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UKPunting is a forum for open-minded sex lovers that offer various topics for discussion: from new porn videos to the best hookers in the UK. Here, you can meet like-minded people, discuss your own sex experience, share some insights, or receive advice from the fellow sexaholics. Ready to share some secrets with strangers? UKPunting is your guy then. What else can you find there?

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Why is UKPunting worth your while?

Forums. Who on earth uses them? I was as surprised as you are now. But yes, they`re the future of sex industry. Forums like UKPunting are the gold mines for the most sophisticated sexaholics and fans of the oldest job in the world. On UKPunting, you`ll see the best recommendations, links to sex videos, porn sites you`ve never heard of, and meet lots of people who can frankly recommend some cool stuff. The website is free to use but requires a registration to access all the discussions and actually see the content. You won`t see anything readable on the front page except for the topic names and active users if you don`t get a free account there.

UKPunting site

What are the main features of UKPunting?

Like any other forum, UKPunting isnn`t very rich in search options, functions, and cool tools. Instead, you`ll get live communication and insights from the sex experts, the like-minded folks that are keen on perverted fetishes or experiencing something new. Let`s see how you can diversify your sex experience and get more knowledge on how to get in touch with the best hookers, find the best porn videos, and give your own opinion or recommendation on the subject-matter.

Up-to-date discussions

Although UKPunting may seem like an old website nobody`s using anymore, discussions there are always updating, new comments and topics are added all the time. All the fresh updates are available for all the discussions you join. You can add various topics to your own list, so that you`ll never miss the new updates, news, or some hot pics from escort websites, even some nice videos. You know what I mean by nice. ;) Sure, some topics and discussions aren`t that active, and you may see some of them haven`t been refreshed for a while. This is what happens to any forum, but don`t worry, there`s always time to discuss some sex matters, huh? Just take a good look at the available topics, pay attention to when the last message was sent, and just enjoy your cool digital company of fellow guys who are ready to tech you how to live.

Real-life stories

Forums are created by real-life users who can either share valuable knowledge or want to find out some useful information. Just type in the topic, and you`ll get a constantly updating discussion between people from all over the world. Hookupguru checked it myself, most of the forums are updated all the time.

UKPunting review

On UKPunting, you`ll see stories from sex trips, adventures on the road involving hookers, reviews on escort agencies, etc. Comments are more than welcome as they help see the different sides of every question. Usually, nobody posts fake news or updates on forums, except for competing websites or escort agencies. Even though, they`re easy to detect, so you can just skip these fake posts.

Ready to get some cool insights from fellow sex lovers?

UKPunting is a controversial source of the biggest insights on local hookups, escort agencies, porn sites, and more dirty stuff. Some might find the website outdated and not useful, but most people love spending hours there looking for some helpful tips on the best local hooker platforms, best and worst women out there, and some sex-related entertainment. Try UKPunting and meet some cool like-minded guys there! Enjoy ;)

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