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Last update: Jul 30, 2019
  • Exciting games
  • In their store you can buy some merch
  • Members from the whole world
  • WikiFenoxo where you can get some additional info about the plot and specifics of different games
  • Protection against viruses
  • Free basis of the site
  • No limits in communication
  • Users can open discussions in forum
  • You have a possibility to write to a web-developer
  • The interface may be a bit difficult to use for newbies
  • There is no mobile application

Our Review

Fenoxo isn’t an ordinary gaming website. The main highlight of it is a lot of hot erotic games where, unlike typical videos, you can take in hand all the process. While other services for adults can offer just observing the picture with no interaction, here you have control under every character, all their steps, and actions.

Fenoxo is a great venue if you got tired, want to step out of your everyday routine, and simply relax. For years this website has been giving its users a possibility to forget about everything and enjoy a fantastic world of games and erotics.

Fenoxo members

  • Users from all around the world
  • 4 million views every month
  • Limitation for members under 18
  • List of notable members
  • Possibility to use the service as a current visitor

As a great website for fans of games and hentai with an interesting plot, Fenoxo is a leading spot. Here you can find users from the whole world and different countries. In addition, people of both genders use it. It doesn’t matter where you are from; all members have access to the site’s content. But if the user is under 18 years old, it’s not recommended for them to visit Fenoxo.com. Every month, the service has more than 4 million views that can show us the level of its popularity.

What is great is the possibility of becoming a notable member. Every user can gain points for different games. These members who get more become the first in the list of members. Besides, there is a possibility to view all members and simple visitors who are not signed up. For this, you just need to visit a “Members” section. There you will also find information about posts of newly registered members and recent activity of all signed up Fenoxo members. As all members can communicate, chat, and write in blogs and forum, the community is really active. You can find a lot of reviews and discussions concerning different games.

fenoxo main


  • Free registration
  • No need to share your credit card info
  • You can browse without signing up
  • The simple procedure of sign-up

Fortunately for all the users, to not take you long, the registration is a piece of cake and takes only a few instants. All you need to for it is to visit a “Registration” page and click on “Sign up.” There you will find one of the smallest forms. You have to create your nickname and enter a valid email. In several minutes you will get an email confirmation. After that, you will be able to set your password. Fenoxo.com has certain requirements for your password:

  • It should be at least 12 characters long.
  • You need to use upper and lower case letters, numbers, and symbols like ! “ ? $ % ^ & )

That’s all to make your password really strong and keep your account safe. So, try to create it basing on these demands. If you lost your password, don’t worry, there is a possibility to reset it. In general, you don’t need to give any additional pieces of information. When you start to play some games, you can connect your account with an Offbeatr or Patreon project.

Start conversation

  • Play for free
  • Possibility to write on the forum and take part in different discussions
  • Discord chat to communicate more
  • Free messaging
  • WikiFenoxo to know more about the concept

Just after signing up, you have access to the games on Fenoxo. Good news is that all games are free and you can play with no limitation in time. If you want to do something else, you can chat in forum and chats. There members discuss games, their strategy, success, and impressions. Besides, you can chat about whatever you want; it depends on you. You can also write to other users in private mode. For this, visit their account and search for a “message” button. All emails are free of charge.

Also, Fenoxo.com offers you a Discord chat. It is a chat-room software that can run from your browser or as a standalone application. If you want to know more about the games, their concept, the main idea, and the history of their creation, you can visit FenoxoWiki.

fenoxo game


  • Some members’ profiles can be top in the list
  • You don’t need to fill the questionnaires
  • There is no requirement to show your real name
  • Profiles can contain little info about members
  • Possibility to find and contact developers of the games

Fenoxo is a website for adults wishing not to find some dates or flings, but mostly to entertain virtually, so here you will hardly find an opportunity to pick somebody up. Instead, you can enjoy the games and communicate with other members concerning playing. But who knows? Probably the common love for gaming will lead to something.

Here almost all the members don’t give a lot of additional info and even real names, almost all of users have made up nicknames. If the game stole your heart or you want to share your positive emotions, you can find a developer of the game and write to him or her. We are sure that it will get a lot of pleasure for you and that person, so don’t be shy.

Mobile app

Unfortunately, Fenoxo gaming service doesn’t have a mobile application. But they decided to create a version that works very well for mobile phones. So, you can play your favorite games on your computer and your phone without any problems. All games go smoothly. There is only one “but,” you can’t download a game on your phone, for this you need to use your computer only.


Do you know what is the best about Fenoxo? Here you don’t need to pay for using. Everything is done for you to use it for free. How generous they are, the creators of this service.

Free services

So, among absolutely free service you can find quite a lot of functions:

  • Browsing before registration
  • Sign up
  • Looking for games
  • Playing
  • Communication with other members
  • Writing in a forum
  • Access to Fenoxo Wiki
  • Opportunity to read stories connected with a plot of games

Fee-based services

The only feature for which you can pay here is a store. It isn’t obligatory. You just have a possibility to buy some merch like:

  • T-shirts
  • Cups
  • Posters

Appearance and interface

The appearance of Fenoxo is quite typical for this kind of website. In the beginning, you will need to browse and click on different buttons a bit to find out about the navigation. But after that, everything is understandable and easy in use. The design of the site is great, and the pictures are well made to convey the atmosphere of the service.

Special features

Online library with stories

Here, on Fenoxo.com you can find a section with lots of stories that will definitely drag you into this fantastic erotic world. Just start reading, and you won’t be able to shelve it.

Contact Information

Address:Nobby Beach, QLD 4218

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is Fenoxo free?

Yes, absolutely. You can browse, sign up and play for free. Moreover, you have access to a forum and blogs, you can communicate with other members and even developers with no charges. Only if you want to buy something in their story, it’s clear that you will need to pay.

2. How to create a profile on Fenoxo?

Make up a creative nickname, provide your valid email address and compose a complicated and strong password - there you are, your personal account is created. Verify the email and use the site!

3. How do Fenoxo credits work?

As the website is free, there is no credit or membership system. Just sign up and use for your pleasure.

4. Is Fenoxo.com safe?

Everyone can register here, so you need to pay attention to members with whom you may communicate because you know nothing about them. But speaking about protection against viruses, this site is absolutely safe.

5. How can I delete my Fenoxo profile?

To delete your profile, just find a page with your account settings, scroll down and click on “Delete my account”.

6. How many members does Fenoxo.com have?

Every month, this service has over 4 million views.

7. Can I use Fenoxo com anonymously?

You, you have a possibility to use it anonymously. For this, create your nickname, but don’t use your name or surname in it. That’s all. As you don’t need to fill any questionnaires, there is an only nickname that can give any info about you.

8. How can I know that the profiles are real?

You just need to check it during your personal communication because there is no verification process here.

9. Is messaging free?

Yes, messaging is free. You can write to whoever you want without paying a penny.

10. How long does it take to have my profile approved?

When you get a confirmation letter and set your parole, your account is approved.

11. What can I do to keep my account safe?

To keep your account safe, create a strong password accordingly to the recommendations. Besides, don’t share any personal details with people you don’t know.

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