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Your Guide To The Best Sex In The Hotel Room: Hotel Sex Tips And Etiquette

Latest update: Jul 20, 2023
Sex In The Hotel Room

If you've decided to try hotel room sex for the first time, it's usually a lot of fun. You can go bananas with as many skanks as you can without anyone knowing about it or hang out with your girlfriend. Plus, you'll live in a classy room with lots of cool stuff and services that can make your stay unforgettable. But sure, before you plan your hotel night out, you need to learn some basic rules and hotel sex etiquette for the most convenient and fun pastime. Find out the main reasons to stay in a hotel room and the main hotel sex tips below. ;)

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sex in a hotel

The main perks of having sex in a hotel

Hotel room sex is what everyone should try. Don't get greedy and spend some money on a good room with late checkout and some cool options like an included breakfast, spa services, or a room extension feature. It's a great way to entertain yourself and give your date a great one-night-stand experience. Plus, you get an opportunity to try new things, experiment, and investigate your preferences in sex more thoroughly.

Some kinky hotel sex ideas

kinky hotel sex

If you're a little pervert just like me, you'll want to try something crazy in a hotel room. Here are some of the dirty ideas you can bring to life:

  • Sex in the sauna / swimming pool / bath / shower. Warm water, you both naked, maybe some foam or rose petals. Sounds romantic, huh? In fact, sex in the water can be more sensual and passionate than the dry version. Plus, water is a natural lube, so you don't need to worry about keeping it moist. ;)
  • Roleplays. Hotel owner and a housemaid, a rich visitor and his sugar baby, an unsatisfied woman and a hot bartender. What other ideas can you come up with for hotel room sex?
  • Asking for an 18+ room. Many hotels are created for adults only to make sure you'll get all gooey and romantic and don't get distracted by someone's kids in the next room. Here, you can go wild and not even care about other visitors, they're pretty much the same.
  • Threesomes. I bet some call girls or a hot housemaid wouldn't mind. Why be all boring when you can try some real stuff?

Why is it better to have sex in the hotel room?

Sure, it's more costly than asking a girl to stay at your place, but it's also more classy and comfortable at the same time. Plus, it's a perfect way to keep your home address secret if you don't want anyone random to know where you live. What else can you think of? No need to think too hard, I already did the investigation for you. Find all the reasons for having sex in a hotel room here!

hotel sex tips

More secretive experience

Nobody can spot you, nobody will ever know you've had sex in the hotel room with a complete stranger. It's a great option to stay in disguise and not let anyone know your dark secrets. Plus, if the chick you're about to bang is someone your friends or colleagues know, they'll never find out. Unless this girl tells anyone, sure.

Pleasant bonuses

Who would deny having a free breakfast (if included), a minibar, and 24/7 room service? These things you can't get anywhere else. Plus, if you're traveling to a seaside country, there will probably be a pool or a spa center you can enjoy, or maybe a sensual massage (done by another hot gal you'd like to fuck) with aromatic oils. You don't usually do all this at home but since you're in a hotel, you can afford some simple yet lovely pleasures.

having sex in a hotel

New experience and change of scenery

Not every couple or one-night dates have tried hotel room sex. It's a good getaway option, even if it's in your hometown. The change of picture is a great way to refresh and get more energy for work and banging hot chicks, for Pete's sake. In a hotel room, you can try some new positions, have sex in the shower, get drunk, and have crazy monkey sex all night long, so why deny such pleasure and do something for a change?

More convenient way to fuck

Finding a hotel room for sex is better than staying at someone's apartment, especially if neither of you lives close to the city center or at least a couple of decent places to go. After a wild bar crawl and a few hours in a nightclub, you don't want to think of how you can get to someone's place. You can just cross the road and get into a hotel room and don't waste any more energy on the logistics.

Always clean and fresh room

At the hotel, you don't care about cleaning the room and washing dishes. Plus, it doesn't smell like hell in a hotel room. Instead, you get a nice scent, white bedsheets, and a perfectly clean room with everything you need for a comfy stay. What's even better, no one forces you to do your bed or mop the floor after you've had a shower. That's the dream!

Top hotel sex tips

The decision is made, you stuck to the idea of having sex in a hotel. What's next? How to make your stay with a chick even more exciting and awesome? Below, you'll find some tips on hotel sex etiquette and how to spice up your one-night stand.

having sex in hotel

Choose a nice place

Staying in an old, dirty motel by the road is a bit punky, but I'm sure you don't want to scare a chick off and make her think you're going to rape or drug her. Find a cool place downtown or the one located close to the best bars and nightclubs. Also, don't get a room in a hotel that has a nightclub inside, otherwise you'll be awake till the party ends (which might be at 6 or 7 am). A nice 4-star room with a good view, minibar, and a large shower or bath is a perfect option. Breakfast included? Even better! Trust me, such rooms aren't as expensive as you might think, you can spend less than $100 for a fancy suite.

Try something new

Among other things to do in a hotel room with your girlfriend, you can experiment and try something special. Since you're all alone and nobody knows where you are at and who you're with, it's a perfect chance to do whatever you've always dreamt of doing. BDSM, edible oils, new positions, and roleplays are just the beginning of the list. Don't be afraid to be nasty and act differently, this will just add up some spice to your sex life.

Don't leave with the first rays of sun

Why would you leave early after having sex in a hotel room when you have a late checkout, room service, and a hot-ass chick lying next to you? Hotel rooms are a great getaway from all your daily routine and problems. Get a stay extension, visit a spa if available at your hotel, have a tasty brunch with a glass of sparkling wine, and sure, bang bang bang! That's why you're here, right?

Never forget about protection

Don't leave home without a big bunch of condoms. Remember that pharmacies aren't 24/7 in most cases so it'd be a bummer if you didn't manage to take care of it in time. Girls don't always have them, so the responsibility is all yours.

Don't pick rooms with twin beds

You probably know the difference between double beds and twin beds, but it's better to recall it. Sure, if you're okay sleeping on a separate bed just by yourself, you can ask for a twin bed, but it'd be more polite and comfortable to get a king-sized bed and enjoy having fun (and sleeping) on it. Plus, hotel room sex on a single bed? Yowza.

Keep it secret

What happened in a hotel room, stays in a hotel room. Try not to tell all your friends who you hooked up with last night. Don't violate someone's privacy and reputation. It's always better to omit the details and end up saying something like "I got some". If you're abroad, it's not that risky, but it's still better not to disclose any personal details to anyone.

sexy hotel room ideas

Try not to trash the room

Sure, you want to try as many positions on as many surfaces as possible once you're in a hotel room, but don't forget about common sense. Better not leave a place trashed and dirty, with used condoms scattered on the floor. Some cleaning wouldn't harm you, right? Get rid of all the "dirty" evidence but leave the bedsheets and towels for the maid.

Picked a hotel already? ;)

Whether you're on a trip or staying in your hometown, having sex in the hotel is a perfect option to change the view, try something exotic, and enjoy the company of as many random chicks as possible or your girlfriend. It's more convenient to get, more comfortable to stay in, and more classy to spend the night with the girl at. Pick the best option that fits your needs, choose some extra features for a more comfy stay like a pool or hot tub, and off you go! You kid can go crazy. ;)


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