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All You Need To Know About Casual Salt Lake City Hookups

Want to explore the new lands? What about traveling to a new state first? My top suggestion of the day is Salt Lake City. Why? Casual dating in SLC is a popular pastime, and you can meet lots of fit and sexy chicks. Plus, the Salt Lake City nightlife, dude! You can't miss that. But what else is there for you? Why don't you find out yourself? I've already prepared some tips for you. ;)

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SLC sex scene: the main tips for a cool trip

If you've never been to Salt Lake City or never picked up a girl there, let me drop some helpful knowledge. Salt Lake City offers a great ski resort, and it's full of hiking trails where you can meet and bang chicks. What can be hotter than fit, sweaty chicks in sports costumes drinking mulled wine on the top of the mountain? Or those hot-ass gals in tight shorts from your hiking group? Yeah man, that's worth visiting Salt Lake at least once! Plus, the chicks are perky and kinky there, so it won't be a problem hitting on some lady and sleeping with her eventually. But what else you can do apart from skiing and hiking? Are there any in-city spots for a hookup trail, and what Salt Lake City girls are like? Read on to find out.

What are Salt Lake City singles like?

When you come to Salt Lake City, you'll hear some information about the girls' polygamy and that all of them are Mormons. Don't be scared, that's not true. At least, it's not anymore. So what types of Salt Lake City women are there now and what should you know about them? I prepared a quick check-list for that:

  • Sporty girls. Probably any girl from Salt Lake City loves sports. They're used to living in the mountains, hence they're good at climbing, skiing, snowboarding, cycling, and basically any kind of sport you can think of. You're very unlikely to see a fat chick from SLC. They're all fit, good-looking, and love doing something extreme, so don't be afraid to offer them something crazy. You can meet most of them at a ski resort, a gym, or at parks doing yoga or jogging. Feel free to get acquainted with them!
  • Hard-working business ladies. Salt Lake City girls are perfect leaders. They know what they're capable of and you'll never want to mess with them. They usually work for big companies, mostly having managerial positions. You may feel a bit uncomfortable with such powerful women but if you find the right attitude, they'll turn into fluffy kittens ready to do some unspeakable things with you. You'll probably see them around some business centers, at yoga or TRX classes, and at sophisticated restaurants during dinnertime. Dare to join?
  • Open-minded jesters. All the Salt Lake City singles are friendly and sociable. They always know where you can have the most fun. The tastiest steak in town? The best DJ sets? The bar with the cheapest beer? They know it all so you'll never have to worry if you're out of ideas for the night. And yes, they're a lot of fun and up for any party or a night out. A bar, a nightclub, a house party? Just give them a call, they'll be there. ;)
  • Fun-loving woo-girls. The woo-girls are a bit desperate yet a fun type of girls that use this well-known "woo" sound when anything happens. Just broke up with a guy? It's a sad woo. Got a new pair of shoes? Woo, you rock girl! The fav song playing in the jukebox? Woo woo woo! They're a bit gullible and usually tipsy at the bars or nightclubs. You don't have to look for them, you'll just hear them woo.
  • Classy cougars. This is the most exquisite type of woman, not suitable for everyone. If you're here to hook up with a cougar, make sure you're not looking for them at some lame bar. Cougars usually hide in some expensive restaurants and top-class rooftop bars so that they know no poor guy will try to hit on them. So, get your best tux and hit those classy bars!

Tips for online sex in Salt Lake City

Don't hide

Show your true self, be nice, and friendly. Chicks love when the guys are open-minded and don't pretend to be someone else on a date, you know? Send your photos (no dick pics as a first message please), talk about some stuff before you get to the action, like each other's sex preferences or dislikes in bed, online hookup experience, etc. This will make you feel connected, hence bring more pleasure

Check if the girl is real

A legit check is a necessity. If you don't want to be fooled on the very first date or online conversation, check out the girl's pics and ask her to send some more to see if the girl wasn't using fake ones. Next, you can tell the chick is a scam if she's asking for money right away. Finally, never share any personal information that may be used to rob or hack you (your mail, credit card details, and phone number must remain unannounced).

Don't tell anyone

Keeping it all a secret is a good deed for both of you. You and your date don't want to be talked about, right? Just tell your friends you're about to have a great night at the bar and don't add any extra details. This way, both you and your chick's reputation will remain unbiased

The hottest Salt Lake City girls on webcam

If you're too lazy to go out, you can enjoy the company of the hottest Salt Lake City webcam chicks. Test the water, get warmed up, and prepare some handkerchiefs and lotion, it's going to be quite an exciting night!

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  • Bailey_AnnXXX. She's only 24 but already a 5-star webcam model. She may look innocent but in fact, her shows are just mind-blowing. Watch her perform a dildo play, a breathtaking solo fingering, boob play, or a strip dance. And this is just the beginning! Come watch Ann to get some sexy vibes!
  • JessieWolfe. She's a pierced, 28-year-old, kinky MILF! She has a stunning body and petite tits. Jessie is a natural redhead that adds +1000xp to her hotness. Watch her do unspeakable things no other mom would dare do like anal plays, dildos, solos, and all sorts of nasty things or foreplays.
  • MissMarylin. A Polish-born 18-year-old living in the US, Mary is a model with a cummable babyface. She's a hot Slavic brunette that knows what she wants and can clearly show you what to do to make her moan. You can watch her do a striptease and show her amazing body, play solo, use her toys, and way more. Interested? Then go watch her play. ;)
  • SexySasha. She's a pro webcam model with a lot of experience behind her back. She's a MILF with huge boobs and she's up for all sorts of things. Roleplay, ASMR, femdom, or SPH, she can do it all. And the list goes on! Watch Sasha perform just for you or call your friends to enjoy the show together. She'll turn you on in no time!

