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Here I will try to tell you about HappyTugs, one of the coolest resources where you can find really good massage sex content. You can watch high-quality videos (some in Full HD) and get an unforgettable experience. Glimpsing the chicks jerk the men off and ride their big cocks sounds really nice, doesn't it?

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HappyTugs: What is it about?

I’m a big fan of exotic Asian massages. The feeling when a hot girl rubs you with warm oil, touches your body and makes you moan with pleasure is hard to describe in words. You just gotta feel it! But what if I tell you to get even more?

Let’s be honest, dude! You have certainly fantasized about full body sex massages not even once in your life! Isn’t that your dream to come to some massage parlor in your area and end up with a handjob. And what about full sex massages?

Imagine the next situation: some guy is having a rough day. He looks for an ordinary rubdown, comes to a local massage parlor. He doesn’t suspect anything, he just wants to relax. A pretty Asian lady enters the massage room and asks him to take off his clothes, lay down and enjoy. Then she starts the process, putting some hot oil on his skin and massaging his shoulders and legs. But when she asks him to lay on his back, that’s when a real party gets started!

HappyTugs site

The masseuse starts doing the things a lucky guy would never expect! A light handjob turns into an intense blow job! But that is not it! A full body sex massage is what is waiting for a guy. Lucky beggar! Who would say “no” if a hot girl offers a passionate quickie with all perks? Nobody!

The idea of HappyTugs

So, cameras are hidden in a massage parlor. I hope you got the idea they capture everything that goes on there. They're filming as guys come in, get undressed and get massaged. The cameras are also rolling when the girls tell the men that if they're willing to pay a little more, the masseuse will get naked, stroke their cock and let them have sex with them.

Another important thing you need to know is the site is a faux voyeur cam set up. It means cameras are set though they are hidden. The video is filmed like everything is real. Models also pretend to be real masseuses. It is all done with one purpose — to create an image of a real situation where any dude can enjoy a damn full-service erotic massage with orgasmic tug job. The effect is mindblowing. I’m telling you it’s one of the best porn portals ever.

You can watch the scene from three different angles. The videos usually start with a man getting undressed and laying on a couch. Then there is a scene with some pretty innocent looking oiling and rubbing. But it won’t take long until a hard big cock gets into a hot Asian girl’s hands. Then the scenario may go different ways. Some babies do just handjobs, focusing on tugging and stroking. But I've got good news here! Most girls go far more than that! Not only do they demonstrate a professional blowjob like they had done it a million times. They also climb onto the man and show a strong desire to mount a big prick.

While hot Asian babes are writhing, moaning, moving fast and breathing loudly, men may stay pretty passive. Of course, that’s natural. They’ve paid well for being serviced well! They enjoy the process, letting themselves relax. They care about their pleasure.

The only thing that never changes is the ending. It’s always a happy one. Lots of the models bent down to catch the spurting cum in their mouths.

My impression of HappyTugs

There is not much you can tell about the site when you visit it for the first time. Information is quite limited. All you see are thumbnails of their video episodes. But the good news is those pics are very convincing. They are even more than that! From the very beginning, I realized I wanted more. I desired to see more! The shots looked attractive, exciting, appealing. Sorry, I’m not that good at expressing my emotions. But the thing is I got really interested and was sure I found something worth buying a membership.

Here is what I found out when I logged into. First of all, you can either download videos or watch them online. If you want to get them on your computer, you can have them in a few different formats. You can choose between bit rates, lengths, and sizes. Watching videos online is really comfortable too. The quality is high. Many of the movies have an “HD” badge on them. On average, a film lasts for about 24-30 minutes.

HappyTugs website

As I’m one of those who are after Asian handjob and massage porn, I was pleasantly surprised to find such a quality product. Though, some things have to be improved. Like not all videos are HD quality. I wish some of them were better. Besides, Happy Tugs adds new films not that often. Maybe once every other week or even once a month. It’s pretty rare for a site that strives to have loyal constant viewers.

Another thing is that the site isn't very big. That was another bummer. I really wish a site could be larger and had more HD videos. I’m not sure if something is going to change. But what I can tell you is that when I logged in, I read a note that the site is in the process of ramping up the production. I really hope it is not just bare words.

And one more nice thing that raised my mood and brought me hope is that site’s administration really cared about what they do and what they offer to their users. They read all the comments, work on feedback, process it and make the site better. They take into consideration the opinion they get from members. And I know that not every site does that! Usually, they do what they think is better, not taking into account users’ opinions. But it’s another case with Happy Tugs. So, I really can recommend the website to you. Nice and high-quality product.

Prices on HappyTugs

A few more words about the cost of the site. I guess you might be interested in how much you have to pay for watching those Asian erotic massages. Here are a few options, depending on the membership period.

  1. 12-month membership - $9.99 / month (billed in one payment $119.99)
  2. 3-month membership - $19.99 / month (billed in one payment $59.99)
  3. Monthly membership - $29.99 / month (billed in one payment $29.99)
  4. 2-days membership - $1 / day (your trial period will be billed $1 / day)

You can pay with your credit card or use Cryptocurrency. The last option is a big bonus. Not every porn site accepts this form of payment. But, for example, for me, it’s really convenient.


Happy Tugs still needs some improvements like more HD videos and a bigger choice as I can’t really tell you there are so many of them. No. But on the other hand, you won’t find any rubbish there. At least you won’t have to scroll endlessly trying to find something nice. All of the videos are well-made. Don’t hesitate to join the site if you are a fan of such a genre.

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