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Getting Laid In Tokyo Sex With Hot Japanese Girls

Hearing “Tokyo”, what`s the first thought crossing your mind? Yakuza and ninja? Ancient temples and rich history? Crazy food and comics obsession? Or maybe prostitution and kinky sex? If you`re here, the last variant is yours. Japanese are famous sex weirdos. This is where tentacles porn and sex with dolls take their roots, no doubt jerkers around the world desire to explore the Land of the Rising Sun. Are you with us? I`ll give you the most detailed Tokyo adult guide that`ll help you to fuck a couple of locals and take their orgasms as a souvenir memory with you.

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Sex in Tokyo: general facts

Tokyo is the capital of all Japanese sex culture. The most populous sex clubs and kinky spaces are situated here, and not only locals are frequent at them. Being in Tokyo for the first time, you`ll hardly say citizens here fuck like rabbits at night. Tons of white collars that show zero emotions on the street, Kawai teenagers that don`t look like experienced fuckers, and strict laws. All these don`t say anything about sex. But let`s dig deeper.

Even if prostitution is banned in Japan, it`s still flourishing. The most famous Red Lights district named Kabukicho is proof of that. Lots of sex shops, love hotels, bars with sexy hostesses, and any other sexual experience is waiting for you there at night. You`ll be surprised how hot but humble Tokyo girls turn to passionate and horny kittens there.

Have you heard of Akihabara district? Think it`s a land of comics, anime, and robots? The biggest and most popular sex shops are right there! And it`s not a tiny space where everything is sold in a secret. It`s huge malls with a variety of sexual items that aim to make your hookup in Tokyo unforgettable. You might open a new side of pleasure and have totally different sex using some toy from there.

Excited to explore local sex possibilities? There are two main ways that lead to getting laid in Tokyo: online and offline.

Tips for a safe online hookup

Even picking up girls in Tokyo online you better take care of your pecker safety. I suggest you follow these 3 simple rules:

The juiciest Tokyo webcam models

Sorayon model
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Marica Hase
Marica Hase
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  • Sorayon. Tiny, cute, and super sexy. Seems like this little angel has a very naughty mind as she may perform anything on cam: from clit rubbing to fucking machine orgasms.
  • TokyoGirl18. A true Kawai cosplay queen. Ever dreamt fucking a Saylor Moon? TokyoGirl18 might be anyone for you.
  • ArianeQuinn. Her innocent eyes scream “fuck me ASAP”. This slut is quite curvy which is rare for Asians, so seeing how she shakes her ass in front of a cam will make you stone hard.
  • Marica Hase. This famous porn star originated from Tokyo and if you`ll be lucky enough you might watch her rare cam sessions. She`s an embodiment of real Japanese sex!

Best Tokyo hookup places

But why sit in the hotel and stare at your laptop holding a hard dick when such a huge variety of sex possibilities is around you? Going out and trying your luck with local birds is much more exciting and fruitful! You flirt, make her desire you, sense her juices flowing, and have unforgettable sex after. My list of Tokyo hookup spots for foreigners will help you to gain those results.

Deathmatch in Hell
Deathmatch in Hell
160-0021 Tokyo, Shinjuku City, Kabukicho, 1 Chome−1−8
High Five
High Five
104-0061 Chuo City, Ginza, 5 Chome−4−15 Efflore Ginza5 Bldg
104-0061 Tokyo, Chuo City, Ginza, 6 Chome−5−16
Bar Trench
Bar Trench
150-0021 Tokyo, Shibuya City, Ebisunishi, 1 Chome−5−8 DIS
Star Bar Ginza
Star Bar Ginza
104-0061 Tokyo, Chuo City, Ginza, 1 Chome−5−13 MODERNS GINZA
160-0023 Tokyo, Shinjuku City, Nishishinjuku, 7 Chome−10−14
Mogambo Tokyo
Mogambo Tokyo
106-0032 Tokyo, Minato City, Roppongi, 7 Chome−14−5
TOKYO Whisky Library
TOKYO Whisky Library
107-0062 Minato City, Minamiaoyama, 5 Chome−5−24


Japanese girls love to hang out in Tokyo bars. It`s a perfect spot for hookups as alcohol helps everyone to relax and do the things they only fantasize at night about. Visit each of these places, select a bird that makes you the hardest, offer her a drink, start a talk, and offer to continue the evening in a more cozy place.

