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Getting Laid in Nagoya: Working Tips

So you`ve got a trip to Nagoya? If you want it to be an average family vacation or standard business trip, don`t read this article. This article`s for winners who wanna have sex whenever they want, wherever they want, with whomever they want. Doesn`t matter if it`s a MILF or a college freshman, this guide will give you the tools on how to find them and get them on their knees, begging for your cock.

What`s special about getting laid in Nagoya?

Nagoya girls are one of a kind. These Japanese beauties know all about pleasing a man, using every one of their holes. They`re elegant beauties who can look classy up until the moment you toss them onto your bed, clothes ripped off their bodies, sweat glistening, and them begging you to fuck them senseless until they`re screaming your name. How could you want to pass up on that?

How to meet girls in Nagoya?

Nagoya`s an easy place to get laid, both online and offline. You just gotta know which sites to use, and which places to hit up. Lucky for you this article exists, right buddy? You`ve got a cheat sheet of all the places you should go if you feel horny and wanna bang it out with a Nagoya babe.

Top 3 Hookup Sites
Wanna Hookup
OneNight Friend
Ashley Madison
Top 3 Live Sex Cam Sites

Can`t be bothered to go out, but you still wanna get your dick slobbered on? The internet was created for a good reason. Getting a local hookup in Nagoya is easy, especially since dating sites will show you all the dirty chicks in your area waiting for a quick fuck. Just text them, and if you hit it off, she`ll be in your room in no time. Since you`ll never see her again, you can do all the dirty shit that turns you on too, pervert.

The most fappable webcam models in Nagoya

This yummies not only are good in porn but are frequent at live cam shows. Wanna join their chat rooms?

Yua Mikami model
Yua Mikami
Yua Mikami
Followers: 63k
Arisu Amane model
Arisu Amane
Arisu Amane
Followers: 113k
Nami Mitaka model
Nami Mitaka
Nami Mitaka
Followers: 71k
Miu Kanoha model
Miu Kanoha
Miu Kanoha
Followers: 101k
  • Yua Mikami. Yua`s a young-looking Nagoya born slut who loves to touch herself for both her own pleasure and for those watching her.
  • Arisu Amane. She`s a thick slut if you`ve ever seen one. Her curves will drive any man wild, and the way she plays with her tits and pussy will make your balls ache for release.
  • Nami Mitaka. A huge-titted whore, Nami loves taking cock up her pussy and down her throat, and pleasing men is second nature to her. Reckon you`ll run into her in Nagoya?
  • Miu Kanoha. A lover of cocks, Miu is a kitten who spends more time on her knees and back than she does standing up or sitting down. When she`s not fondling balls and choking on cock, she`s found sitting on men`s faces and getting eaten out.

Entertainment Places in Nagoya

If you`re searching for adult entertainment Nagoya Japan is a great place to start. There`s plenty of chicks waiting for a cute guy to meet and bang, and you`re just about to show up. The nightlife and general offline scene are popping in Nagoya, and you want in on this. Bars, clubs, even restaurants are places where you can meet hot babes and make magic happen. These sluts don`t care where you meet them, they just wanna get dicked down.


If you wanna meet girls in Nagoya, bars are a good place to start. Alcohol and good music, flirtatious strangers are all tossed in the melting pot to create a great night that could end up in hot sex. Hell, just take a look at the way those chicks have dressed. Seductive makeup, skin tight clothes, tons of cleavage. They want some dick, they`re just scouting out the area for possible talent and waiting for the alcohol to make them braver. These bars have got the hottest chicks:

  • Bourbon Street
  • Shooter`s Sports Bar & Grill
  • Craftbeer Keg Nagoya
  • The Raven`s Table
  • Jigger Bar Silk Road
  • Nagoya Highball Bar
  • The 59`s Sports Bar & Diner
  • Shelter Rock Bar

Different bars have different themes, so they attract different kinds of chicks. Find the kind of babes you like most, and frequent the bars they love. Easy.


