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I’ve got a Daftporn com for you today. You know I do many reviews but such weird websites are my favorites. There is much more to say besides basic categories, same boring videos and all that. So let’s go riding that online porn world!

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Top 5 Sites Like Daftporn

If you’re a porn lover who adores it as much as I do, you’ll get what I’m talking about in this review. It’s quite boring sometimes to watch the same old stories again and again. Here is a big boobs bitch with her perfect retouched body sucking a dick. Here is a bodybuilder guy who fucks her for an hour like he’s a monster on steroids. Come on, guys, do you think we believe this bullshit?

Now we have the age of honest content so let us see some true films, bitch, please. I really wanna see what happens behind the scenes when the camera is off. Or some real amateur tapes with their real moans, action and hot hardcore sex. I love all of this and I bet you understand me like no one else. So let’s find some good old school websites with true porn.

Daftporn site

You know what else is awesome? I call it freak porn! It’s unusual, ugly, non-professional adult films with awkward, unexpected or confusing videos. That’s what back your feet on the ground after perfect Brazzers porn and you understand your real-life fucking is okay, your imperfect girlfriend is okay and you’re actually a sex God.

What about the usage of the Daftporn site?

I’d like to praise it but I can’t. Though it reminds me of times without social media and all of that shit. We had our mobile phones with tits pictures on in sharing with Bluetooth. And our old computers with such crazy websites to go over. Daftporn is more than 10 years old and hell yeah, I love that they didn’t change anything, haha. I feel here like I’m a young hot dude again with a bunch of the hair on my head.

Anyway, let’s back to design (which obviously doesn’t exist here). Usual white background, basic template… What else? Nothing. They even use these old teen pics to the main page. There is no structure or something like that, everything is simple: here are videos, watch it.

That’s why I’m gonna tell you about how to use this site. Maybe you’re even 20 years old and you’ve never seen anything but PornHub. To find something particular, use a search entry field. But if you’re going to explore what it has, you need some tricks and rules.

Rule 1: don’t click at the categories on the main page

They’re not. I mean these little lists on the right side and on the bottom. This is ads so when you click them, you’re redirected to other sites.

Rule 2: use the header of the side

It’s not obvious but these buttons at the top of the site are what you actually need. Open the “Videos” and you’ll see there are many categories. I tried to find it on the main page but it’s not possible as I see.

Rule 3: use categories to find videos you might like

Yeah, you need to go there every time you’re searching for something. Just pick up the category and you’ll see many videos here.

One really fucking annoying shit is tons of ads. I hate it here. Don’t get me wrong but come on, these videos are 1-2 minutes and I have to watch a few ads to see such short tapes. Are you kidding me, dudes? I understand it’s a free platform and they have to make money but I’ve never seen it so much. It’s okay for any site to advertise something but think about your users first because they’re actually the reason why you do this.

How about the content at Daftporn.com?

There is not much of it but still, it’s enough. I see about 70 categories at Daftporn porn site. Each one has a number of videos it has so you can understand how much content inside. Don’t even expect super-high quality, this website is not about that. Mostly, you’ll get quite shitty tapes or cuts from different porn videos. Now let’s see some examples and begin a real badass review.

Ass fucking vids

There is a special reason I put it first. If you’re a true porn lover, you’ll love this site. Anal sex on Daftporn is not a basic softcore with sweet girl getting a pleasure. Here they collect the hottest painal, fuckups and something else weird, crazy and unusual. Why do people love watching this instead of PornHub? Cause it looks real and that’s way more exciting.

Daftporn website

I saw a girl with her buddy who making anal in front of the camera. Her butthole was so tiny she couldn’t take the cock. Then this stupid ass boyfriend tried to make it fast so he hurt her and she starts screaming and fighting. That was pretty funny but hot as well. I don’t really want to be blocked for posting some crazier stories from these videos, you better just watch them. Warning: if you’re not ready to see something goes wrong during sex, you shouldn’t watch it. Though… you decide!

Gangbangs are crazy

Those who were on sex parties or just took part in group sex, they know gangbangs can be not that easy as it seems in a film. Daftporn collects all the craziest things from the Intenet and holds a fucking gold collection of it. If you’re a dirty guy like me, you might like watching a girl fucked but several dudes in all her holes. I hope there are no feminists here to judge me. But you girls love it sometimes too, I know.

It doesn’t matter what bitch you wanna see in this: white, Black, Asian, Latina, whoever. You’ll probably find what you like in a few seconds. Okay, not seconds but minutes because they have that shitty search. Anyway, just type what you’re looking for and get into a world or pervert motherfuckers.

Lesbian, Gay, Shemale, and any porn you like

Yeah, no one really cares if you’re straight or not. Not people watch porn with all human beings no matter what they like, how they look and whom they love. So don’t be a fuck and respect it. If you’re searching for LGBT porn, that’s a nice place to have weird films.

Here you can meet insane lesbians who lick each other like sex machines. Or gays who do this for the first time without using a condom ever before. If you’re about trans ladies, there are nice funny videos with shemales who use to take pleasure from all the things they have. Enjoy the space of freedom!

Wanna fuck now? Let’s be honest. Even if your girlfriend is a fucking top-model or Kim Kardashian… I bet even her husband Kanye watches old shitty porn sometimes. What’s the point of having a bitch if there are so many websites here? Of course, I’m kidding, though I mean don’t miss it to watch some crazy stuff to completely new emotions.

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