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Sex In Portland: Tips On How To Hook Up In Portland

Hookup traveling is what every man needs to try in his life (at least once!). It opens a lot of opportunities you might have never thought of, broadens your horizons, and lets you feel more confident while talking to random chicks. This time, I'll help you find a perfect girl for sex in Portland, show you the best places, and share some useful tips. Ready to go?

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Meet girls in Portland: what are they like?

Portland is a large city full of attractive venues to visit. And sure, it's full of girls, young and hot. There are 4 main types of singles in Portland Oregon:

  • Outdoorsy chicks. They're all about jogging or doing yoga at the park, cycling, hiking, surfing, whatever is outdoors. They're active and never spend a lot of time at home so you'll never get bored with them. Warning, they might be too active, but you can always bang them to sleep or at least make them a bit tired. ;)
  • Trendy chicks. They're into fashion, the latest trends, and anything that's cool. You can always detect them by their looks. Always dressed to impress, with some expensive accessories, the latest smartphone models, and the coolest playlist out there. They always know what's popping right now in almost any area so you'll never feel bored with them as such chicks can talk about anything in the world.
  • Party chicks. They love going to the best night clubs in Portland, listen to the best DJs, and never miss the next party in town. They're all different in the daylight but the night makes them all party animals. The most exciting thing is you never know what the girl really is outside the nightclub. She can be a successful business lady or the smartest college student, or simply a woo-girl who loves hanging at the bars and dancing till morning with her fellow woo-girls.
  • Fancy chicks. They're classy and successful, never hang out at trashy bars or have sex with random guys in some nightclub's bathroom. You'll only find them at expensive restaurants, luxurious movie premieres, private spa clubs, and first-class plane seats. Many of these are cougars, women in their 40s, hungry for some young blood. You can impress them only with your looks, expensive accessories, and some smart talk. Better get well-prepared before meeting them, otherwise, you won't have any chance with them.

Top tips for online dating in Portland Oregon

Do a legit check

If a girl doesn't ask you for money and shares some personal pics with you, she's most certainly the real one. If a girl talks weirdly, asks for something, or has a poorly-filled profile, better switch to a new chick, this one might be fake

Keep it all a secret

Don't make everything awkward between you two after a good night. It's better to stay cool and not jeopardize someone's (and your own) reputation. If you're eager to tell your dudes about last night, better make it not that revealing, a simple "I got some" would be perfect

Don't rush into things

Nobody likes it when a random guy forces a girl into sleeping with him right away. Start with an offer to have a cup of coffee or a pint, walk to the nearest park or nightclub, or have some fun before you can handle her business. That's how you hook up in Portland with class!

The hottest webcam singles in Portland Oregon

Hungry for some hot girls? Most single women in Portland Oregon are kinky, perverted, and love performing on webcam sites so you'll easily find lots of them on the internet. Just pick your favorite cam site, sit back and relax, you're going to observe something beautiful!

NikolAndrez model
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AlexisKaine model
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SinthiaJones model
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NathalyeRose model
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  • NikolAndrez. She's only 18 but already an exclusive webcam model. She's tiny and fit, and she's ready to share all her dirty wishes with you. Dare to share yours? She can become a real muse for you so don't miss the chance to meet her!
  • AlexisKaine. Who's this hot-ass chick? Alexis is 21 and she's got some massive cans and booty. Oomph, she looks so damn hot and sexy in her lingerie! She loves roleplays and can perform a solo with a close-up. She likes nice stockings and goes crazy when you ask her to take them (and other parts of her look) off. Dare to say hi to her?
  • SinthiaJones. She's a perfect 22-year-old blond angel. She's petite with a stunning body and face, all-natural. If you want some dirty stuff, ask Sinthia to perform a show at the bar of her house or in her office. She can do roleplay, perform solo with different toys, dance for you, and do a lot more than that. Want to know what else she can do for you? Tip Sinthia well and she'll let you into her world!
  • NathalyeRose. Oh, those boobs! Can you imagine honka-honka them all night long? This 23-year-old babe is all innocent at first sight but if you take a better look and watch her show, you'll see how bad she is! Tip her for a sensual dance, oil spills, close-ups, or roleplays, and enjoy her private show (and those large titties). Get some napkins and lotion before you get in touch with her!

Where to get laid in Portland?

If you're still looking for the best places to find chicks for a one-night stand in Portland, stop right here. I got this! Here's where to find hookups in Portland.

River Pig Saloon
River Pig Saloon
529 NW 13th Ave
Misdemeanor Meadows
Misdemeanor Meadows
6920 SE 52nd Ave
Teardrop Lounge
Teardrop Lounge
1015 NW Everett St
Rum Club
Rum Club
720 SE Sandy Blvd


Let's start the night with some fancy cocktails, a few shots, or a glass of wine. You can do it all in the best Portland singles bars.

  • River Pig Saloon on 529 NW 13th Ave
  • Misdemeanor Meadows on 6920 SE 52nd Ave
  • Teardrop Lounge on 1015 NW Everett St.
  • Rum Club on 720 SE Sandy Blvd


Time for dessert or an exquisite main course? These top-notch Portland restaurants won't leave you indifferent!

  • Willow on 2005 SE 11th Ave
  • Gumba on 1733 NE Alberta St.
  • Le Pigeon on 738 E Burnside St.
  • Q Restaurant & Bar on 828 SW 2nd Ave


Portland nightlife is rich in cool nightclubs, top DJ sets, and great chillout areas. Here are the best night clubs in Portland:

  • Dirty Nightclub on 35 NW 3rd Ave
  • Trio Club on 909 E Burnside St.
  • Snake Bar on 28 NW 4th Ave
  • Mingle Lounge on 322 NW Everett St.


