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The Best Music For Sex

Latest update: Apr 12, 2018
top sex songs

Such songs for an intimate evening as Alicia Keys’ “Fallin’” or Joe Cocker’s “You Can Leave Your Hat On” have already become so trivial that you can hardly turn on when you catch their first notes.

Fortunately, the music industry cherishes love and sex so much that it is almost impossible for you not to find alternatives to these all-time sexual odes.

Here’s the list of songs which are something more than mediocre tunes. If you wonder how to increase your sexual appetite for a hooked-up lady or make your one night stand more touchy-feely, consider listening to this playlist.

1. Beyoncé “Rocket”

This sensual song with metaphoric sexual lyrics (what else can be called a “rocket,” huh?) was released back in 2013 along with other Beyoncé’s pieces from a self-titled visual album.

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By the way, the whole “Beyoncé” album is over sexual, just play “Partition,” “Blow,” or “Yoncé” and your partner will thank you.

“Rocket,” in its turn, is rhythmic, yet soft – just a perfect combination for slow-motion sex. Beyoncé’s groaning vocals will give you chills.

2. Slash Feat. Fergie “Beautiful Dangerous”

A hookup night cannot be considered successful without the high-quality rock. What about the tune from one of the best guitarists on earth Slash accompanied by wild vocals of Fergie? That is “Beautiful Dangerous.”

Released in 2010, the track still gives unique vibes, and it is difficult not to turn on when you hear how the guitar of Slash and Fergie’s voice are merging into the hottest moaning.

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3. Romeo Santos Feat. Usher “Promise”

If your partner appears to be a Latino/Latina, or if you are just in love with Hispanic music, “Promise” is right for you.

You may start seducing your partner by dancing the bachata alongside with this song but believe us, you will definitely end up “dancing” in bed. The sweet voice of Romeo Santos will be a guarantee to that.

The Latin rhythms of this song are just fabulous! (And even the auto-tuned vocals of Usher cannot spoil it) .

4. Justin Timberlake “SexyBack”

This 2009 song has already become the official anthem of all strip- and nightclubs. Well, its name speaks for itself.

Timberlake knows his way around ideal sex (let’s just remember his part in “Friends With Benefits”). No wonder, he was the one who helped, on par with Pharrell Wiliams, create such a masterpiece as “Rocket,” listed #1 here.

But let’s get back to the “SexyBack.” If the sensual sex is not for you and you are more into the hardcore sex, better play this track. You partner will never forget the drive it will give both of you.

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5. Miguel “The Valley”

It is the best song for sex with the most straightforward lyrics. No euphemisms, no over complex metaphors – Miguel puts everything the way it is. Listening to this song is just like watching a Rated R film.

Despite having strong lyrics, the song does not seem annoying at all. And that is thanks to the mild sound and sweetness of Miguel’s voice.

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