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A Comprehensive Yokohama Sex Guide: How To Have Sex With Local Girls

Hooking up with Japanese girls is wild, freaky, and very passionate. They may seem shy at first, but after they realize you`re exactly what they need, you`ll have as much sex as you want and more. So how to seduce Yokohama girls and what secrets you should know to spend some awesome nights there?

Yokohama sex guide: ease of finding a one-night stand

Many Yokohama chicks are looking for a mutually beneficial sex relationship. Especially, they`re into finding a sugar daddy who could provide them for life. Even if you can`t afford to pay for a single gal all your life, you can still be of great interest to them. Take them to restaurants or nightclubs, pay for their drinks, and these cute Yokohama escorts are all yours! So, answering your question, yes, it`s easy to get laid if you`re a foreigner in Yokohama.

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Top reasons for getting laid in Yokohama

Let`s see why having sex with a girl from Yokohama is one of the best experiences in your life:

  • Chicks from Yokohama and the rest of Japan are freaks in bed. They`ll do whatever they come up with, no fear or shyness.
  • Their biggest passion is Western guys. They`ll jump on your bones right away if they see your handsome face and great, muscular body.
  • Even if the girl is shy around you, you can ask if she wants to bone, and she`ll gladly agree. They seem like a prude but in reality, every chick is filthy and nasty.

Top tips for online hookup in Yokohama

What are girls in Yokohama like?

Women seeking men in Yokohama are sexually perverted and are always up for some crazy stuff. Yokohama girls love BDSM, they`re never against bondages or strapons. Plus, these chicks love having sex for money, and they are always in search for a sugar daddy who they can accompany to get paid. One of the beloved places for Yokohama girls is swinger clubs where they can meet like-minded people and maybe have some occasional hookups after a meeting. So as you see, you`ll never get bored in Yokohama.

Another fun fact is that the girls like the western lifestyle. That`s why they try to look more like American classy chicks, buy expensive clothes and move into spacious apartments in the city center, and change their appearance to look more like Americans (dye their hair, do some cosmetic manipulations, etc.). You`ll see how much effort these Yokohama chicks put into becoming better than they are, and they nail it!

The hottest webcam models from Yokohama

For starters, you can search local webcam models so that you can study the market and see what kinds of girls are there in Yokohama. Here are the hottest pussies out there:

Abby Montana model
Abby Montana
Abby Montana
Followers: 67k
Doris Violet model
Doris Violet
Doris Violet
Followers: 74k
Nikki Chanel model
Nikki Chanel
Nikki Chanel
Followers: 91k
Moira Kinsley model
Moira Kinsley
Moira Kinsley
Followers: 76k
  • Abby Montana. She`s 38 but looks better than a 20-year-old. So sexy and hot, you`ll love her big boobs and seductive eyes. She likes foreplay and playing with toys, and she`ll love it if you ask her to pour some oils over her body. Oh, and ask her to put on the stockings! That`s real love.
  • Doris Violet. She`s 20, and she`s a tiny little minx. You`ll love her great ass and intimate piercing. ;) Ask her to perform a dance for you or show some of her toys, she gets turned on by that!
  • Nikki Chanel. A newbie to the webcam world, she`s 26 and gets turned on by a foreplay or smoking. She really does! Nikki can also play with her toys and perform a close-up. She loves men who make her feel like a queen, so maybe this time it`ll be you?
  • Moira Kinsley. She`s a bit chubby but extremely hot. She`s a 22-year-old dominatrix who loves to get dirty. Among her passions, you can find foot fetish, uniform plays, dancing, close-ups, and so on. She`s a hot-ass bitch!

The best hookup places in Yokohama

If you travel to Yokohama, you can have all sorts of fun there, from kissing hot drunks in the nightclub or joining a local sexaholic community to share your experience and tell them your story. And sure, don`t forget about food, it`s awesome wherever you go!



Let`s have some shots or cocktails for starters. Or maybe a glass of ice-cold sake? Here`s the list of the top Yokohama bars:

  • HUB-Shin Yokohama in Kanagawa, Kohoku Ward
  • BAR GIFT in Otamachi
  • Shot Bar Hide and Seek in Kanagawa
  • Casablanca in Naka Ward


Up for some true Japanese sushi and matcha cakes? Or maybe some tasty seafood dinner? Whatever you want to eat, Japan has it all. Here are the best Yokohama restaurants:

  • Charcoal Grill Green at 6 Chome Bentendori
  • Tokiwasushi in Tokiwacho
  • Minato Sushi in Sumiyoshicho
  • KatsuRetsuan in Tokiwacho


Where to stay for the night? How much you can spend at once? See these top options that can fit any budget:

  • APA Hotel & Resort, from $42 per night
  • RESOL YOKOHAMA SAKURAGICYO, from $53 per night
  • Hotel New Grand, from $117 per night
  • InterContinental, from $109 per night


The best option while visiting big cities in Japan. Yokohama nightlife is very bright and diverse, you can find any club that fits your tastes, and meet all sorts of girls there. Here are the top Yokohama night clubs:

  • Club Milano in Fukutomicho
  • Yokohama Partyzone in Nakaku Choujamachi
  • Disco Groovy in Honcho
  • AREA51 in Kanagawa


Apart from the famous nightclubs and bars, you can easily pick up chicks anywhere else. The chances are higher in the college areas and even shopping malls, so here`s where you can go pussy hunting:

  • Sankeien Gardens
  • Minato Mirai 21
  • Motomachi Shopping Street
  • Kishamichi Promenade

Tips on getting hookups in Yokohama

Condoms, condoms, condoms

Never forget to protect each other from undesired STDs or other unpleasant stuff. Don`t forget to load your pockets with the rubbers

Dress well and to the occasion

Yokohama girls love classy men who know style basics. Try to impress her with your best outfit that fits the event and make an unforgettable first impression. As a pleasant bonus, you can buy the girl a matching accessory that would go perfectly with your outfit. You two will look amazing!

Don`t be an asshole

You should look and act like a gentleman who knows who he`s hanging out with. Even if it`s a one-night stand, you should realize that she`s an alive person, and you have to treat her well. In return, you`ll get the best sexual treatment, totes

Learn some Japanese phrases

As a tribute to Japanese culture and citizens, learn some basic words and maybe some dirty phrases for the authentic experience. The girl would want to fuck you right away!

Show some respect and pay attention to the girl

Ask about her interests, sexual preferences, and her life before getting under her pants. This not only shows respect but also helps you get to know this girl more so that you could make her even happier in bed

best places to get laid in Yokohama

Amazed with Yokohama nightlife and girls? Then why sit at home! Grab your plane tickets and go hit the road! Your filthy desires will be duly rewarded. ;)

Secret insight from a local pro hookuper

Yokohama red-light district is your destination if you don`t want to play any flirt games. To get laid ASAP, you can visit the well-known love hotels or gaijin establishments. There are also gaijin-friendly bars and cafes where you can meet fellow sex-addicts and hookup with a few chicks.

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