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How would you like a website where all the best games are gathered in one place so that you can access them instantly? You now have Nutaku for that!

Nutaku hentai games are something you will want to test. What's the site is all about? Is Nutaku safe? And how to use it? Find all the answers in my Nutaku review!

  • Lots of games of developers from the entire globe
  • Top-notch plots of the games
  • The registration is simple and free
  • You need not give your credit card details to sign up
  • Follow your favorite profiles
  • Almost all services are free
  • High quality of games
  • Various categories and genres
  • Great mobile application
  • Safety of all your data
  • Not all games can be downloaded

What is Nutaku?

Nutaku is a leading website that offers its members to enjoy the world of adult games. Launched in 2015, is the sole website with DMM games outside Japan. Do you want to find some high-quality hentai videos? This site will perfectly fulfill all your dreams.

Here you will be able to not only observe, but to feel yourself in the game with its all interactions and possibilities to control the characters, decide what they must do and how to behave in certain situations. Great graphics and excellent images will give you a realistic feeling that you are not sitting in front of the screen, but directly participating in all fun games.

nutaku main

First impression on Nutaku hentai games site

The platform is modern, and you understand that from first sight. The design in pink and gray color scheme is pleasant, and the interface is intuitive. So all the users can easily surf the website.

There's no irritating ad and pop-ups. Clicking all the buttons, you can be sure it won't transfer you to some shitty place.

It's also easy to search for games and view them, considering the filters you choose. This helps to find the perfect game faster.

Is Nutaku good? Definitely. And it's obvious from the very first seconds of using the platform.

Nutaku members

  • Over 80 million visitors per month
  • Users from the whole world
  • Games created by talented web developers
  • There are no limits for members from different countries
  • Possibility to follow different members

Nutaku gaming service attracts many visitors and users. The service can boost more than 80 million visitors per month. It’s also a great platform for experienced and professional web developers from the whole world.

As a gaming site, Nutaku offers lots of possibilities to play with virtual animation heroines. Be sure you won’t be disappointed because the content is more than top-notch. Besides, here you won’t find you in the situation when you don’t have access to the website, as it sometimes happens with a dating service, etc. People from the whole world can visit and enjoy the service with no limits.


  • An absolutely free registration
  • No obligation to give any additional personal information
  • 100 bonus coins after the sign-up
  • There are no credit card details requirements
  • Easy and quick process of sign-up
Nataku registration

When you come across Nutaku, you will definitely be unable to resist trying this bright and promising platform. Good news for you! Registration is just nothing to do. You probably remember all these difficult and time-consuming procedures of sign up with a lot of steps and many forms with questionnaires. Here you won’t find it. All you need is to visit the home page and click on the button “Sign up”. There you should enter your valid email address, your nickname, and create a password. After you will get a confirmation letter and a little pleasant bonus. If you confirm your account, you will get 100 coins for free. The great thing is that there is no obligatory requirement to give any credit card details and be unexpectedly charged one day.

You are not demanded to fill any forms about you but if you want to, there is a possibility to indicate such details as:

  • Your gender
  • Date birth
  • Country
  • Occupation
  • Hobbies
  • Description where you can write something about you
nutaku games

Start conversation

  • Advanced search tool
  • Various categories
  • Free browsing
  • List of current game events
  • Recommendations special for you

When you finally start using Nutaku, you will see that creators have given much thought to organizing all contents in the most comfortable way. So you need not browse through the ocean of videos to find exactly what you want at the moment. The categories are created especially for your convenience. Here you can find such genres of content like

  • Top Ranking Free Nutaku Hentai Games
  • Top Ranking Mobile Porn Games
  • Top Ranking Downloadable Porn Games
  • Nutaku Exclusive Porn Games
  • Free Online Hentai Games
  • Newest Porn Game
  • Nutaku’s Staff Picks
  • Current Game event has a function of personal recommendations based on your previous preferences. This service works very well and suggests only the most similar games to ones you have already played. The list of current game events with countdown helps to be aware of all offers and not lose it in such a great range of videos.

