches deserve to be punished!

Can I find the videos with the real porn stars here?

Yes, you can! These girls started their careers in the porn industry somehow. Most of them begin from amateur porn videos. Then some studio calls them for the casting, and this is where the real deal starts. They spend long hours on fucking the cocks to prove they're worth the famous name. Some of them and up as a top PornHub stars, while others fuck for nothing, but some cash. Poor, dirty sluts! On the amateur premium sites, you can find a video with almost every porn star you ever know.

If you're interested in how the casting session goes, visit the site. There you'll see the most real accidents. The naive girls came for the casting session to some film or maybe the model agency. But then they realize this is not the kind of job they expected! On this one, they'll need to fuck and suck some dicks, and the director offers to try right here and now! He's probably the happiest person in the world! I wish I was in his shoes someday! He probably fucks 20-30 of these chicks a day!

The era of plastic dolls in porn has gone. Nowadays, everyone wants to see natural girls who are ready to fuck! They're emotional and don’t moan in this unnatural way as the porn stars with the names do. Amateur porn actresses enjoy sex more than their colleagues from any other category. Thus, if you seek porn with the real women who care about sex more than about the money, here you go! You'll absolutely enjoy this category. It may feel like you fuck some of your crushes when you watch it!

The people want to see someone like them on the screen. That’s why the amateur premium porn sites have gained their popularity. Watching this smut, you will feel like the participant in this action. You will not feel like the one who will never get the same big dick as this guy! Same for the women, they watch the lesbian amateur porn much more than the usual one. The glamour chicks aren't as interesting for anyone as they think they're!

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Bottom line from Hookup Guru

So, how about now? Do you still feel like amateur premium porn is a waste of money? Or want to watch someone’s girlfriend without the lingerie fucking right now? If you're a real pervy man, your answer will be the second one! If you still don’t want to at least take a look at those premium amateur sites, you might be in love with the plastic! I don’t know how it’s possible to wank your dick off on most of the professional actresses! They have more silicon in their bodies than the flash and bones!

The amateur premium sites from my list are the best around. Thus, you can go and google some of the videos you want to see. And you'll never find the results of the same quality that I offer. The porn sites from my list are secure and have high-quality content of all genres. Really, you can find anything there: from the anal porn to some sissy play if you're into such kind of thing. Some of those sites sell particular videos, while others need a subscription from you. Anyway, the experience will be worth the money!

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