Hardcore porn, bizarre porn, shocking videos. That’s kind of a slogan from Humoron. Are you tired of basic sex scenes? Well, this website is gonna revive your sexual enthusiasm. I’m not kidding, that’s not about cute funny videos but awful, awkward and creepy ones. Though it’s not a place you’re watching tapes but just get links to other websites.

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Top 5 Sites Like Humoron

Does Humoron have a nice design and interface?

Nah, that’s not like a usual porn website. It looks like an adult blog of 2005. Black background behind the orange main page… Duuude, what an old school style! I even get nostalgic. All the things you click on this site is just a link to other sites. So, it has no sense of talking about categories and buttons. I’ll better tell you what content you can meet there. Because you know, if you’re kind of impressionable, I don’t want you to enter this platform. Read it and decide if it’s for you.

Humoron site

Okay man, I’m curious. What does it have?

When I just got this website for the review, I didn’t expect anything awful. You know, it’s not my first day of living and I’m a porn expert, huh. When I entered it was okay until I started searching. Oh my fucking god, dudes, are you ok?

Well, as you can see, don’t even expect it to be a nice place with sweet porn. I’d call it a hell of a porn world. Yep, you can find here awful videos so be careful. I know you’re nasty man, me too, but let’s see what I’m talking about. I’ll start with the sweetest ones.

Lesbo train at the strip club

There was a video on many girls who did a living train; it’s when everyone gets on all fours and licks the pussy (or ass) of who’s in front of her/him. I got no idea where the hell to find such a strip club but I’d definitely go there. No, that’s not something terrible or disgusting as for me but I said I’ll start with nice ones.

Public group sex or orgies are popular here. The more people, the more viewed video. Really, I don’t mind it but those people are doing weird things. After you see this, a pregnant woman fucked by 5 guys looks not that bad.

Raping by stepdad, brother, stranger, or anyone

Raping is no big deal here. Of course, that’s all filmed with actresses, not real abused girls. It looks not really good as for those who don’t have this fetish but for many, it can be nice. There are outside rapes, incests, secretaries and all that we sometimes imagine in our heads.

But if you’re like it in a more soft and elegant way, search for movie rape scenes. Do you remember Monica Bellucci in Irreversible? That one is also popular on porn sites even though there is no naked body, it’s still hot.

Lobster eats pussy and all those weird things

Yep, thank god it was just pics, not a video. And it was a real lobster on a girl's pussy. Not sure it could though. Anyway, I can’t even list all such weird things here. But be ready that many links are not working. Like you’re going to watch a video and you just on the porn website main page.


Oh, girls love going it with random things. Of course, the nicest story is when she uses sex toys. But then there are bananas, cosmetic products, furniture. Sometimes it looks hot, sometimes it’s not. But you girls can better be careful with that because of fuckups in the funny category where doctors try to get it all out of your pussies and asses. And I’m not joking when I talk about girls' ingenuity. Did you ever see them put snakes into a pussy? I’m not even sure that’s humane.

Slave farm

It’s kinda harsh BDSM, you can find a lot of stuff like that here. People act just like they’re animals on the farm while someone feeds them and of course, fuck. This kinky style is also okay for Humoron, not the most awful thing for such a place. Well, at least you’ll fall in love with the usual sex again after watching this.

Ass and genitals tattoos and piercing

First I found an ass tattoo video. No, I don’t mean roses on her sights but a real butthole tattoo. I can imagine what pain is there. I know there are people with fetishes about tats so even if you’re a fan of anal too, that’s a combo. Also, there are weird male and female pierсings, inks on other intimate places and all that shit.

Humoron website

Huge ladies

Yeah, that’s not for every guy. But if you love really big women, that’s a place for you. They collect the most gorgeous BBWs porn. There was one who couldn’t even stand up and an athletic man with a big cock fucked her really hard. Yeah, you have to have a big dick for big ladies!

Most awful like penis infections and weird genitals

Come on, dudes! I don’t even know who’s watching this but you’re damn badasses. I don’t even describe here what I saw. If you’re a fan, just check it.

So, what to do with all that info about Humoron website?

If you’re a naughty guy with no shame, you may like it. It has awful things but still many fetish videos for those who like such content. I can say I found something for myself that I couldn’t find on other porn sites so it can be useful sometimes. If you’re okay with all the things I described above, just try it. I bet that’s not something to advise your friends but always good to have in bookmarks. A little addition: if you want something softer or even crazier, follow my reviews. I do the best porn articles about damn good porn all over the Internet.

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