  • Deathmatch in Hell
  • High Five
  • Bar Trench
  • Star Bar Ginza
  • Zoetrope
  • Mogambo Tokyo
  • TOKYO Whisky Library


Restaurants aren`t the most obvious sex places in Tokyo. But only for those who don`t know where exactly to look for. Checking out these spots you might enjoy not only the delicious dishes but local pussy too. Start from the usual dining, identify a single gal, ask if you can join her, order something to eat and drink, and in a relaxed conversation you might discover she`s not against experimenting with a foreigner at the nearest hotel.

  • Ise Sueyoshi
  • Kikkō
  • Narisawa
  • Den
  • Sushiryori Inose
  • Aronia de Takazawa
  • Kuriya
  • Jiromaru Akihabara


Tokyo nightlife for foreigners might surprise you. There are tons of clubs with different interior, concepts, music, and audience. Which one to choose? Rely only on your personal preferences and wallet thickness. Generally, any Tokyo nightclub might turn into the sex club for you, but I recommend visiting these:

  • Key Club Shinjuku
  • Tokyo Loose
  • Contact
  • Circus
  • Bonobo
  • Casablanca


Where else would you end up when you`ve found a companion for your Tokyo one-night stand? Basically, you can try out doggy in the nightclub`s WC, but I hope you`re smarter than that. By providing an Asian chick comfort you might get satisfying results. A blowjob in the jacuzzi with a city view is more pleasurable than a quick oral in a stinky toilet, agree? Check out these Tokyo dating spots, and you`ll add your sex to the list of most memorable moments.

  • THE BLOSSOM HIBIYA (about $108)
  • Tokyo Bay Tokyu Hotel (around $50)
  • Shinjuku Granbell Hotel (from $40)
  • Richmond Hotel Asakusa (from $50)
  • Oriental Hotel Tokyo Bay (from $50)
  • Hotel Intergate Tokyo Kyobashi (from $40)
  • Daiwa Roynet Hotel Nishishinjuku (about $100)
  • JR Kyushu Hotel Blossom Shinjuku (from $80)


Going to museums isn`t boring when you know your final goal! Curious Asian chicks might look not only for extra knowledge or impressions there if you have something more interesting to offer. Have you, silly? Going sightseeing is a great idea as you already have a topic to start a chat with a gal — just begin discussing impressions from the park or museum and then move to the more exciting part if you feel it might work with her. Check out these not the most obvious hookup places in Tokyo.

  • teamLab Borderless
  • Shinjuku Gyoen National Garden
  • Meiji Jingu Shrine
  • Yomiuri Land
  • Samurai Museum
  • Madame Tussauds
  • Ueno Park

Tips on picking up girls in Tokyo

Choose touristic spots

Many Tokyo citizens still don`t speak English. It might be hard for you to set up any communication with local bitches if they don`t understand you. Opt for the touristic areas, locals there have used to English already and chances you`ll spot a gal that understands you there are high

Don`t take a lot of cash with you

There`s no need to brag about how rich you are if you`re going to Kabukicho. Not only local chicks will notice that but local fraudsters too. Then don`t be surprised if people attack you with offers to buy some bullshit for the fucking pile of money

Don`t let prejudices fool you

The fact Japanese fuck with octopuses in porn you usually watch doesn`t mean any Tokyo gal will agree to try that with you. Many of them are way more traditional you`ve thought

Play a flirt game

The qualitative foreplay ensures you unforgettable sex after. Jumping right to the bed after one shot of sake you lose the whole vibe! Tease a girl, seduce her, make her knees shake from a desire to feel you inside, and you`re guaranteed to have the most intense orgasm later in the evening

Respect boundaries

Not every bitch from the above-mentioned places will agree to bang with you. Test the waters, before asking a direct question, try to understand if that girl dares to hook up with a stranger tonight. If you sense there are no chances, step back and try anyone else

best places to get laid in Tokyo

Are you booking a flight already?

The variety of sex places in Tokyo might surprise you: you can meet a potential hookup partner in spots where you don`t even expect that. Follow the tips I share and your horny dick will stay safe. Go on exploring the tightness of Tokyo pussies and tag me on your photos after!

Secret tip from a local hookuper

The famous Tokyo sex district Kabukicho is controlled by Yakuzas. Messing up with them isn`t the thing you might want to do in Japan. So, when you decide to go on a sex adventure right there, try not to create any conflicts or behave like you can buy every girl there. The government supports the Yakuzas (though not openly), so the law won`t be on your side

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