TUSCL might be a place to find escorts, but it's missing the dynamic, community-like atmosphere you can find on platforms like WannaHookUp, AdultFriend Finder, OneNight Friend, and Benaughty. These sites offer more than a directory - they provide a space for like-minded individuals to connect, interact, and possibly meet. Imagine going from a static list of names to a vibrant, interactive community where you can connect based on shared interests. The thrill of real-time interaction and the potential for real hookups make these platforms a far better alternative.

What do you think about a pretty lady moving seductively to the beat while taking off that little amount of garment she had on? Recently, strip clubs, just as sexual satisfaction and sex, were seen as something wrong, prohibited, and disturbing. However, times are changing, and we no longer have to lower our libidos and pretend they do not exist.

  • Lots of places
  • Separate reviews for clubs and dancers
  • Large amount of information
  • Great long history
  • Too simple design

Many of us were taught that guys enjoying ladies stripping in the clubs are abnormal. We believe that it is a totally normal thing, especially in the places that are reviewed and recommended by other people as well as are responsible for what can happen inside the clubs. It is just a little world with women parading around nude and sexy, making guys lose their minds and spend some money, of course.

TUSCL is an escort website that has been around since the first dinosaurs online - since 1993. It is an online review service that helps males and females to find strip clubs, topless bars, and gentlemen's clubs in any part of the world. It benefits both the users and dancers looking for jobs. TUSCL is majorly working and improving with the help of the community. So, let's see what it is!

Overview and outlook

TUSCL website

Tuscl.net can is a pretty and easy website to navigate. The whole design might seem a bit outdated; however, the features are useful. There are lots of helpful pieces of content that help TUSCL to maintain their attentive audience over the years. It has multiple sections that cover all the information you might need when looking for a perfect strip club to enjoy yourself at some late night or on the weekend!


To join TUSCL, you don't need to solve any puzzles. The registration is very easy. First, you need a valid email address and unique username that wasn't used on the site before. Once you are done with this, you have to choose the type of membership.

TUSCL offers you three options of joining. The first one is a standard free membership. Using this, you will receive a free 4-week Premium VIP access to every review or article that you submit on the website. So, the more active you are, the more benefits you get.

The second option is the aforementioned Premium VIP membership. With this subscription plan, you can get full access to the published reviews, and unlimited on-site messaging. Also, you will be able to review and vote for yet unpublished reviews and do many other things.

The final type of memberships is made solely for the dancers who want to use TUSCL to find a job. This type of access requires photo verification to prove that you are a dancer you claim to be. Once your profile is verified, you will get a free lifetime VIP membership at TUSCL.


As you can see, Premium VIP membership gives you a broader access at TUSCL. The costs are definitely worth it. To become a VIP member, it would cost you $7.95 a month, $44.95 per 6 months, and $79.95 for a year-long subscription.


TUSCL escort sites

Filling out your profile requires basic information, just like any other site. An amazing feature is that you can verify your profile. To do so, you need to write the site's address, your username, and numbers given to you on a piece of paper. After that, you need to take a selfie proving that you are a male, with no nudity required. Your proof can be a beard or Adam's apple. Then, you need to simply upload your photo. Verified members get 24 hours of free VIP time to decide if they want to have paid membership or submit reviews.

Other parts of personal profile are:

  • avatar: be creative with it
  • tagline: use it to attract the attention of other users
  • biography: an open question to briefly introduce yourself
  • photos: show how handsome you are
  • list of your favorite clubs
  • your trust or ignore lists of users that can or can’t reach out to you.

In the profile section, you can also do basic editing, such as password change.

Services and coverage

With the help of the users, TUSCL has listings of the clubs on all continents. Among the countries available are the USA, Canada, Mexico, 30 different European countries, Peru, Venezuela, Ecuador, Brazil, Argentina, Colombia, Chile, and Australia. We bet that anyone can find a place close to them to enjoy a show!

Reviews of the places

TUSCL Reviews

Every club that is listed has its personal profile. It provides the users with all the basic info needed when considering a strip club to visit. Filling in the profile starts with the name and a type. The next part is location: city, state, and country followed by the scores. Every club gets a score according to the reviews it has received from the users. It consists of three parts: dancers, the club itself, and dollar value.

Further, you can access the information about dancers currently working at a specific club and its address. By following the link underneath, you will get a map and directions that will help you reach the destination. To help you make a decision, TUSCL also provides its users with some details, such as dancers’ ethnicity, lap dance cost, average drink cost, cover days and nights. The page is finalized with working hours, features available in the particular club, and review summary.

You personally have an opportunity to give a review, add pictures of the location, read reviews and view pictures taken by other users. If you have a Premium VIP access or a dancer's profile, you can engage in the discussion with other users about the club and report anything suspicious or problematic regarding the place. Since it's a review site, all contributions are highly appreciated.

Other features

Since TUSCL isn't only about reviews, but also about the community built around them at the site. Thus, you can find extra information here. Daily reviews section talks about random places and inspire you to visit them. Dancer directory features the profiles of the dancers where you can contact them, see their workplaces, pictures, and personal reviews.

Besides, you can engage in the discussion groups which are basically chat rooms for the members of the community. The Front Room is for everyone to join and share ideas, feelings, and plans. The VIP Room is accessed only by premium members and verified performers. The Dancers' Dressing Room is a stripper web for dancers with all to-dos and secrets of the erotic dancing world.

TUSCL wants its users to come back for more; thus, their article section is full of lifehacks, pieces of advice, and ideas for both rookies and experienced visitors. The glossary can help you understand this sexy lingvo or slang, as members call it. Remember to check FAQs if you have any questions and add listings that were not featured yet!

Overall opinion

TUSCL woman

TUSCL is a great place for strip clubs lovers. It is not only a review site, but also a community of inspired users who aren't afraid to prove that striptease isn't something crazy in 2021. It brings pleasure and joy. Stay sexy and inspired and check TUSCL to find a perfect place for you!

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