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Erotic Massage Sites

You’re probably looking for a handjob done by some hot looking chick, don’t you? I got you, in my district, every hot girl from the massage salon knows my face and dick. I don’t even know what makes her happier since I got almost 8 inches. But stop chit-chatting about me! Let’s get down to business!

  • You’re probably looking for a handjob done by some hot looking chick, don’t you? I got you, in my district, every hot girl from the massage salon knows my face and dick. I don’t even know what makes her happier since I got almost 8 inches. But stop chit-chatting about me! Let’s get down to business!
Top Erotic Massage Sites
favicon hookupguru Rubmaps
Rubmaps Review
Rub Maps is an interactive map to find and explore dozens of massage parlors all over the United States of America. You can't imagine how many massage techniques lie upon the creat...
RubMaps is your best friend in the world of erotic massage. It has everything you have ever wanted: reviews, pictures, articles, massage slang vocabulary, messaging, and massaging! It doesn't matter whether you're a rookie or a pro, RubMaps have something for everyone!
from $1.99 to $299.99300
Happytugs favicon
image hookupguru Happytugs
Happytugs is one of the biggest live voyer cams which owes its popularity to the huge database of the high-quality porn movies. Happytugs was was opened to the public in 2003 and r...
Do you want to choose a best portal with many great porn? Does Happytugs belong to this category? On our site, you'll find all the info about this site.
from $1.99 to $299.99300
Handjobjapan favicon
image hookupguru Handjobjapan
Handjobjapan is one of the top ranked premium porn sites which owes its fame to lots of the fantastic short and full-length porn videos. This pornography website was started in 201...
Do you want to pick a great adult portal with plenty of great sex videos? Is Handjobjapan worth visiting? In our Handjobjapan review, we'll provide the answers.
from $1.99 to $299.99300
favicon hookupguru Indiansexmassage
image hookupguru Indiansexmassage
Indiansexmassage is one of the best-in-class live voyer cams is so popular because of a great variety of the diverse porn clips. The site was founded in 2010 and rapidly earned a c...
Do you want to pick a great porn website with a large number of awesome porn? Is Indiansexmassage worth visiting? We'll find out.
from $1.99 to $299.99300
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I know you want something more erotic than “sensual” massages in the spa salons nearby. In such places, girls want you to fuck them, but they can’t ask you for it! In the salons from my list, everything is different. You can, and you even should try what they offer. Those places have special menus, where you can choose what you want to do today. And it feels lovely when you sit in the lobby, watch what they offer, and the girls are staring at you!

Each place on my list is like a restaurant where you come for the best service. These babes from the Eastern world absolutely know what to do with your dick! If you order a simple handjob, you'll get something your girlfriend has no idea about! No, really, if you haven’t been to such places, better start with some simple things. But I warn you, after that, you can lose interest in the random dates!

What kinds of erotic massages  are usually available?

hookupguru Erotic Massage Sites

This category of my list is full of places where you can go to get anything you like. It doesn’t matter how strange and rare your preferences are. You'll find a chick who will be happy to do it for you. Those sites have a menu of services that you can read and choose from. Some of the secret services are available only for consistent clients. Those girls know how to make surprises. If you decide on one salon and will go there many times, you'll have a reward!

For starters, I recommend trying handjob, tittyfuck, and body-to-body massage. You'ill love the feeling of a chick dancing around your dick like you are a striptease pole. There are girls with every tits size you can ever imagine! You can specify everything about the girl that will be touching your most sensitive part! Even if the salon doesn’t have such a chick working right now, they can hire one and call you! Capitalism, everything for the client, bitches!

By the way, dude, have you ever tried a prostate massage by a Japanese girl? It’s a kinda advanced technique. Some guys save their butts like they can become gays from one women’s finger inside! But the truth almost every guy wants to try this massage because we always like what’s forbidden! Those girls also do “the girl next door” service if you know what I mean.

If you don’t know, let me explain — they do the massage, suck your dick and stimulate your prostate right in their homes. You can find those girls and salons on Rubmaps. They know a lot of techniques, and even if you are an experienced massage lover, they will amaze you anyway. Are you tired of those fat, unshaved, and ugly feminists? Welcome to the place where you can treat a woman like a thing you bought! Actually, rented, but you'll love the feeling anyway.

I don’t know the names of these massages. What to do, Hookup Guru?

Well, I was just like you back then. I know that we aren't getting born with the knowledge of what we want chicks to do with our dicks. And we need to discover what we like. I also know that for some people going trying various techniques can be expensive. Not everyone wants to be an experiment material.

To immerse you into the world of erotic massage straight from your home, I prepared some sites. There you can watch videos of different techniques. You'll be amazed by the variety of what can be done with your body! The criteria are simple: if what you see turns you on, you must try it! The sites I offer are the following.

  • Happytugs
  • Handjobjapan
  • Indian sex massage

As you can see from the names of the last two sites, I have a particular attitude to the women from the East. You know, I love them. They are so obedient, and they still know who runs the world (not girls, sorry, Beyonce!). And what’s more impressive, they're ready to obey men just because they think it's right! I love it because when you even talk with such a woman, you feel much better. Your self-esteem is going to the stars!

But please, dude, be careful and don’t ever call a woman from the streets “damn fine sexy bitch!” Even in your thoughts. No, really, they can feel your dick going up and sue you right away! I won't be amazed if every woman carries a lawyer in her purse! They probably dress like sluts to get thousands of dollars from you! So, dude, express yourself into the massage cabinets, with some Asian or Latin chick. They know how to do their job, and they love it!

Bottom Line

If you have a boner and you don’t wanna get in trouble, go to the fucking massage salon! There you can do everything! Those girls won’t be bitching around because you aren't a nigga with a 6-pack and 8 inches dick!

They will never have an interest in your money until you are paying according to the price list. For $300, you will get a hot body to body massage with a happy ending! Not just some shitty date in a restaurant with a girl you see the first time! Dude, you should try it!

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