You can also use an advanced searching engine and choose the desired characteristics of the video. You can select:

  • Genre
  • Tag
  • Developer
  • Publisher
  • Language

It’s not the end. To simplify the process of search, you can also choose among browser, downloadable and mobile games. Moreover, all the games may be sorted by top ranking, newest and alphabetic.

nutaku games


  • No need to fulfill all the forms
  • Possibility to follow users’ profiles
  • Adding to a favorite list
  • Possibility to get messages from users
  • Find a profile by ID number

Here, on Nutaku gaming service, the communication with other users is not the main aim because you have a better variant to plunge into the world of virtual but spicy and erotic reality. You can follow different members, though. Other users can follow you back. There is a possibility to send messages for free and add users to favorite list. If you lost someone, but you know his or her ID number you can look for this person in this way.

Mobile app

It’s evident that Nutaku offers its users a mobile application. All the games are divided into the browser and mobile games. Lots of them have both versions to give all the possibilities to enjoy at any moment and in any place with no limits. The mobile application works really smooth. It has a great design and a simple interface. What is fantastic is that app as a mobile version doesn’t have any ads. That’s why it looks delightful and doesn’t distract. You can even download some games and not care about viruses or any bags.

nutaku mobile


On Nutaku services you need to buy golds to pay for opportunity to download some games. The cost is the following:

10 000
30 000

A good bonus is that you can get a little discount for the first purchase of golds. Speaking about payment, there are such available payment methods:

  • Master Card
  • Visa
  • Discover
  • Diners Club
  • PayPal
  • PaySafe

Free services

  • Sign up
  • Browsing
  • Search engine
  • Playing browse and mobile games
  • Taking part in event games
  • Messaging other profiles
  • Access to the members’ details

Fee-based services

  • Downloading games

Although almost all games are free to play, thanks to golds you can download some of them and try even without an Internet connection. That is an advantage. You can play at any time and have steady access to the game you chose.

Appearance and interface

The overall interface is user-friendly. The design is excellent and shows that designers know what they are doing. The navigation is well-thought-out. With a great base, they still cope with all the content and present it in the most convenient for their users way. Besides, it’s always updated to trends.

Special features

Nutaku exclusive porn games

Thanks to this feature, you can find the most interesting and unusual games that are created to spice up the general categories. Here you can find some virtual reality, visual novels, and strategy games.

Is Nutaku legit?

Nutaku creators have done everything to ensure your ass is safe when surfing this website.

You're not obliged to provide any of your personal details per registration. Moreover, you can use a special email for sex games that no one else knows! It makes it impossible to steal any of your data or disclose your personality.

Moreover, your transactions on the website are also encrypted so that no fraudsters can trace your bank credentials.

Summing up on the Nutaku review

Great design, intuitive interface, the best Nutaku hentai games—isn't this all about the top-notch experience you could ever expect from sex gaming online?

Nutaku is home to the coolest games and is one of the most popular websites among players. Is Nutaku real? Certainly. Just like the pleasure you get from using it. Don't hesitate to give this platform a test!

Contact Information

Company: Nutaku
Address:MG BILLING US CORP, 2300 Empire Avenue, Burbank, CA 91504, USA

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is Nutaku free?

Yes, registration and watching most videos are free. You just need to pay for certain downloadable games.

2. How do Nutaku credits work?

You can buy credits (here they are called golds) and pay for several downloadable games. There is no membership system, here you pay only for games you ordered.

3. Is safe?

Nutaku is a safe website. The creators did everything to protect its users from any scam.

4. How can I delete Nutaku profile?

To delete your profile, you will need to visit “ Your account” section, click on “Close my account” and confirm that you want to do it.

5. How many members does Nutaku have?

About 80 000 million people visit this website every month.

6. Can I use Nutaku net anonymously?

Yes, you can hide your gender or birthday. For this, visit “Edit profile” section on your profile page, after that check the “Do not display on profile” box.

7. How can I know that the profiles are real?

Every profile and game is verified by the moderators of Nutaku.

8. Is messaging free?

You can send messages to developers or other members with whom you play the same games. And yes, messaging is absolutely free.

9. How long does it take to have my profile approved?

It takes some instants. You don’t need to wait.

10. What can I do to keep my account safe?

To keep your account safe, use reliable wi-fi and don’t share your personal details with strangers.

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