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Hookup Culture In Kyoto – Learn Sex With Kyoto Girls

Stunning young baddies and dudes nowadays are tired of the stereotypes that sex is only for those in a relationship or marriage. If it feels amazing, why should they restrict themselves from this pleasure? Without further ado, let`s dive into the detailed review on sex life in Kyoto.

Best online hookup sites in Kyoto

Top 3 Hookup Sites
Wanna Hookup
OneNight Friend
Ashley Madison
Top 3 Live Sex Cam Sites

Top 4 Japanese webcam models from Kyoto

Why talk a lot, when you can see the beauty of local women on webcam sites? Take a look at the hottest and most desires live cam hotties from this region!

Suzumetanaka model
Followers: 116k
NICOxandxx model
Followers: 66k
aMIYABIa model
Followers: 71k
MiyukiZZZ model
Followers: 88k
  • Suzumetanaka. A cute-but-sexy Kyoto live cam girl, Suzu is only 19-years-old and has already conquered the hearts of her horny viewers with stunning looks, shy appearance, and amateur atmosphere on her streams.
  • NICOxandxx. A live cam model who`s humorous, smart, and knows what her fans love watching. She`s 26-years-old, works a full-time job, and treats her enormous following audience with HD streams on the weekends.
  • aMIYABIa. She`s only 20-years-old but has a tremendous fan base on various cam websites. This cute naughty girl performs sexy stuff on free shows to treat her audience. Although she only speaks Japanese, her beauty can`t be described with words!
  • MiyukiZZZ. A luxurious young live cam model with cute appearance and naughty thoughts, Miyuki is a born sex performer. She`s constantly surprising her viewers with new sex toys, lingerie, and discussion topics.

Best Kyoto hookup places

When looking for sex in Kyoto, stick to well-known areas where dozens of local chicks gather often. Take a look at the best venues to meet ladies who are down to fuck.


Best hookup bars in Kyoto

Bar is always a great place to begin with your search for sex partners. Luckily, Kyoto is choke-full with interesting bars and lounges. Here are the top places in the city:

  • Kura Kura. This authentic Japanese izakaya offers an unforgettable evening with a wooden interior, cold sake, and freshly-made sushi. Combine this amazing bar with Kyoto girls and get the best hookup experience.
  • Fishbowl. A great Western-styled cocktail bar that`s loved by Kyoto residents who are into American booze.
  • Shishin Samurai Cafe & Bar. Every Kyoto girl loves bars like this. So it`s a perfect spot to meet ladies for one-night stands. This intimate venue attracts mainly locals, but foreigners are always welcomed.
  • Sky Lounge Kuu. This venue is located on the top of the Kyoto Tower Hotel and is always serving you breathtaking views, delicious food, sexy Kyoto women, and tasty liquors.

Best restaurants

Feeling hungry for wet holes and some local food? Take a look at the best hookup restaurants in the area:

  • Azuma Sushi. An affordable dining place with a great variety of sushi dishes and a constant audience of horny but shy Kyoto beauties.
  • Tiger Gyoza Kawaramachi. On days when you`re feeling cold and hungry, this restaurant is a perfect pick! Warm your body up with different kinds of dumplings and fun chats with local women.
  • Kikunoi. If you`re a true gourmand and love discovering 5-star dishes around the world, visit this exquisite and flawless place in Southern Higashiyama.
  • Yamamoto Mambo. Loved by Kyoto residents, this place serves top-notch okonomiyaki and some tasty drinks to wash it down.

Best Kyoto night clubs to find one-night-stands

Although Kyoto has preserved much of its old historical buildings and traditions, the nightlife in this city has never been hotter than now. My Kyoto nightlife guide gives you only the most popular places:

  • World Nightclub. Amazing techno, EDM, and house music combined with the sexiest residents of Kyoto make this nightclub one of the best in town.
  • Metro. This club offers intimate (250~) capacity, so you`ll have enough time to chat and dance with sexy baddies here.
  • Socrates. An underground nightclub with 100-people capacity has a diverse music schedule, from alternative bands to experimental DJs.
  • BUTTERFLY. An immensely popular dance club among locals. If you`re looking for a real nightlife experience in Kyoto, this is the top spot.

Best adult hotels in Kyoto

Japan is known for its wide range of love services, including amazing hotels. Take a look at the nicest adult hotels in the city:

  • Hyatt Regency Kyoto. When searching for top-notch hotel rooms with a romantic vibe, amazing restaurants, relaxing spa salons, and flawless service, choose this place.
  • Hotel In The Green. An affordable adult-only hotel where you and your future fuck will be able to let go and scream from pleasure as much as you want.
  • Crystal Gate Hotel. One of the best love hotels in Kyoto, it offers a jacuzzi, warm beds, and opportunities to experiment in bed to the fullest potential.
  • Hotel Sagano. Convenient yet high-service hotel with many “tasty” services and perfect rooms for hot sex sessions with your hookup baddie.

Adult entertainment in Kyoto: best local experiences

Besides all these fancy bars and restaurants, Kyoto has other amazing places to go pussy hunting.

  • Shugakuin Imperial Palace. The prettiest sightseeing park in Kyoto with breathtaking nature and cozy walking tropes for locals and visitors to enjoy the view.
  • Kyoto DX Stripclub. For days when your eyes desire some real-life sexual performance, visit this Kyoto strip bar. Hotties here won`t leave you disappointed!
  • Escort Service. Located in Kyoto, Shiga, this place offers the prettiest Kyoto escort sluts in the area who are willing to please your dirtiest sexual desires.
  • Gekkeikan Okura Sake Museum. Learn the famous liquor`s history and meet chicks who love drinking just like you.

Tips on making your Kyoto hookup experience wonderful

Boost your fling game with these useful tricks from HookupGuru and get the best out of the free sex world:

Discuss your interests in bed beforehand

If there`s not enough communication, even the sexiest chick won`t satisfy you in bed. Talk about your sexual preferences to please each other as much as possible

Be honest

If you`re hooking up in real-life, politely mention you`re only looking for something casual right now. Keep the girls` hearts safe and pussies wet

Take the lead

As a man, Kyoto girls expect you to be the dominant one at least until things escalate to sex. Don`t be afraid to lean in first – they`re waiting for it.

Remember the importance of foreplay

Playing and kissing your Kyoto girl on her neck or thighs can be a great way of spicing up your sex game. Experiment and make passion to each other!

Use condoms

Although raw passionate fuck sounds like a blessing, it can turn into danger in disguise. Don`t lose common sense and always use protection

best places to get laid in Hookup

Feel free to walk around in these parts of Kyoto: Kitayama, Kinkakuji, Teramachi, Shijo, Gion, Higashiyama. Avoid Minami-ku neighborhood just to be 100% sure about your safety.

Hook up in Kyoto like a rock star!

If you have a soft corner for Japanese ladies and their petite bodies, sex in Kyoto might become the most memorable in your life. Use your charms, learn the mentality of Japanese cuties, and you`ll have no trouble securing a pussy in less than an hour!

Secret tips from a local Kyoto hookuper

Japan doesn`t have true ghetto neighborhoods or bad areas in their big towns, but danger can find you anywhere. A professional hookuper from Kyoto has shared his tips on making your hookup life way easier and safer

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