The best options for a date night in Salt Lake City

The Salt Lake City adult dating life is quite diverse if you know the places. The city is full of bars, nightclubs, and some secret places for a spiced-up experience like swinger bars or strip clubs. And what about sex shops? They've got just what you need and even more! So why wait any longer? Let's see what I prepared for you! Pick your favorite outfit and hit the road. ;)

London Belle
London Belle
321 S Main St
Purgatory Bar
Purgatory Bar
62 E 700 S
Water Witch
Water Witch
163 W 900 S
Lake Effect
Lake Effect
155 W 200 S
Under Current
Under Current
270 S 300 E
The Red Door
The Red Door
57 W 200 S #102
1215 Wilmington Ave #120
326 S W Temple


Fancy a pint or a signature cocktail from the best bartender in town? Salt Lake City has them all! Try some of these options and spend the night with some class (and meet girls, for sure):

  • London Belle on 321 S Main St.
  • Purgatory Bar on 62 E 700 S
  • Water Witch on 163 W 900 S
  • Lake Effect on 155 W 200 S
  • Under Current on 270 S 300 E
  • The Red Door on 57 W 200 S #102
  • The RUIN on 1215 Wilmington Ave #120
  • Gracie's on 326 S W Temple


Up for some seafood or one hell of a steak? You won't stay hungry in Salt Lake City ever! The list below includes some top-notch restaurants, seafood bars, and steak houses, so enjoy but don't drool!

  • Spitz on 35 E Broadway
  • Bambara on 202 S Main St.
  • Red Rock Brewing on 254 S 200 W
  • The Copper Onion on 111 E Broadway #170
  • Blue Lemon on 55 W S Temple
  • Pago on 878 S 900 E
  • Current Fish and Oyster on 279 E 300 S
  • Spencer`s For Steaks & Chops on 255 S W Temple


If you want to explore the Salt Lake City nightlife, you need to know some places where you can have fun and hit on some chicks with a 100% win rate. Let me show you some of the best dance clubs in Salt Lake City with the best DJs and hottest girls (both budget and elite):

  • Sky SLC on 149 Pierpont Ave
  • Button Down on 122 W Pierpont Ave
  • Area 51 on 451 400 W
  • Echo on 134 Pierpont Ave
  • Club Karamba on 1051 E 2100 S
  • Bar-X on 155 E 200 S
  • Durango Bar & Night Club on 923 State St.
  • Klub. Deens on 161 Pueblo St. W


What can be better than waking up in a lovely hotel with a large bed and having a late breakfast delivered by room service? I picked the best options so that you can enjoy your one-night stand a bit longer than usual. ;)

  • Quality Inn Downtown, from $79 per night
  • Hilton Salt Lake City Center, from $160 per night
  • Econo Lodge Downtown, from $40 per night
  • Hyatt House Salt lake City/Downtown, from $130 per night
  • Hyatt Place Salt Lake City/Downtown/The Gateway, from $100 per night
  • DoubleTree Suites by Hilton, from $135 per night
  • Salt Lake Plaza Hotel Temple Square, from $70 per night
  • Radisson Hotel Salt Lake City Airport, from $65 per night


Craving for something extreme and dirty? I think I have some places that can satisfy your needs. How about a swinger bar or gentlemen's club? Just hit some of these places and you'll get what you want:

  • Trails Men's Club
  • American Bush men's club
  • Exotic Kitty Gentlemen's club
  • Pins & Ales swinger bar
  • Mischievous sex shop
  • All for Love sex shop
  • Doll House
  • Southern X-Posure Showclub

What about Salt Lake City escorts?

Salt Lake City escorts and brothels are illegal, but you'll probably see some girls wandering around asking if you want to have some fun at night. Most likely, you'll see them at the ex-Red Light District on Commercial Street (earlier Regent Street), where the most popular brothels and the most expensive hookers did their businesses. Of course, you should try looking them up online as there are still many agencies that work with prostitutes, as well as independent hookers who offer their services. But, for your own good, better find a sure thing for a casual hookup and relax.

Best tips on offline Salt Lake City hookups


Before handling any girl's business, it's good that you show some courtesy and at least talk to her for a while. Ask about each other's hobbies, sex preferences, or anything that can help you know this girl better. Trust me, this will make your night even more memorable


This is a good icebreaker when it comes to hooking up with a stranger. You could use good foreplay or some dirty talk. It's never inappropriate and everyone is even happier after all

Get a bunch of condoms

Jeez, I hope you remember that without me. Plan out the night. Think of the activities you can do during the date. This can be a movie night, a fancy dinner and a promenade, or a party at a nightclub. Ask the girl if she`s up for cute or crazy pastime and use all your imagination to make it the best one-night stand ever.

Make sure she gets home well

It won`t hurt if you call a girl a cab or at least send a message to check up on her after a great night of pleasure. This will make you a little better person

best places to get laid in Sex In Salt Lake City

No more talking, let's get to practice!

Now that you're armed to the teeth (and other vital men's body parts), you have my blessing to have sex in Salt Lake City. Got hit some bars or meet chicks while hiking in the mountains, use all your charm and charisma to impress these girls. They're not that gullible so it'll take a little effort to get them laid. Good luck with that and don't forget to take some pics! ;)

Secret tip from a local hookuper

While in Salt Lake City, you don't have to go far for the best entertainment in town. That's because it's all located downtown! The best area to go hit on the chicks is Main Street. It's full of bars and nightclubs for Salt Lake City singles where they hang out 24/7. Woo-girls, college students, even the most avid sports lovers won't mind having a tasty hazy pint and get to know some handsome strangers from another state. As soon as you enter Cruise Street, there's no way back!

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