You’ve probably heard that Indians are famous for sensual erotic massages. This nation is so crazy about all these Kama Sutra and Tantra massages, it’s expressed in their culture really vividly. When I first came across Indiansexmassage website, I was convinced one more time Indians really know how to enjoy sexual intimacy.

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What is Indiansexmassage and how to deal with it?

Believe me, you can regard Indiansexmassage not only as a porn site. It has gone far more. I really consider it an educational porn site where you can learn various techniques and methods to please yourself and your partner. Indians really do know a lot about sex and they are certainly able to take your love life to a new level. You’ll learn things you could never imagine.

There are different videos on Indiansexmassage to any mood and taste. For example, you can see beautiful and hot Indian girls performing solo. Or you can watch a couple having sex and learn various massage techniques, Kama Sutra positions and even tips on oral sex.

Indiansexmassage site

On top of that, except for physical pleasure, I also got another perk of the site. For me, it was a kind of meditation. It can really immerse you in a full state of relaxation. I guess that happens because of music, subdued lighting, slow nice movements of models. They just enjoy the moment. And you subconsciously copy those feelings too.

What else you can find on Indiansexmassage

All models on the site are professionals. The girls are pretty and hot. They are skilled and know a lot about the art of sex. These exotic babes, in many cases, do massages for men. Pretty often they are massaged by guys. You’ll also find a few lesbian massage videos.

What I really loved is that even though the concept of videos is similar and they are all about sensual massages and intimacy, these movies are so different! First of all, because of a variety of techniques that are used. There are classic massages like Kama Sutra, Tantra, and prostate massage, but also ones more obscure, like Tao massage, Ayurveda massage.

Let me tell you about these various messages a bit more. For example, one of the most popular techniques and my personal recommendation is the Nuru massage. It’s when a girl rubs a man with her own hot body covered with oil. Or a couple can massage each other. It looks so nice and relaxing!

There is a tao massage as well. When a man is robbed in a certain way, then his virility is restored and begins to boost.

Another example is Ayurvedic massage. It’s a relaxing rubdown. But the most intriguing thing is that it’s a massage with no sex! Dudes, if you thought you always need real sex with a girl to cum, gosh, you are so wrong!

Another thing that is totally worth mentioning here is Kamasutra scenes. Believe me, I've learned so many new positions I never knew about! You’ll certainly be inspired to try something new!

Design and features on Indiansexmassage

Personally I loved the way the site looks. The colors are calm, and they match the video filters and it all creates an atmosphere of total calmness. It helps to relax and to get psyched up. The design is pretty minimalistic. No extra information or constant ads with their endless pop-ups. Everything is done to make your experience enjoyable and pleasing. I see every detail was carefully considered and taken into account. And the really good news is that the site is done for real people who appreciate these small details.

Indiansexmassage website

I didn’t find it really difficult to use the site. The navigation is done perfectly well and everything works just fine. No issues with all the tools that are required to go through videos. All in all, no complaints.

What I want to highlight here is there are two ways to watch the videos. First of all, you can watch them online on your mobile and also your computer. They are shown at 1080p quality. But you can change to FullHD streaming as well. For example, if your Internet connection is bad and there are constant glitches it’s better to lower the quality.

Another option is to download the videos. You can save them on your computer in MP4 format at different resolutions. By the way, there is no limit. I mean, you can download as many movies as you want. Moreover, you are also able to download pictures. They come in Zip sets.


I thought you might get interested in the cost of the membership. Here it is. As for me, the prices are reasonable. It’s totally worth it, judging by the content and its quality I found on the site. And the quality is really high.

  • 1 Day Trial $2.95 - Recurring $14.95
  • 30 Days Access $14.95 - Recurring $14.95
  • 90 Days Access $29.95 - Recurring $29.95
  • 90 Days Access $14.95 - One Time
  • 1 Year Access $49.95 - One Time

Also, remember trail and monthly membership will be autosaved every time until you decide to cancel the subscription.

My overall impression

I can surely say Indiansexmassage is not just a regular porn site. I can’t even call it that way. It’s much more than that. It is the art of sex! Now I understand it’s not just a poor coincidence that Kama Sutra was invented in India. These people are really crazy over the pleasures of the body. You can achieve some cosmic orgasm through these sensual erotic massages.

Though the videos are not really long (on average 10-15 minutes), you have enough time to immerse in the world of total calmness and relaxation. It’s time you devote to feel what you need.

I can’t tell you the content is fresh. I see there haven’t been any upgrades recently. But the videos are still relevant and, believe me, you’ll see and learn the things you’ve never imagined before. I love that the site teaches you new positions and ways to express yourself through intimacy.

The price is totally justified. I’d say it’s a real bargain to get what a site offers for money that they ask. Thus, it’s my strong recommendation to join Indiansexmassage and open a brand new sex world for you.

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