Who's up for a great night at the hotel? Just imagine those big comfy beds, a bathtub, and free breakfast for you and your date. A perfect ending to a perfect night out, huh? Here's where you can stay and go bananas all night long. They're all close to the city center so don't worry about getting a cab or walking long miles to your hotel.

  • Portland Marriott Downtown Waterfront, from $190 per night
  • Royal Sonesta Portland, from $110 per night
  • Downtown Value Inn, from $90 per night
  • Eastside Lodge, from $85 per night


Hungry for more extreme experiences? I got something for you! Here's the list of the best clubs and swinger bars where you can get the best sex show in Portland.

  • Club Privata
  • Devils Point
  • Mary's Club
  • Kit Kat Club

Where to meet Portland call girls?

If you want to try the real taste of Portland escorts, head to the Pearl District. This area is full of nightclubs and bars where you can meet local sex workers, not just horny chicks. As an alternative, there are lots of Portland Oregon escorts available for booking online. Just pick the best website and call a chick.

Portland MILFs overview

Search for MILFs nearby to make your sex trip to Portland even more fun. These women know what they want and crave to enjoy sex with a younger guy like you. I'llt ell you how to fuck local MILFs in your area in the soonest.

meet Portland MILFs

Where to find a MILF in Portland?

Obviously, there are some spots in the city where the concentration of sexy cougars is higher. In Portland, you can find local MILFs here:

  • Parks. Peninsula, Laurelhurst, or Kenton are just a few parks in the city where cougars hang out. They come here to enjoy the moment and relax after a hard-working week. And sex with you can become a great bonus for such a relaxation.
  • Bicycle paths. Portland MILFs enjoy an active lifestyle and ride bikes often. Join their routes in one of the city parks or head to local trails such as Spring Water Trail.
  • Coffee shops. That's the most popular kind of leisure in Portland. Chicks in their 40s come to coffee shops on their breaks or just when they have free time. You can spot a hot MILF at one of these venues any time of the day: Good Coffee, Upper Left Roasters, or Less and more coffee.
  • Theaters. This is how big girls have fun. Yes, if you want to fuck a mature pussy, you'll need to survive one of the plays held at such theaters as Alberta Rose Theatre or Antoinette Hatfield Hall.

Recommendations for hookup with Portland MILFs

If real MILFs near me isn't an issue anymore, picking them up still is. How to make MILFs looking to hook up to want you? Try these:

  • Show your interest in her personality. For mature Portland women, sex isn't only about pure penetration. It's about emotions! She needs to feel you're attracted to her not only about her gorgeous ass but some charisma she has.
  • Ask questions about her likes and dislikes. That's the only way to make a Portland MILF cum, buddy! The majority of older guys simply ignore that and never pamper their chicks with orgasms. The best way to please a woman is to ask her how she likes it.
  • Be initiative. Your age isn't a reason to be a submissive cock (unless your MILF wants that). It's you who express the desire to know her and fuck her afterward, not vice versa.
  • Respect the boundaries. Buddy, you don't need to know how many kids she has to fuck her. And it doesn't matter whether she's married or not. Drop it. Asking questions about her personality doesn't mean violating personal boundaries. Focus on future sex, dude!

Best tips for offline Portland Oregon hookups

Dress to impress

What's the real woman magnet? Right, a well-dressed, good-smelling guy. Pick your best outfit, have a nice shower, shave your strategic parts, and hit the road! Don't forget the most seductive cologne, but not too much. Oh, and maybe some cool accessories?

Pick the best spot for a sleepover

Nobody likes staying in a dirty, trashy motel room with sperm on the bedsheets and torn wallpapers. Find a decent hotel where you can stay till noon, enjoy each other's company, room service, and a free minibar. Indulge yourself with a spa or morning swim in a pool to refresh and relax

Don't forget about your rubber dudes

Protection is crucial, especially if you're having multiple random partners. You don't want to end up having an STD or an unexpected baby, huh? Then rush to the nearest pharmacy and load your pockets with condoms. Leave home with the full pack

Start with chitchat

Girls love the small talk and hate it when the guy can't handle his thing in the pants for a little while. Talk about your preferences in bed, what you'd never do, and what makes you hornier than ever. Such talks help you get to know each other better, connect on a very basic level, and make it an incredible night for both of you


Don't be afraid to try new things with a stranger. It's a great opportunity to explore new aspects of your sexuality, find out if you'll like something you've always wanted to try, and finally try some new positions, toys, or dirty phrases. You probably won't ever meet again so even if the experience wasn't that good you won't feel awkward at all

best places to get laid in PortLand

Time to move from theory to practice!

It's not that hard to get laid in Portland, you just need to know the places. Casual dating in Portland is great as you'll meet lots of kinky chicks ready to jump your bones right away. With the right attitude and some hell of an outfit, you'll make any chick fall for you right away, so remember my tips, grab some condoms, and off you go!

Secret tip from a local hookuper

Want to win a 100% chance to hook up in Portland? Head to the downtown. This is the area with the best night clubs in Portland where you can meet tons of tipsy chicks ready to jump your bones if you just look at them. Plus, it's a great area for a sleepover as well. Everything's close, and you don't need to worry about calling a cab or getting too far away from your accommodation.

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