If you wanna get laid in Nagoya fast, start with nightclubs. Any girl that goes to a nightclub is looking to bang it out anyways, so you`ve got your work cut out for you. The sluttier ones will start grinding on you and feeling up your cock as you dance with her. If that ain`t a surefire sign she`s gonna spread her legs for you, I don`t know what is. Here`s the best clubs to try your luck at:

  • Sonic Club Nagoya
  • ORCA Nagoya
  • Club Sango
  • Club Quattro Nagoya
  • Caballero Club
  • Mago
  • Club JB`s
  • iD cafe


Bars and clubs are good to hook up with chicks at night. What about the day though? You need to check out restaurants! A girl`s gotta eat, and these are the best spots in Nagoya. If you see a babe eating alone, definitely try and make conversation cause she could end up being the fuck of a lifetime:

  • Midtown BBQ
  • Gandhara Indian Restaurant
  • Atsuta Horaiken Main Restaurant
  • Planeta Grill
  • Piacere Mio
  • Ichiran Nagoya Sakae
  • The Kawabun Nagoya
  • Misokatsu Yabaton

Chicks get tired after a long day of partying or working, and these are the spots they end up dining at and often picking up men to go home with. Why not have one come with you?

Hookup hotels in Nagoya

Good for you, you`ve talked a girl into sleeping with you! Where are you gonna do that though? You can`t fuck her in the bar, and you can`t fuck her in a car. People will see. You can`t go to her home either, her parents are there. Don`t be looser, rent a hotel room in advance:

  • The Tower Hotel Nagoya (At $273 per night)
  • Nagoya Marriott Associa Hotel (At $199 per night)
  • Hilton Nagoya (At $134 per night)
  • Nagoya Tokyu Hotel (At $117 per night)
  • Nagoya JR Gate Tower Hotel (At $117 per night)
  • Mitsui Garden Nagoya Premier (At $104 per night)
  • Daiwa Roynet Hotel Nagoya Taikodoriguchi (At $102 per night)
  • Vessel Inn Sake Ekimae (At $75 per night)

Spending some extra cash on a hotel room is a good idea. Sure you could find a cheap room for like $30, but do you really wanna bring a bombshell chick to a hotel room that looks like it has a roach infestation?

Experiences in Nagoya

If you wanna truly experience the Nagoya girls, and not just the party animals, explore the city. You`ll find the regular chicks in these places, hanging out, having fun. Chatting them up, getting them to show you the city is a piece of cake from there. Check out these spots:

  • Nagoya Castle
  • New Club Cherie
  • Atsuta Jingu
  • Osu Kannon
  • Nagoya TV Tower
  • Legoland Japan Resort
  • The Tokugawa Art Museum
  • Port of Nagoya Public Aquarium

Tips on Nagoya hookups

Don`t get too drunk

Sober sex is fun, tipsy sex is fun. Drunk sex usually means a dick that doesn`t get hard or someone getting sick. Know your limits, and stay under them.

Be respectful

Don`t go up to a chick and tell her how you`re gonna fuck her in the ass right away. You gotta warm up to it. Also, don`t be a dumbass and use racial slurs. Everyone knows a little English and will understand. The last thing, respect the “No”. If someone says “no”, just move on. There`s no need to convince a chick to sleep with you when there`s plenty of other eager sluts.

Carry emergency pills

Condoms are 99% effective when used right, but you wanna be prepared for in case that 1% happens. Carrying a Plan B pill will save you a lot of headache in case things go wrong.

Be communicative

A lot of people have sex but don`t tell each other what they`re doing wrong at the moment. You could have the best sex of your life if you just took a second to tell her she was doing something wrong, and suggest a different way to try it. Even if she gets offended, it`s not like you`re gonna see her again.

Don`t blab

It`s common courtesy that you don`t bring up your hookup in the future. It was something fun the two of you shared, no one else needs to know. If you do have to brag, at least don`t say her name or implicate her in any way.

offline hookup Nagoya

Can you make your Nagoya trip that epic?

Have you got the strength to keep pushing on after getting rejected? In hookups you`ll face rejection a lot. Keep chasing new chicks when you get rejected, and remember to do it in the places I recommended. You want to get some hot, sweaty action, and I`ve given you the knowledge to make it happen. Are you gonna go and put that knowledge to good use?

Secret tip from a local Nagoya hookuper

Getting a hookup is easy, but what if you wanna be totally relaxed? Massages are great, but they always leave you with a stiffy. What if I told you there are plenty of massage centers in Nagoya, who also take care of that pesky wood you get? They`re performed by real masseuses, not Nagoya escorts. These happy ending massages will be the best thing you experience for a while, so don`t miss out! One of the best ones is the Escort Erotic Massage Club.

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