Pornstars Databases

Do you know this feeling like “who is that bitch, I want some more porn with her?” when you watch some new video? Well, these sites exist for you to avoid this fucking moment. If you watch the porn videos there, you'll see who is participating. All the names will be known, and you can open new content with that gal you liked. It’s like a goddamn Wikipedia for the porn star bitches! This is the best feeling when you want the girl, and you can find more content with her right away!

Some of these stars even chat with their followers. There you can ask about her latest experiences, how many dicks she has sucked at once, and when her new video will come. She'll answer at least some of your questions. Please, don’t be too rude because you may be banned otherwise. Pornstars are also people, despite what you think about them. But what if all of the questions are answered by her manager, who knows? I can never tell the truth about this because it’s impossible to guess. Maybe, you will do it?

What will I find on these pornstars databases?

You can seek everything you want there. The hot backstage photos, some of the facts from the actress’s personal lives, and much more. You'll never be disappointed by the quality of the content there. Anything you can find is already waiting for you there. If you're a beginner in the porn industry, I mean, if you watch your first videos, you better start from these sites. You'll have no problems finding out who this is or that chick. You know, this can be even painful when you want to find more of her but you can’t!

Also, these sites exist for those men who are fans of those chicks for long. You know, those old chaps who can do everything to get the new photo signed by the porn star? Well, if you're the one from this crowd, I have some bad news for you. Maybe, you'll never find a love of your life or at least a decent fuck for real. When everything you can think about is your favorite porn star, real girls won't appreciate it. But if you believe real chicks look and fuck much worse, you're damn right!

pornstars databases

Is it OK to be the fan of a porn star and crave about her?

I'm not the one to judge you. Like, you know, the teenage girls and boys are the fans of Billie Eilish or some stupid fantasy book. They act like you too. They seek for everything they can find on the Internet about the star they love very much. They also have no lives just asking for something new about the topic of their fanship. And you know, why not? If your favorite porn star is the only person making you happy, it’s totally OK to immerse in her life.

If you think that this fan hysteria is a thing for the teenagers, you're goddamn wrong. In Japan, there are people named Hikkikomori. They do nothing but sit in front of their computers and fap on their favorite furry porn! Like, why not? If you cannot imagine living a life without your favorite porn star, then why even try? Spend your time how you like to do it!

Who is your favorite porn star, Hookup Guru?

You know, I'm not a fanboy. I got used to jerking my dick off on the pair of titties and the tight wet pussy. So, when I watch porn, I have no idea what the name of that cutie is. Sometimes I can see one or two videos with the same porn star if she gets me really hard. But you know, I prefer to find the lookalike webcam model and chat with her. Or even go to the salon where some girl will give me a massage with a happy ending. I like the real feelings, that’s why I prefer to fuck some women from blood and flash.

But if we talk about the porn stars I prefer, I'm into the Asian and Latina babes. Kianna Dior is my absolute #1 because of her huge titties! It looks like if you have a micro dick, you can easily get lost in those huge boobs! But if we talk about the Latina porn stars, my absolute favorite is Abby Lee Brazil! I've told you about it before. She fucks with pleasure, that’s why I love watching her ass bouncing. She isn't like these plastic dolls, despite the fact she has done some surgeries.

Bottom line from Hookup Guru

If you want to find the juiciest porn on the web, seek the video on the particular pornstar databases from my list. I'm here to tell you the most reliable ones. There you can find a lot of new information about your favorite porn stars. Also, you can see more videos with their participation. There you can also see some facts from their biographies. See how they decided to become the ones you wank your dick on during the long lonely nights. I think this can be interesting for those who spend a lot of time on porn sites.

My collection of sites in this list is for the real fanboys. You know those who buy all the videos with a porn star, see every fact from her life. Some of the desperate ones even google her Zodiac and how it is combined with his/her. You know that astrology prognosis for couples. Who of you, guys, have already got a special edition of Sasha Grey’s new photos, signed by her? By the way, I'm not a real fan of anyone. I only care about the size of girl’s asses when I visit this site and the quantity of anal videos.

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