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Hiroshima Sex Guide: Getting That Hiroshima Hookup

Listen, guy, you might have been scoring hookups left and right in your home country. The odds are you haven`t. This guide is for guys who wanna be able to fuck whenever they feel like it, not when a girl is feeling sorry for you and gives you a pity fuck. This is the guide you need if you wanna learn the best way to make your Hiroshima trip a sexcapade. You think you`re man enough to take my advice and make full use of it? Because if you do, buddy, your dick is gonna be ridiculously sore at the end of the trip.

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What`s special about sex in Hiroshima Japan?

Hiroshima is one of the most beautiful cities in the world. Serene architecture, beautiful temples and lakes, and stunning Hiroshima nightlife. What better place to chase aesthetics and pussies?

Is it easy to meet girls in Hiroshima?

Japan has 93 males for 100 females. Meeting women will be ridiculously easy, and that`s not mentioning all the different kinds of ladies you`ll see. Quirky teens in college, classy MILFs, sluts of all age groups, and even tourists from other countries. Even better, Japanese girls have a thing for foreign guys, so getting a hookup would be really easy. If you follow this guide, you`ll be jacking off to the memory of your Hiroshima trip in the future.


Japan`s all about that online culture. Finding a hookup online will be a piece of cake. The real question is if you`ve got the capability of getting those chicks to fall for you. The local Hiroshima hookup dating sites will give you a taste of the local pussy. Of course, you could use the search filters to find your ideal Hiroshima girl, or you could just try them all. Trial by error`s the best scientific method, after all.

The sexiest webcam models of Hiroshima

These hotties not only are the best in webcamming, they`re also successful porn stars. Isn`t this the best combination?

Rumi Meda model
Rumi Meda
Rumi Meda
Followers: 125k
Nanase Hina
Nanase Hina model
Nanase Hina
Followers: 67k
Rino Hinano model
Rino Hinano
Rino Hinano
Followers: 94k
Maria Aine model
Maria Aine
Maria Aine
Followers: 71k
  • Rumi Meda. Rumi`s a petite babe, and just getting started with exploring how much of a slut she can be. Her B cup boobs contribute to her young look.
  • Nanase Hina. She`s a very sexual being, who loves dressing up as a maid, playing with vibrators and dildos, and sucking on cock whenever she can. Even though she pretends to be timid, put a cock near her, and you`ll see what whore she can be.
  • Rino Hinano. Riho`s a cutesy slut who could be mistaken for an anime chick. She`s shy, but once she gets in her flow, she`ll get you hard as a rock, and she`ll do everything to make you burst.
  • Maria Aine. One of the most beautiful girls here, she loves facials, orgasms, and riding cock. She`s a master at sex positions, so check her out to see just how flexible she can be!

Best places to hookup in Hiroshima

Online sexting is nice, but don`t you want some live action? You wanna find girls who`re ready to grind their cute asses against your cock, kiss your neck and give you hickeys. It`s easy to get that if you know where to look. Aren`t you lucky I`m gonna show you all the best spots to start searching?



Alcohol gets sluts friendlier and sluttier. You wanna make the most, so why not find a chick at one of the many bars in Hiroshima? These girls won`t just come home with you because you`re a foreigner though, they`re not some kind of Hiroshima escort. Be a gentleman, be flirty, and these bars could easily get you a good lay:

  • Hiroshima 1923 High Ball Bar
  • Tropical Bar Revolucion
  • Raku Beer
  • Yebisu Bar
  • Mac Bar
  • Bourbon Square
  • KeMBY`s Brew Pub
  • Molly Malone`s

If a girl doesn`t say yes to your advances in one bar, move on to the next one. When there`s so many eager sluts, why bother with an unsure one?


Everyone knows a girl who`s already dancing is the one most willing to spread her legs for you. What better place to find sex in Hiroshima Japan than at their famous clubs? Check these out:

  • Club Quattro
  • club G Hiroshima
  • Herbie Hiroshima
  • BARCOS International Club
  • Club L2
  • Mambos
  • Afterbeat
  • Koba


The one place Hiroshima girls are guaranteed to frequent are the restaurants. These chicks are crazy for food, and these are the places to check out to find them:

  • Hassei
  • Guttsuri-ann
  • Nagataya
  • Parco della Pace
  • Roopali Indian Restaurant
  • Lopez Okonomiyaki
  • Tempura Tenkou
  • Okonomimura

Every restaurant`s got its own theme and cuisine, so it`s good to check them all out when you`ve got the chance. It`s a great place to meet chicks too, so that`s a bonus. Plenty of cute waitresses to hit on as well.

