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If you are looking for a woman for serious continuous relations which could lead to a family making, you are probably not at the right place. Here you can find an exciting adventure you will never forget, but not a match for a marriage.

  • Attractive interface
  • Simple navigation
  • Great variety of girls
  • Lots of services offered
  • Free use of the site
  • Services available in the USA only
  • Absence of contact with customer service

On the page “How it works,” the creators pointed out three main steps: search, choose, and date. Sounds like it is quite an easy process, right? Let us find out the details about the website specifics in the review below.


Escort cafe website

The surface of the website is not very intricate, but rather simple. Easy navigation and simple design are usually valued by the users the most as there is nothing repulsive or unattractive. When you open the home page of Escort Cafe, you see soft purple color of different shades in a tandem with classical white. This colour spectrum is used on every page of the website.

Calm, low-key style which does not have unnecessary points is the key peculiarity of Escort Cafe. On the left side, there are a search bar and a drop down menu consisting of a number of filters. The latter allow you to facilitate and speed up your searching process. Your task is to point out the criteria your woman has to meet and choose the best one. So it will not take a lot of time and effort for anyone to understand how this service works.


Girls’ profiles on Escort Cafe are also rather simple. First of all, the user looks at the girls’ pictures then chooses a lady he was attracted by from the first sight. He opens her profile to read the information about her and explore whether she is really worth his attention. It should be admitted that the number of girls is great, so be sure you will find a girl who exceeds all your initial expectations.

Actually, the various fields of the profile provide some basic and most important information about the site member, such as age, height, weight, hair color or ethnicity. Besides, there is a place where a woman can present everything she wants to share, like her preferences, services she offers, and so on.

Moreover, some of the girls have the so-called reviews on themselves and the services they offer. The users find this option quite useful and important. Especially when it comes to high quality escorting services which require the highest standards and does not allow any disadvantages of a girl’s appearance or behavior. Still do not forget that you can always communicate with a girl you want to ask for escort before the occasion itself, so that to be sure that she is really the right one.


Escort cafe woman

In opposition to the other hookup dating platforms, Escort Cafe does not have any obligatory monthly payment. Moreover, there is no need to buy some additional points or a premium account. In other words, all the users of this site have equal opportunities. At the same time, the services offered by the women here are not free. All the prices are established by advertisers, so they will vary from page to page. However, the usage of the site itself is completely free of charge.

Area range

Like many similar websites that specialize in an adult services, Escort Cafe is not an international platform. The explanation of such a tendency is quite clear. Being international means to take responsibility for each country's specifics, what is a quite difficult task to do on the massive scale.

In turn, least territorial coverage guarantees more reliable and extensive verification. Escort Cafe mostly offers services for men who are situated in the United States of America for the time being. Technically, every person can apply for any service, but he must be ready to travel quite far to the place of destination.


In fact, privacy policy is one of the most vital things, especially when it comes to intimate issues. As a rule, there are not many people who read the terms of use attentively when they join a site. As a result, such people can disclose some negative experience though no one should be blamed in this case. For instance, Escort Cafe notifies that when a person becomes a member of the platform, it means that he gives it the right to send him some promotional information. Of course, all of us understand that it presupposes mails in a great quantity, but it appears to be surprising later.

Besides, the developers warn about the prohibition to use their site for selling or advertising goods or services that are considered to be illegal. Though it seems to be rather contradictory point, considering the character of the website itself is also vital. Still it is clear that there can be some space for ads.

No doubt, when you refer to a website for any kind of escort services or even some other services, there is always a risk to be tricked. We must admit that it does not depend on the web platform only. Surely it is the site's direct task to guarantee the users safe data storage and strict screening of women who want to offer appropriate services. Meantime, the clients' behavior also matters much - you are also responsible for taking some preventive measures. In any case, you always have the right to ask a girl you are interested in to send you more distinctive pictures or to talk to her through video.

Exploring Escort Cafe site, you will notice a lot of additional links to other websites like Chat Roulette, Live Sex Cams, and so on. A great number of users find this point rather irritating as it slightly prevents them from finding the services they are looking for here. Nevertheless, the thing is that all these links are external and require clicking to be taken away from Escort Cafe to a completely different website.

Do not forget that almost every site we come across in our everyday life has dozens of ads. We can hardly find at least a few people who really like it, but it is difficult to get rid of it. Probably, we have to take it as a matter of fact.

Besides, there is another point of view which insists that some additional links have a positive effect. Some customers believe that they provide the users with an opportunity to expand the horizon of their knowledge.

Escort cafe site

If you have some difficulties or troubles, you need some time to wait while trying to find a way to get an answer. Such an option is not foreseen by the website creators. You cannot find a phone number to call or an address to mail, but you are supposed to fill out a generic help ticket.


Escort Cafe is a dating platform created to provide its clients with any kind of escort services. All the services are offered by the beauties who are situated in the USA for the time being. So, if you are there, you have a chance to become a full-fledged user of the website. Moreover, the usage of the web page is totally free of charge. The only thing you have to pay for is a service itself, and the price is established by a woman who offers it.

Still a free usage presupposes dozens of additional links you will come across on the platform. As they say, everything has its cost. Besides, the navigation of this website is quite simple for understanding, so be sure you will not have any difficulties in finding the right match.

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