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If sex brings you pleasure, why don’t you get some money for this? Dude, I’ll never understand those stupid jerks who ban escort and say it’s only for people of low moral values. Bullshit! Or those saint motherfuckers don’t fuck? Sex is natural! Then why be ashamed of it? For such open-minded sex lovers like you and me, Adultwork is a godsend! Don’t believe me? Read on, pervert!

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And what kind of fucking work is performed on Adultwork escorts?

I love how they call people advertising on the site - service providers. For whom they show such a high level of tolerance I wonder? Sluts are sluts, I don’t see anything offending in this word and prefer to call things as they’re. So here you find an impressive variety of chicks ready to fuck you well for your money. Or you’re used to enjoying free wanking sessions while watching some shitty porn online? Buddy, it’s time to move on!

Dude, have some mercy for your poor hand! Cool guys prefer juicy pussies in reality, not on the fucking screen. So let’s get to the point.

Adultwork site

Children, close your ears. Now Mr. HookUpGuru is going to swear. What kind of dumb asshole has made that shitty design? No, seriously. Am I in the Ice or Stone Age right now? Of course, I understand that looking for sex you barely notice the place you do it at. But to me, as to real sex guru, it has a huge influence! Let’s imagine the situation.

You decide to hook up with some slutty stripper in your neighborhood. Get to the escort websites your dude has recommended to you and see this. Tons of buttons with no fucking idea where to click! No attractive pictures, no colorful background, no sexy previews - damn nothing! And you sit there, with hard hungry cock in pants and try to understand at least anything in their stupid navigation. That’s exactly the situation with Adultwork.

Well, maybe their 90-year-old visitors will enjoy such a move, but I don’t. It all reminds me of an online library of some financial universities. But buddy, gold diggers always get the best only after thorough research and thanks to patience. So spending some little time on the site you’ll realize what juicy treasure it hides.

Ok, how to search for hookers at

Let me first say that not only real sex you can find on Adultwork, my dear perverted friend. What about some hot movies? Or maybe photos? No wonder we all want to have a crash test before buying. So to understand what exactly you’ll possibly get, view photo and video galleries first. Actually I haven't met so many sites where you can see the slut “in action” if you know what I mean. Yeah, dummy, you can see how she fucks on the video. What can be better, Jesus?

And everything is great with this content stuff but to actually get to it and view it is my personal nightmare. All the images are tiny and organized in the 90s style. I’m not kidding. Do you remember what computers did look like? That’s exactly the same. Also, you must know that not all the photos and videos you’ll have a chance to see, as some of them are only for Premium members.

For fucking romantic perverts they offer even erotic stories! Each user can write a sex description and you’re to read it. Some are free of charge and some need payment to open. Dude, I recommend you trying this stuff as it’s a completely new experience for your cock. I guess you forgot how it is to wank using your imagination after years of porn, so give it a try! I promise you’ll cum like never before.

Actually the range of services here is exciting! Not only a direct meeting you can arrange here, but also start a simple sex chat, watch webcam or have an erotic call with a hooker. So first, decide what you want. Then, just browse the profiles of the corresponding category. And shit again, all the preview photos are so tiny you can’t even understand is it a man or a woman there. The same with short info - little letters only make you confused.

Adultwork escort

But the info you get in each profile is actually fucking amazing. Every slut describes herself, upload photos and videos, writes a blog, answers interview questions, and fills in the wishlist. Yeah buddy, here she adds items she would like to receive from their Adultwork shop. They’ve got an online store full of different sex stuff! Here you can find various toys and lingerie, everything to make your rare sex fucking amazing.

To actually contact the slut you need to be signed up and have credits on your balance. 1 credit will cost you only $1.24, so don’t be a greedy dick and pay little cash to get the best slut from Adultwork.

My final verdict

Well, buddy, the site is the shitty forest, I mean it’s very easy to get lost there. Guys need a good designer asap or they’ll end up having only a 90-year-old audience. Funny thing they provide truly great content and sluts registered there are professionals and yummy pies. But such difficult navigation can easily ruin the whole picture. So, have some patience in your pants opening Adultwork. In the end, when a sexy bitch in high heels will knock on your door, you’ll not regret it.

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