Hookup hotels in Hiroshima

You`ve seduced a chick but you don`t have a hotel room? Where the fuck are you gonna have sex, genius? Japanese girls live with their parents, she`s not gonna take you to her place. Invest in a good hotel, or your flirting with girls will be for absolutely nothing.

  • Kurayado Iroha (At $382 per night)
  • Sheraton Grand Hiroshima Hotel (At $221 per night)
  • Hiroshima Diamond Hotel (At $109 per night)
  • Daiwa Roynet Hotel Hiroshima (At $94 per night)
  • RIHGA Royal Hotel Hiroshima (At $87 per night)
  • Candeo Hotels Hiroshima Hatchobori (At $78 per night)
  • Grand Prince Hotel Hiroshima (At $62 per night)
  • Hiroshima Washington Hotel (At $60 per night)

You don`t need to go absolutely baller with your hotel, but trust me, buddy, with some of these hotels, you could just name-drop and a girl will offer herself up just to come home with you and spend the night. Your choice.

Experiences in Hiroshima

There are more places to find hookup partners than just in bars, restaurants, and clubs. These places will have the most authentic, down to earth Hiroshima girls, not to mention quite a few attractive tourists from all over the world:

  • Deep Hiroshima Wabi-Sabi Sextertainment Tour
  • Hiroshima Museum of Art
  • Shukkeien
  • Itsukushima Floating Torii Gate
  • Hiroshima Castle
  • Momijidani Park
  • Mitaki-dera Temple
  • Hiroshima City Asa Zoological Park

From here, set your eyes on a girl, and chat her up until she inevitably falls for your charm, and you take her to your hotel, you sly dog.

How to stay safe while hookup in Hiroshima?

Be confident

Japanese girls aren`t used to being hit on because Japanese guys are shy. They also have the hots for foreign dudes like you. They think you`re cute, so bank on that advantage. Start putting the moves on the chicks from the moment you set eyes on them. Tell you think they`re hot, there`s a connection, and you wanna take them out, and if they`re lucky, bang it out back at your fancy hotel room.

Remember foreplay

There`s more to sex than just “hard cock goes in and out of pussy”. You don`t wanna forget foreplay. Do you wanna fuck a wet pussy, or a dry one? Use your fingers, tongue, and cock to tease her. Focus on more than just her cunt, and you`ll get her so dripping wet she`ll be begging for you to fuck her already.

Bring condoms

The last thing you need from a Hiroshima hookup is an 18-year-long reminder. Just as bad is getting an STD. Don`t be a fool, wrap your tool. You don`t wanna wake up the next morning and have to go scampering for plan B pills. It`s a small price to pay, but that bit of latex is better in the long run.

Talk body language

The way you walk, the way you talk to her and others around you, and even the way you look at her affect the way she thinks about you. Focus on keeping your back straight and your chin up, don`t stare at tits no matter how tempting they are, and hold eye contact and smile. You`ll be golden.

Remember good fashion

Love at first sight applies to hookups too. Nice, clean shoes, well-fitting clothes, and colors that match are a huge deal, and it`ll make you look appealing from other guys.

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Can you achieve a sex-filled Hiroshima trip?

If your horniness and drive can push you to visit all the locations and talk to as many girls as you possibly can, you`re guaranteed to take more than just a few chicks home in your time there. Keep trying, even if you get shot down. It`s a numbers game. Good luck!

Secret tip from a local Hiroshima hookuper

You wanna make the most of your stay? Don`t skimp out on the Hiroshima Red Light District. Yagenbori is one of the biggest red-light districts in the country, but knowing the place isn`t enough. If you go there in the morning, it`s just a boring old city. Go there after the sun goes down, and you`re in for a great night. The nightlife pops out, with the horny girls of Hiroshima looking to get a drink and a good fuck, and men who are willing to indulge them. Think you can score some here?

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