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What's Inside The KinkMaster Adult Game?

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Good ol′ sex eventually becomes boring. This is when you turn to porn. But sooner or later, the same thing happens to porn as well. This is the moment when lots of sex lovers try sex games. And the KinkMaster adult game is what the majority of perverts will want to test.

Is KinkMaster worth your attention? What can it offer? How to play and for what price? Find the answers in this KinkMaster review.

  • Easy gameplay
  • Ability to create a gaming character of your dreams
  • Pleasant interface and realistic graphics
  • Free usage
  • Quick registration
  • You get subscription to another website when registering.
  • Providing credit card details is obligatory.

Overall impression and design

Well, if you seek something that will make your cock as hard as years ago, this might be the place where this will finally happen. It's just impossible to resist those realistic gaming characters the KinkMaster online sex game offers.

You can clearly see every pixel of each pussy or ass you meet in the game, and this is damn amazing to my mind.

All the fun you see during the game is spiced up by cool sound on the background that only adds to the whole sexual atmosphere.

How to play KinkMaster?

To start playing, you'll need to answer a few questions. First, confirm that you are at least 18 and choose the device you'll play at (desktop, mobile, tablet).

Then, create a gaming character of a slut you'll fuck in the game. Indicate the desired hair color (blonde, dark, red), choose the tits size, add some latex on her if you want so, and state how you'd want to cum (on her face, on her boobs, in her mouth). After, choose a game mode (single player or multiplayer). The cool thing is that you can literally see the chick you're creating for yourself to better understand what appearance is more appealing for you.

Now, you need to create an account. Provide a valid email, your name, country, and zip code, and make up a strong password.

The next step is to share your credit card details. You can't proceed with the game without indicating your financial data. But there's nothing to worry about—you won't be charged with anything yet and your sensitive info is safe too.

After this, you're ready to enjoy the game without any limits, my dear perverted friend.


Free Usage
2 Days

KinkMaster is one of the free online adult games, it means you can play it for absolutely no cost.

But there's a monthly price for the subscription to the Find My Forever Mate website. And you receive access to this platform automatically when registering at the KinkMaster adult game. The first 2 days are free, then, you need to pay $39.95 monthly.

Realistic gaming characters, ability to create a slut of your dreams, free usage—what else would an avid player and wanker need? You've all these inside the KinkMaster, so don't hesitate to check it out, mate.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How to create an account on KinkMaster?

Just provide your email, name, country, zip code, make up a strong password, answer a few questions to create a gaming character you're going to fuck in the game, and that's it. The only thing left is to indicate your credit card details to prove age.

2. How to play the KinkMaster adult game?

After registration and creating your gaming character, you're ready to play. It's easy to understand how everything works inside KinkMaster thanks to the user-friendly interface.

3. Is KinkMaster free?

Yes, by registering the KinkMaster account you get a free 2-day trial. But the monthly subscription will cost you $39.95 monthly after that.

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